Adopted By Nate Maloley

Ally was just 5 when she adopted by the Nate Maloley. Now she is 13 and she ends up falling inlove with one and only Shawn Mendes. the thing is he doesn't know. Will he find out? Will he like her back? is he gonna feel the same? will he feel butterflies like she dose? Or will Ally end up falling for taylor???

-3 years now- ally is 23 and Taylor is 26


2. My broken Heart

Nates pov.

she ran upstairs. i ran upstairs, "baby tell my whats wrong" i asked "HE A STUPID MISTAKE I WISH I CAN DIE" she broke down "lil mama dont say that" i said. i sat her in my lap and put her hair back but she flinched. "im sorry" she said laying her head in my chest. there we stood there until i heard a knock. i put ally down cuase she was asleep. i ran downstairs and it was Shawn. "hey shawn" i said "Hey, um have you seen ally i know what happen i just wanna see ally" he said without breathing "upstairs go up" i said. he ran till he got to her room there he closed the door.

Shawn's pov.

i closed the door. i sat quietly and waited she woke up. i loved the way she slept infront of me. she got up and was scared a lil. "hey, ally im sorry i know what happen and hes an asshole" i said "yeah, i know and dont worry its not your fualt" she said. she sat right besides me."i really dont like him" i said "you dont?" she asked "nah, he's a bully why would anyone like him accept skylnn, she dose" i said "wait skylnn likes sam?" she asked worried. "yup" i said. she got up put sneakers on and ran downstairs. she ran to skylnn's house. i had to chase. once skylnn went outside ally started hitting her.

ally's pov.

i started to hit her. i made her bleed every where. until my dad took me off. "I HATE YOU I DONT WANT TO TALK TO YOU EVER AGAIN OKAY" i yelled. my dad took me and sat me down on sofa. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT" he yelled infront of shawn. i looked at shawn then to my dad and i started to cry. i ran upstairs and grabbed my stuff. i ran to my tree house and was going to spend the night there. i was laying until i heard a knock. "what do you need, dad" i said pissed off "its not nate its taylor Caniff" taylor said. i got up opened the door and hugged him. god i loved him more than my old mom and dad. he understood what im going through. he use to et hate like me but he survied. "im sorry" i said "no worry im here baby" taylor said. he sat on my bed and i sat on his lap criss cross. "well tell me what happen" he said . "well, i get bullied by sam and i fought with skylnn and my dad yelled at me and im cutting" i said showing him. he kissed the cut "dont do that, dont hurt yourself okay" he said "i----i ok" i said

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