“I have the power to control people’s thoughts and actions...What am I, if not a Goddess?”
In a world where all those in power have power the Princess must play a dangerous game with a dangerous man.
Who will win? What will the consequences be?


6. Chapter Six

Chapter Six


It was too early in the morning for many people to be out in the streets of the town. We were only a few blocks away from the castle. My heart was already pumping excitedly in my chest. The knowledge that I could be recognised at any moment both terrified and excited me. I always felt like a spy coming out into the town; it allowed me to see things with my own eyes instead of just relying upon the words of Alexander or any of the other advisors.


I had expected Max to be surprised, but he knew the town almost as well as I did. Maybe it was because he had a vague memory of the town from when he lived here, or he had been informed of the growth of my country. Either way, the means did not matter, the fact that he seemed to know where every street led, where all the merchants placed their stalls, and how the houses were laid out did.


A few of the merchants began setting up their stores for the day. Women who had been widowed and their children with sad expressions plastered over their faces pulled out tables and placed their wares upon them. As soon as I was able I started spending some of the coins in my purse. I knew that the items on the table were not expensive, but I paid for them in gold, knowing the precious metal would be worth more than a months rent and food.


An older woman looked at us closely, sure in that moment we were giving her fraudulent coin. But after a moment she smiled, seeming to remember the days when she too would walk with her friends and fiancee spending far too much money on things that never mattered.


“What are you doing?” Max questioned, gripping my elbow tightly.


The question only furthered my spending, confirming the suspicion that Max’s country had less income than mine. He had no idea how to run a country. He obviously had no clue about trade, and I would hedge that he had no idea how the people in his country really lived.


“We’re making their lives a little more tolerable.” I said to Max after we walked away from the shopping center.


It was only as we started to get further away from the castle that Max seemed less sure about where we were, and where we were going. It almost made me smug; he was finally seeing the true extent of my reign. Through the streets, the houses became bigger, with more land around them until there were full blocks between houses and we were deep within the countryside. Max was awed, staring around us as though he wasn’t exactly sure how we had gotten here. The transition from full blown city to country was seamless.  


The questions in Max’s head seemed to keep growing. I knew he was itching to ask them all. He was still so inexperienced in this life of royalty. If I had anything to do with it, his inexperience would be his downfall. Finally I turned down the driveway, Max scrambling to follow me. The red brick house loomed before us, a bunch of chickens and roosters running around aimlessly. I could see the paddocks had already been filled with either seeds or livestock. If the season went well enough, the family would be very well off.


“Who lives here?” Max asked, finally breaking the silence.


I glared at him, trying to convey the fact that the family was totally unaware of our visit. Lifting my hand, I knocked on the hard wood of the front door. The scurrying of small footsteps warned me that Aaron would be the one to open the door. I quickly pulled the hood up to conceal my features. In my experience, the charity of a stranger was much better than that of a princess.


“Who’re you?” The boy asked, causing me to smile. From his angle he couldn’t see inside the hood. He would remember me as a mysterious hero.


“I’m a friend of your mothers. Is she here?” I asked, trying to keep a friendly, nonchalant tone.


The boy quickly disappeared from the door, running through the house yelling for his mother. After a minute the house went silent, but I could hear the hushed conversation of his mother trying to explain not leaving random strangers at the door with the door open.


I smiled, my hand resting lightly on Max’s arm. Trying to portray us as an everyday couple. The story we would tell the mother was already in my mind. If she chose not to believe it then I could always rely on my power (even if at the moment I could not feel it). The mother walked towards the door, brushing down her white apron with her hands nervously. When her eyes lifted to the two of us a strange look crossed her face, as though she was trying to conceal anger or mistrust.    


“Hello Miss, how are you?” I asked, trying to smile and seem pleasant. The woman seemed wary of us, though I wasn’t sure why.


“I’m well, and yourselves?” The woman responded politely, ushering Aaron out of the doorway and sending him back into the house.


From what I could gleam, the family had moved in late last night; boxes and random items were strewn haphazardly around the room. The woman noticed me looking and closed the door some, limiting the view to only her. A scowl crossed her features and she dropped all necessary politeness.


“Why are you here, Princess?” The woman asked, snarling violently.


