Adopted By Nate Maloley

Ally was just 5 when she adopted by the Nate Maloley. Now she is 13 and she ends up falling inlove with one and only Shawn Mendes. the thing is he doesn't know. Will he find out? Will he like her back? is he gonna feel the same? will he feel butterflies like she dose? Or will Ally end up falling for taylor???

-3 years now- ally is 23 and Taylor is 26


11. Dont leave me

Ally's pov.

this morning when I woke up I kinda felt bad for what I did yesterday, taylor didn't sleep with me, I felt alone. I went to the kitchen and started cooking breakfast. once I was done taylor came down with miley in his arms. "morning" I say to both, "morning mwommy" miley said , taylor just sat and drank his water. "look im sorry taylor I was dumb" I say , " look ally I don't want to fight" he says in a crack voice from yelling yesterday " I don't just plz" I say "ally I bearly talked to her and she was just a friend, plu imam go" he says going upstairs. I sit with miley and cried. taylor came down, "miley wanna go with the guys" he says. he picks her up and bring her to the room. I go to my room and get some clothes out.(dress above). I got into the shower when taylor gets out with miley. I stood there crying. today im meeting my dad, so when I came out with towel I had to tell taylor. "taylor I need miley today" I said, "why"he asked "im meeting him today and I want to take miley" I said "alright" he says. I get dress and start doing my hair I leave my hair curly. I put some chapstick on and I get my iphone6+ and go downstairs. "bye taylor" I say. he just goes to the shower. I put miley in the carseat and I go to the driver seat. I start to drive. I got there in 20 minuets. I knock on the door with miley in my arms ."hi baby" dad says hugging me and looking at miley, "hi little princess" he says. we entered and miley goes and plays with the dog. "how you been" he ask "well me and taylor are fighting besides that im fine' I say "why are you guys fighting" he ask "just a dumb thing dad no need for worries" I say

From Taylor : im leaving

To Taylor: where?

From Taylor: no where

to taylor : :/

I started to cry and my dad comes and hugs me" whats wrong" :( "taylor is leaving but he dosent want to tell me, can u stay with miley" I ask "yeah" he says. I get the car keys and run to the car. I drove there fats I got out of the car and taylor was here. "where you going" I asked "somewhere" he says. I start to cry "please taylor don't leave me" I say "who said im leaving you"he says "you did taylor you did" I say . he just stay shut "TAYLOR CAN U PLEASE ANSWER ME DONT LEAVE ME LIKE THIS"i say screaming. he just looks at me. I start throwing glass plates on the floor. "STOP ALLY STOP ALL YOU WANT IS TO FIGHT RIGHT SO HERE U GO IM DONE WITH EVERYTHING" he yells leaving him with no voice

I go to him and hug him. I start to cry. "ally I don't want to fight no more" he says "me either" I say. I kissed him "better" he ask I nodded." come lets go get miley" I say


want to see what happens next

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