Adopted By Nate Maloley

Ally was just 5 when she adopted by the Nate Maloley. Now she is 13 and she ends up falling inlove with one and only Shawn Mendes. the thing is he doesn't know. Will he find out? Will he like her back? is he gonna feel the same? will he feel butterflies like she dose? Or will Ally end up falling for taylor???

-3 years now- ally is 23 and Taylor is 26


5. Taylor Caniff

Ally's pov.

Once I got home it was pretty late. it was 4 in the morning. I got upstairs and ran to my room. until my dad called me. "Yes daddy" I said "where were u lil mama" he asked "i was here in my tree house dad"i said going to kiss him and left. I layed on my bed and thought about what happen with me and taylor


me and taylor where sitting in the sand when he leaned in and kissed me. god I loved the way his lips felt against mine but what would my dad think about this. but I kept going. he picked me up and brought me to his car while kissing my. there his tounge was begging for entrance for I let him in. the sparks I felt was beautiful. he was the one? I thought

—End Of FlashBack—

I stood there and I got up picked taylor shirt the one he gave me and took a shower. once I was done I only had his shirt a bra and panty. I decided to die my hair. I died it Hazel Brown. once I was done I fell asleep.


Taylor Caniff's pov

My fucking god. she is all I thought about next morning. I decided to text her.


Me:Hey ally I miss u how did u sleep

Ally: I slept thinking about u :) is that bad

Me:Nope, you don't understand how much u mean to me

Ally:awe, what about my dad u know how he gets.

Me:ill text u later

I put my phone to charge. Dang it she was right what am I going to do? I love her also I respect nate cuase he's a good friend. She was perfect with all her flaws and the way she is damn it. She ask me what I love about her and god I love it all the way her body is shaped. the way her hair goes to her waist. the way her lips are formed. damn it I shouldn't be thinking about that. im dumb I don't want to hurt her but also I wouldn't. the only problem is Nate Maloley 

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