“I wanted to come and ask if there was anything more I could do for you.” Even though the woman knew my name I still refused to lower my hood; it was my safety blanket that I refused to go without.


“You’ve done enough.” The woman stated, beginning to close the door.


Before the door closed itself fully I thrust the plain leather purse at the woman. There were at least one hundred gold coins within it. Enough to pay for anything the woman may ask for in her lifetime. It would be enough to ensure her son had a good future, with an education that would allow him to get a good job, have a good future.


“I don’t want your pity, Majesty.” The woman stated, though contrary to her words she took the purse, barely glancing inside.


“I do not pity you. I only wish to make life as good as possible for the families of those that died in the war.” I said, my speech truthful no matter how many times I had to say the words. I nodded to the woman before turning away.


I grabbed Max’s arm, having to drag him away from the front door. He was doing the figures in his mind, wondering about the percentage of my citizens that had experienced death because of the war he started. He was figuring out how much money was sent to these people over the years.  


“In the first two years, there were over a hundred families affected each year. Some of them even had more than one person die. In the past few years it’s gone down to fifty or so a year. I try to make sure the family is well taken care of.” I explained, trying to keep my eyes on the road ahead.


“You blame me?” Max asked, a curious tone in his voice.


I wanted to know the look on his facE. What emotion plagued him as he realised his hands were dripping with the blood of the men that were killed by the war he started? Max sighed deeply, rubbing his hands together nervously. I knew the information haunted him almost as much as it did me.


“You’re wrong Mia. This war is not my fault.” Max stated, balling his hands into a fist angrily.


“Then who is to blame?” I asked sarcastically moving away from him. I was wondering if I could lose him in the city before having to meet him again.


“You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you.” Max stated. I turned away from him, disappearing in amongst the crowd. I hoped he would be smart enough not to try to follow me.


Wandering around the city was always my favourite part of my days out. Father had always made me go through the official things first, teaching me the importance of knowing what was really going on around me before setting me loose on the civilians. As a child I had ‘convinced’ people with my power to give me their money. Then I had simply given that money away. I had used my power in extremely immoral ways because I didn’t understand how to control it. Even if I had, my power was so immense that it could never be controlled in it’s raw state.  


Eventually I made my way back towards the castle gates. Max was sitting outside them on a rock. He was analysing every person that passed in search for me, patiently waiting for me to come back. I stayed back for a moment and watched him. His face lit up every time a woman in a hood walked past before quickly dropping when he realised it wasn’t me. Shaking my head I walked closer, keeping my eyes on the road, wondering if he would even recognise me.


“Mia” Max said, standing and coming to walk side by side with me. It almost brought a smile to my face.


“Max” I nodded at him, but otherwise ignored his presence.


His hand wrapped around mine in a claiming gesture as we passed the guards. We were immediately enveloped in the opulent space of the waiting room. Most people had to wait here before they were allowed within the throne room. Instead of following the crowd towards the door to my throne room I pulled Max to the side of the room, quickly finding the secret panel and pulling him into the tunnel.


“Secret passages?” He asked, in an almost cheery tone. I turned to him, winking as I replied.


“It wouldn’t be much of a castle without them”


Quickly I led Max through the maze of tunnels, quietly pointing out how the different branches led to different parts of the castle, and even through to the town. He laughed at some of them, asking why my castle would lead straight to the bar. I had to answer that that particular branch was built during my father’s time. Eventually I pulled Max down one of the branches, opening up the panel at the end and and stepping into my room.


“Well...now I can sneak in whenever I want.” Max stated proudly. I punched him in the arm while laughing.


“Or, you could knock like a normal person.” I replied, trying to be serious though the laughter ruined it.


Max smiled and shook his head, seemingly amused with my laughter. After a moment he took a seat on the wicker chair, once again picking up my diary. I considered yelling at him, or trying to explain the basics of privacy, but honestly the boy would never learn. There was not much use trying to teach him now.


“How long until the announcement?” Max asked, his eyes still scanning the pages. I was glad I had yet to add anything from the past day; I wasn’t entirely sure how he would react to reading about himself.


“A little while” I shrugged, accessing my wardrobe, considering whether or not to change.


