Adopted By Nate Maloley

Ally was just 5 when she adopted by the Nate Maloley. Now she is 13 and she ends up falling inlove with one and only Shawn Mendes. the thing is he doesn't know. Will he find out? Will he like her back? is he gonna feel the same? will he feel butterflies like she dose? Or will Ally end up falling for taylor???

-3 years now- ally is 23 and Taylor is 26


8. Dear Beloved

Taylor's pov.

this morning I woke up with a headache plus I lost my voice from yelling at nate yesterday, I went to ally's room and she was sleeping peacefully. I sat on the bed,i was in basketball shorts and socks. I felt really bad for her, the guys had been texting me asking if she was better but I ignored it. I let a tear roll down then wiped it. I never thought that I could see ally this hurt and broken. She was lost she was perfect. she made me happy just the way she was i don't care what nate thought about us being togather. I just had to make her happy. So I put on a shirt and my Jordan sandels and went to the adoption center. "Moning sir may I help you" she asked "yeah im going to adopted a kid that is 3 years old" I said . then the perfect little girl came. she hid behind the lady. "hi little girl can you tell me your name" I asked. "my name is Miley" she said in her baby voice. "well miley my name Is taylor do you want me to be your dad?" I asked she smiled and ran to me. I picked her up. there I signed the paper and took her. I sat her in the back and drove. once I got home, I had a little room for her. there it was a bed she just sat there looking down. I went upstairs took a shower and got dressed

>White and black t-shirt

>Black joggers

>white and black vans

>black bandana

I went downstairs and ally was talking to the little girl


Ally's pov.

this morning I woke up taylor was in the shower and headed downstairs. there this girl was downstairs. I bend down and looked at her. "hi,im taylors friend can u tell me your name" I asked. "im miley" she said in a baby voice. "taylor isy daddy" she said. I smiled and laughed a lil. taylor was standing there. I ran and hugged him. "taylor I never knew you loved kids" I said he smiled. "yeah well she's for both" he said giggling "omg" I smiled. I went back to the little girl. "lets go shoping miley" I said picking her up. we got into the car I sat in the back with her because she didn't have a car seat yet. we got to the mall, we first headed to toys r us. we picked a lot of toys for her. then we went to areopostal and got her

>16 Dresses

>20 pairs of pants

>40 Pairs of shirt


then we went to get her bed cloth and stuff. once we were done I prepared the car seat and sat her down. we got home, I fixed her room while taylor fed her. we were all done by 12:00pm. so I got her to the bathroom and took her a bubble bath.



sorry if it shorts I kinda been stressed out, umm yeah so enjoy

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