“I have the power to control people’s thoughts and actions...What am I, if not a Goddess?”
In a world where all those in power have power the Princess must play a dangerous game with a dangerous man.
Who will win? What will the consequences be?


2. Chapter Two

Chapter Two


“There’ll be none of that Your Highness” A male voice scolded, I turned around abruptly my eyes meeting his.


“Do you enjoy invading dreams Max?” I asked, straightening my spine, raising my head.


He laughed in response stepping out of the darkness that had concealed him. My breath caught in my throat; he wore a plain white button up shirt with the top two buttons undone. He had let his hair grow longer since I had last seen him it almost reached his shoulders. He stuffed his hands in his pants pockets, glancing me over slowly.


“Yes, especially yours” Max responded earnestly.


I paid no heed to the comment. I carefully looked around the room he had constructed around us. It seemed to be a fusion of my own throne room and what I assumed to be his own. The light and shade contrasted one another so drastically that I had no idea where to look first.


“Why?” I questioned, if only to provide a polite filler for the silence.


Max ignored my question for the moment, as he took the time to really examine the room we were in. I wondered if the room design had been subconscious. Whether he had brought his half, or if I had had brought mine. Perhaps here in this dream we were finally on equal standing. After a moment he focused back on me. A strange emotion flittered across his face, but it was gone before I had time to decipher it.


“I shall visit you in the morning. Be ready.” Max said, dissolving the dream until nothing of his existence remained except for his throne.


It sparkled, throwing light onto the ceiling. The reflected light made it look like the ceiling was made of stars. The throne was made of a dark stone that sparkled when the light hit it. It might have been obsidian though I wasn’t sure where he would get such enormous amounts of the stone. Especially when the throne sat at six feet tall. Stationed next to mine, it looked positively massive.


I sat up straight in bed my head swimming as my eyes tried to focus on the properties of the room. The darkness surrounding me, the hardness of the mattress beneath me. These feelings dragged me away from the dream. Once I was certain I had been released from the dream I reached over to my bedside table, scrambling to find the little golden bell. I had barely picked it up before my door creaked open.


The maid who had been gifted with exceptional hearing abilities quickly entered the room, barely stopping to deliver a brisk curtsey.


“Is all well your Highness?” She said, her voice slightly louder than I would have liked.  


“No.” I said uneasily, placing my head in my hands trying to think.


Max told me to be ready. I had to be able to use that information in a positive way. Max’s arrival must remain a secret. I could still find a way to manipulate this into my advantage.


“Prepare the dress I wore to the King’s funeral.” I instructed. The maid looked at me uneasily, but after a moment thought better of trying to persuade me otherwise.


A moment before the maid left the room I stopped her short. I asked her to prepare a full set of guards at the gates for the morning shift. I wanted everything to be in place. Everyone would be in their finest clothing, with their medals adorning their chests.


“Of course your Majesty” She responded, dropping into a low bow before scurrying out of the room.


I thought for a moment about going back to sleep, but neither my heart or mind would even consider the thought. I brushed my fingers through my hair haphazardly, reaching with my other hand to find my brush. Staring out into the darkness I cringed as I found a particularly difficult knot. From my position on the bed I was able to watch as the sun rose.


As the first ray of sunshine slipped over the horizon I finally convinced myself to get out of the bed. Searching through my drawers I grabbed my curlers, placing them in my hair. After my hair was satisfactorily shoved into curlers I stood. I had taken far too much time on my hair; the sun was actually starting to rise now, and would be in the air within the hour.


I rushed to the desk sitting along side one of my walls,  ignoring the letters and documents I had yet to look over. Delicately I brushed the compact over my cheekbones. The make-up adding an air of ethereal beauty to my skin. I dabbed a brush of scarlet on my cheeks making it look like I was blushing. After adding a dash of red to my lips I finally felt I was ready for the day to come.   


As though the thought had summoned her, the maid entered carrying the black dress I had worn for my father’s funeral. Long and illustrious with a boned corset and diamonds in swirling patterns from one side of the bodice to the other. At the funeral I had also worn a veil - though for today it would not be needed.


With her head respectfully bowed the maid carefully placed the dress flat on my bed. I gave her a smile of encouragement, waiting until she was out of the room to breathe. I had to remind myself constantly to keep my power in check. If I didn’t concentrate my power would automatically latch on to anyone in a close vicinity - which could range anywhere from someone in the room to the whole castle if I wasn’t careful.


Silently I slipped out of my nightgown, stepping into the silky smooth material of the dress. After struggling to get the dress onto my body I was forced to wait patiently until the maid came back to the room, a soft smile on her features as she tightened the corset until I could barely breathe.


“Will that be all?” She inquired. I nodded slowly, staring at myself in the mirror.


Max would be speechless. If the assumption I had made about him was true. His love of the darkness would work to my advantage, throwing him off balance long enough for me to strike a bargain that worked in my favour. If not for myself then I had to do this for my people. I would not allow them to be hurt. I would not allow them to know the truth.

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