“I have the power to control people’s thoughts and actions...What am I, if not a Goddess?”
In a world where all those in power have power the Princess must play a dangerous game with a dangerous man.
Who will win? What will the consequences be?


5. Chapter Five

Chapter Five


The dream haunted me, even as the sunrise forced me to wake. The image of the dragon chasing me, the shadows that converged around my heart and mind. The final moments of Max holding me close until the nightmare disappeared and the real dream began. These were the images that constantly replayed in my mind.


As my eyes fluttered open, I turned over, the softness of my mattress welcoming me inviting me to stay just that touch longer. A smile lifted the corner of my lips and I stretched out, my hand coming to rest upon the bare chest of the person laying next to me.


I almost screamed, but kept my mouth shut, allowing my eyes to drift up to the man’s face, my thoughts going wild as the possibilities continued to roll through my mind. Max smiled at me, watching my face go from surprise, to fear, to ultimately anger.


“What are you doing here?” I asked, trying to control the boiling anger. Max shifted away from me slightly, concern passing over his features quickly, before a soft smirk replaced the emotion.


“I heard you screaming. I knew I could dispel the nightmare, but I had to be close to you to do so.” He explained, shrugging.


I regarded him slowly, trying to establish the likelihood of him lying. As far as I was aware Max’s powers could influence people in a half block radius - he would have easily been able to enter my dreams from his room. There was no need for him to run all the way here, or even stay the night even after the nightmare had disappeared. I wondered vaguely if he had stayed within my dreams the whole night. And whether he had any influence over what they had been.


“I...see…” I said.


Carefully I moved away from Max, wondering if it would be indecent of me to ask him to leave. Considering the time, most of the castle staff would already be awake. If any of them saw him leave my bedchambers it would cause quite the scandal. Groaning in an unladylike fashion, I flopped my arm over my face, an action I seemed to do rather often when Max was involved.


For a minute Max allowed me to stay that way, consumed by my own thoughts and feelings. I almost forgot his presence in that minute of silence. I was waiting for him to bring up the dream from the night before, to ask the questions I knew were burning in the pits of his mind.


“About last night…” Max started.


In response I rolled over, effectively using the momentum to roll myself out of the bed. Ignoring the comment from Max I stepped over to my vanity, combing through my hair roughly. Once my hair lay flat down my back I started brushing it into a ponytail. I couldn’t be bothered trying to make it into anything special. I could feel Max staring at the back of my head from his place on my bed. A feeling of self consciousness creeped up my spine. I dabbed a touch of pink across my lips, giving my face an almost girlish essence.


Standing from my vanity I quickly escaped into my wardrobe. I chose a plain pink dress that accentuated the curves of my body. Looking back at Max I glared at him, expecting him to close his eyes. He responded after a moment, turning over to bury his head in the pillow.


I slipped off my nightgown, quickly stepping into the dress carefully pulling it over my body, aware of the fact that my back was still aching. I was always in immense pain after a nightmare like that; usually I was unable to walk the day after. The cause was probably the release of my power in the dream. My power was everything, it helped me breath, kept my back straight. Without it, I was just the frail little girl everyone thought I was. However, since Max was able to stop the nightmare I was only in a small amount of pain.


“What are our plans for the day Majesty?” Max asked from the bed.


“We have none. I, however, plan to go out into the town.” I replied, slipping the dress over the top half of my body.


Glancing at myself in the mirror I realised I looked like a totally different person than from the day before. I looked younger, with an air of innocence like a young maiden should before coming of age. But if I stared at myself long enough I could sense the hardness, see the terror and the fear as well as the power.


“Can I come with you?” Max asked, turning over and sitting up. The impressions from my sheets imprinted into his skin, almost making me laugh.


According to the agreement I made with Max I had to inform the people of our courtship soon enough. But would it be within my interest to bring him along on this trip? My usual duties in town included tending to some of the families affected by the war he started. As well as paying compensation to those humiliated in my courtroom.


Today I hoped to go and see the boy from yesterday, to talk to his mother. I knew that there was nothing I could do to ease the pain that the war had inflicted on her, but hopefully the offer to pay for the rest of her child’s schooling and life would be enough to give the woman comfort.


“I don’t think that’s a good idea…” I tried to tell him, knowing that he wouldn’t listen.


“I’m coming.” He stated, bringing a sly smile to my lips.


Max thought I was playing this game fairly. That one night in my dreams would be enough to allow him to rule my kingdom. If Max thought I was going to be brought over by such a thing, he had surely read me wrong. But then again, Max had always enjoyed the challenge of the chase. I planned to be one hell of a challenge.

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