“I have the power to control people’s thoughts and actions...What am I, if not a Goddess?”
In a world where all those in power have power the Princess must play a dangerous game with a dangerous man.
Who will win? What will the consequences be?


1. Chapter One

Chapter One


I have the power to control people’s thoughts and actions. What am I, if not a Goddess?


People would come from all around the kingdom to meet me. They bowed and kissed my hand before begging me to release them. It took them a few minutes to realise that their actions were not their own. By that point they were already in the palm of my hand.


They never stopped coming; they were all willing to bet that they could beat the little princess at her own game. They would try to prepare beforehand, going to the “witch’s” shop, asking for protection for their minds; little did they know the witch was a fraud. From what I had gathered from the minds of those who paid for her services she was nothing but a simple housewife making potions of water. However, no matter how much they tried to keep me out, I always found a way in.


“Your Highness?” My advisor questioned, tearing my gaze away from the girl who lay kneeling in front of me, tears streaming down her face.


“Yes, Alexander?” I answered curtly, quickly severing the connection with the girl.


A moment later a handmaiden appeared, scurrying off with the girl to clean her up. It wasn’t as though the girl’s wish was hard to grant. I had to show that no matter the case, anyone who walked into my castle, anyone who dared to ask me for something would bow beneath me. The girl would get all she wished for plus more for the embarrassment.


“Jeremy awaits you in your chamber.” Alexander stated coolly, though I could feel something hidden underneath. He was always hiding something just below the surface, just out of my powers reach.


I nodded, turning my gaze from the advisor back towards the empty room. The young girl had been my last appointment for the day. Without all the people, the room seemed almost pleasant, complete with large chandeliers and cream pillars that supported the domed roof. My throne was made of gold (which was more uncomfortable than one would think) and sat on the landing of three steps. So far no one had gained permission to climb them.


My eyes were drawn to the man laying on my bed as I entered the room. Covered only in a thin sheet the man smiled seductively, motioning for me to join him. I crossed over to the large four-poster queen size bed, leaning in close.


It was interesting that Jeremy would be waiting like this; he was only a servant. While there were several rumours going around that he was my bed-mate, none of them were true. To be truthful, I hadn’t yet received my first kiss.


“Who are you?” I asked, searching his eyes for the truth his appearance was hiding.


Though the man before me looked exactly like Jeremy, his thoughts were of a more sinister nature. The disguise was imperfect in this manner. The man could only mimic my servant’s body, he could not mimic his mind.


“You know me, do you not your Majesty?” The man smiled, stretching upwards, his fingers barely brushing the wall.


I snarled at him, putting distance between us. I quickly untangled my hair, grabbing one of the sharp hairpins, specifically designed to be used as a weapon in situations like these.


The one and only time I was attacked as a small girl was when a strange man, who must’ve been only a few years younger than my father at the time had climbed the stairs to to our thrones and placed a knife at my throat. My father didn’t move a muscle to help me that time, stating that if I was incapable of taking care of myself, then I was an incapable ruler anyways. Since then my staff had designed almost every piece of jewellry to hide some kind of weapon.


That was why I wasn’t afraid. I knew what I was doing. At least I hoped to high hell I did. In the years since the war had started the innocent little girl who had been made Queen had been replaced with someone who did what she needed to do for the people of her country. That meant learning how to defend myself - and defend the people closest to me.


“Oh come now, surely you wouldn’t hurt a defenceless opponent?” he questioned, quickly rising from the bed and crossing the room. My cheeks flushed in response to his nakedness, but I firmly kept my eyes on his, knowing a moment of distraction could cost me my life.


I raised my eyebrow in response, brandishing the small hairpin in front of me menacingly. A smug smile crossed the man’s face as though he had already won. I probably looked stupid with such a small weapon. He must have assumed he had the upperhand. However, I had been specifically taught how to use weapons like this to my full advantage.


“You are lucky, Highness,” he stated slowly, taking a few steps forward before coming to a stop just in front of me


The first thing I tried was to break into his mind. My power was my strongest weapon, and faced against someone like him; who was probably far more skilled with weapons than I, it was probably the only decent weapon I had in my arsenal.


My attempts to break into his mind were futile; no matter how much I tried it was useless. The man’s olive complexion and darker hair and eyes revealed he was from the South. Possibly a member of the King’s court if he had been granted invulnerability of the mind. It was the same with all the important people from the South.. Their master had been able to form a physical barrier in their minds to stop me from infiltrating their thoughts and actions. It was like a brick wall that refused to crumble.


I wanted to lunge for his throat. Stab my hairpin through his artery. I didn’t want his death on my hands. He had been sent here for a purpose, it obviously wasn’t to kill me. I had to play this smart. If I killed the man in front of me the one who sent him was bound to come for revenge sooner or later.


“Why is that?” I asked breathing heavily, fear coursing through my veins


“Today I only bring a message,” he said, a shiver threatening to run up my spine.


I knew the implications behind his words. Today he only brought a message, but if his mission was different, I could have been long dead. It was a terrifying possibility, but I had long since been numb to the threat of death. If it came down to it, I would fight with every breath for life, but if death was my fate, then so be it.  


His master was finally strong enough, the country to the south had steadily been growing larger by the day.Today he was finally strong enough to demand my cooperation. Sending this man into my bedchambers was his way of saying he could get anywhere. Be anyone. Do anything he wanted. He could ruin it all if he wanted to. I hated him for it.


“What is it?” I asked, narrowing my eyes. His demands could have no limit.


The man smiled. A nasty grimace spreading across his face as he checked me over. He was assessing everything I was, who I would be, who I could be, what decisions I would make. It made shivers crawl down my spine - the way he could see.


“The message is simple. He wanted me to tell you that the only thing he wants is you.” Rage. The emotion poured from my heart and turned my blood into fire. My vision blurred and I ground my teeth together.


As he tried to disappear my fist collided with his face splitting his lip He moaned in pain before his figure was completely washed from the room as if he had never been there to begin with. . A drop of blood on the floor was the only remnant. No wonder I had assumed he was important - everyone with power was important.


I wished I had been able to do more damage. I fell to my knees, my screams of rage shattering the silence. Guards hurried quickly into my room only to fall beside me, covering their ears from the earth shattering pitch I was emitting not only physically, but mentally.

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