“I have the power to control people’s thoughts and actions...What am I, if not a Goddess?”
In a world where all those in power have power the Princess must play a dangerous game with a dangerous man.
Who will win? What will the consequences be?


16. Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen


The front doors slammed open, and everyone in the room turned to stare at the man who entered. Daniel was a few years older than me, with cropped blonde hair and yellow eyes. His forces swept through the room, and everyone dropped to the floor covering their heads. Several hearts stopped beating, others slowed. I could see some people dropping in and out of consciousness, many had already lost the fight.


After what felt like a lifetime his eyes fell on me, running up and down the contours of my body Daniel licked his lips. My chest was rising and falling quickly. I could feel heat rushing up my cheeks.


“You’ve done very well, Mia.” Daniel responded. I smiled encouraged by his words.


“Thank you” I responded, nodding my head respectfully.


Max glanced over the two of us, and I could see the cogs turning in his mind. What kind of connection did I have with the man before me? After Max had moved to the south things had changed for me drastically. Daniel moved to my country a few months after my father died and quickly became one of my closest confidants.


With him by my side my country grew every day, and I grew more confident in my role as Princess. He helped me study my power, control it. He did everything for me. Before the war started, Daniel became distant and I hated myself for it. I did everything in my power to get him back; that was when his first offer came.


I had accepted him then, let him into my mind. It was painful, not something I enjoyed remembering. There were months thereafter which I could not remember, even now they were a mystery. Though from Max’s account this was when the war was started. Descending the stairs quickly I ran to Daniel’s side, immediately enveloped in his embrace.


“I have missed you, sweet Mia.” Daniel spoke, placing a kiss on my forehead.


“And I you.” I replied in kind, smiling up at him.


After a moment Daniel tore his eyes away from me glancing around the room, only a few people were still breathing. Even then their breaths were limited. Finally his eyes fell on Max, yellow meeting yellow. I wonder if he knew the relationship between them; Max was after all Daniel’s youngest cousin. If what he had told me was true, this was the family he had gone searching for. Max was the reason Daniel had come to my country, was the reason I was the way I was.  


“Who is our guest?” Daniel asked me, his eyes never leaving Max.


Running my hand down his back I tried to calm him. Obviously he was having the same trouble breaking into Max’s mind as I often did. Daniel clenched his hands into a tight fist, the power in the room multiplying until all but the three of us were dead.


“This is Max. A dignitary from the South.” I supplied, trying to be clear that he was no-one in particular.


I felt that if I revealed how necessary Max had become in my day to day existence, his life would be over much sooner. Even though I felt no love for the man, surely he deserved a better chance to defend himself.


“Is he my gift?” Daniel asked quietly, his breath washing over my ear. I nodded, a tight smile breaking over my face.


Daniel regarded me for another moment before turning back to Max, a sudden new appreciation for the man standing in front of him. They stared at each other, and even though my eyes flittered to Max, I couldn’t keep them off Daniel. I could hardly believe he was here. No longer a figment of my mind, but real.


“Mia?” Max asked, as he finally seemed to notice the bodies lying around us.


With his powers he could surely tell their hearts no longer beat. He was affected by their deaths more than I thought he would be. After all the death that had surrounded us, why was this a problem? Could he see Death inching closer towards him?


Daniel looked at me, finally breaking the staring contest. I smiled up at him, it was interesting in the way that his power worked. He was able to open and close a telepathic connection with anyone he chose - including me. Plus, like me he could simply and utterly pull the plug on anyones life at any given time as long as he had access.


So what exactly is my present?


Daniel asked telepathically. I frowned, wondering what else he would want. I was giving him the privilege of killing the man before him. The man that looked so much like his father. But he wanted more than just to enact revenge through Max, he wanted him to suffer in the purest sense of the word.


You get to watch me kill him.


I replied, confident that the reply would make him happy. What better way to kill a man than through the woman he cared for? Daniel raised an eyebrow, pressing his dagger into the palm of my hand. The edge dug into my palm, drawing a line of blood, but I didn’t pull away. I would do what I promised for him, to make him happy.


“Mia?” Max asked again, his voice raised slightly. I could almost see the fear coursing through his body.


I softened my features, trying to looked scared and helpless. If I could get him to trust me, then getting within strike range would be easy. He let me come close to him, but I could see the doubt in his eyes - I had stood too close to Daniel, allowed him to kill all those around me without reaction. Max was starting to piece it all together - he needed to die before he could really find out.


I lunged at him, swinging the dagger wildly. I made contact, the sharp edge sliding through flesh like it was butter. Max cursed, trying to stop his bicep from bleeding too heavily. Max dodged the next swing by barely a centimeter. Pushing my power I tried to access his mind; if I could just get him to stop fighting, I would make his death quick and easy.


I parried one way, before slicing the other. It was pleasing to hear the sound of skin slicing open and blood pouring out. I could barely see what part of his body I was aiming at. But I figured if I cut him enough he would eventually bleed out. Or would become weak enough for me to perform a mind attack.


Concentrating my power, I felt my body temperature rise like I had a fever. Dots danced in front of my eyes and Max looked even more frightened. This was my chance. I dove at him, easily taking him down to the floor and pinning him there. I pressed the knife against his neck, small droplets of blood rolling down.


“Halt.” Daniel ordered, and instead of lopping off his head I stilled, waiting as he stepped closer.


Daniel dropped down, regarding the both of us closely. Both of us were breathing heavily, and we both seemed surprised to find that I was the winner. Max probably hadn’t suspected me to really want him dead. He had hope that I would return to the sweet little Princess he once knew. But it was far too late for that. I was not his, I was Daniel’s.


“Break him.” Daniel ordered, his voice hard as steel.


I raised an eyebrow, silently confirming that Daniel wanted me to break Max’s mind. After a swift nod I focused my power on Max. Every spare thought went into breaking him into pieces. I would fragment his mind into a thousand pieces. When he woke he wouldn’t be able to speak coherently, or adequately move his body in any way.


His mind was cracking - before this had taken so much longer. Now, the change was almost instant. I could almost taste the fear coursing through his veins. Feel the betrayal as he came to the conclusion that the barrier he had maintained for so long was crumbling.


The first thought hit me like a barrel - it was all consuming. It was like I was Max, experiencing the same emotions he had at the time. It was strange, staring at myself. It was just before Max left for the South, the very last look he had of me.


I never noticed it, the change that had become me the moment I thought Max had left. While the tears were still drying on my face, something in my posture changed; I straightened sitting up. The perfect picture of a princess.


The memory faded into the next, the look on my face when Max immersed from the body of an innocent woman. At the time I looked ready to murder him, to bring heaven or hell upon his head. There was a memory hidden behind that; the one of our first official kiss.


Everything he thought of was about us, and I felt his desperate need to remind me of who I was. It truly must have been his last resort to rely on such tactics. It was desperate, but slightly calculated. He had seen the weakness I displayed earlier and acted upon it. He dared to hope the emotions would break me, convince me not to end him.


I pressed the dagger into Max’s throat, an encouraging gasp emanating from his mouth. The blood letting had already made it so easy to slip in his mind, a little more blood would surely help my cause.


“Enough Mia. Finish it.” Daniel ordered.


I almost pouted; I was like a cat playing with a mouse that was already half dead. I wanted to enjoy the game a little more before I finished it. But I wanted to follow his orders, I knew doing so would make him happy.


Without much though I drove the dagger through the lower part of the right side of his chest. Even if the wound wasn’t fatal, it would kill him eventually.

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