“Do I have to go?” Max said begrudgingly. I nodded, figuring he was paying enough attention to notice the movement.


The country had to see us together, smiling and pretending to be happy. The cameras would flash and our picture would be plastered all over the country by tomorrow. Hopefully, just seeing us together would be enough for the people.


“Get changed.” I suggested, arching my eyebrows at the very common clothes he was still wearing from our time in the town.


While he was getting changed in his room, I stashed my diary away under my mattress. I didn’t know how far Max had gone into my life story, but I was betting it was better for the both of us if he read no further.


One of the maids knocked on my door, offering a quick curtsey before coming over and fixing my hair. While a ponytail was appropriate for the village by the castle, I had to look sophisticated for the media of my world. While the maid was working on my hair I started redoing my make-up. Erasing the small, childish girl from earlier in the day and replacing her with a bold, bright woman.  


It didn’t matter how I looked though; as soon as word of my courtship was out I would be regarded as just another woman. Someone incapable of leadership, having to rely on her fiancee to make all the decisions. I would finally be the princess the people had longed for, because I finally had a prince to do everything for me.


A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts. The maid, Arianna, moved to answer it, though after a moment thought better of it. I took my time getting to the door, mentally preparing myself for what lay on the other side. I pulled my bedroom door open, smiling as I found Max dressed supremely well; a light pink tie that matched my dress perfectly. He looked like a gentleman, someone appropriate to court the princess.


He took my hand lightly, bowing. He pressed his lips delicately to my hand in a motion I could barely feel. Without much thought I started leading him through the castle, only slowing when we neared the balcony where we would be presented. I came to a stop suddenly, turning to face Max. A vague look of terror on his features that I was sure reflected on mine.


“You’re a visiting Prince from the South. We met and fell in love quickly. You have formally asked permission to court me. I, obviously, agreed. All the people out there already know this so they shouldn’t ask too many questions.” I started rambling. Max stood at attention, absorbing every word.  


“Ok.” Max said simply, taking a deep breath.


I laced my fingers with his, giving his hand a light squeeze. The doors were pulled open. I glanced at Max - watching his face and making sure he was ok. We stepped out into the light of the balcony. I had to resist the urge to cover my face with my hands. I forced myself to relax my face, knowing that it wouldn’t be an attractive picture if I was squinting.


The cameras flashed from every direction. I was tempted to turn my head in one way or the other, but I had learnt the hard way it was much better to keep looking straight. Max had plastered a smile on his face, but it still looked strained; like he wasn’t handling the spotlight very well.


“Princess! One question!” One of the reporters shouted.


I finally turned my head in his direction, glad that the cameras had stopped flashing. Though the thought that all of the reporters were poised to analyse every word I spoke daunted me.


“When is the wedding date?” The reporter asked and I sighed, relieved. This question was something I was prepared for.


“It’ll be the week after my birthday.” I stated simply. I didn’t need to go into specifics; every person in the country knew my birthday.


The reporters jotted the information down quickly. A few of the other reporters asked similar questions. I was thankful that most were aimed at me, allowing Max to remain silent by my side. It was like he was nothing but my shadow, constant but silent.


“One more request Your Highness!” One of the reporters called, I waited with bated breath. This reporter was infamous for tearing me down at every step; he was an anti-royalist since long before my time.


“Of course, Harold.” I replied, singling him out as the one who had spoken.  


“Kiss” It was a photo every reporter would want. It was a miracle I didn’t think about this option sooner. I was so stupid.


I wondered if there was any way out of this. I didn’t want to share my first kiss with a guy I could barely call my friend. I clenched and unclenched my hands, finally able to feel my power in the pits of my stomach. After a whole day it was finally starting to return. I gathered my energy, knowing it would cost a lot if I tried to use it now.


Just as I was ready to release the power on all those gathered before me, my power seemingly disappeared. It was an odd feeling, I knew it was still there, but there was a feeling of it being covered by something greater.


Max’s hand shifted from mine and wrapped around my waist. He pulled me close. I started to struggle, but realised it was a bad idea. Closing my eyes I gave in to the pull, precious moments wasted until his lips descended on mine.


I had to admit, I didn’t hate it.     

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