“I have the power to control people’s thoughts and actions...What am I, if not a Goddess?”
In a world where all those in power have power the Princess must play a dangerous game with a dangerous man.
Who will win? What will the consequences be?


15. Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen


It was different; not having any barriers. The well of my power ran deeper than I ever thought possible. It was almost palpable in the air, I could feel it swirling around me, growing and aching to be used. My first mission was to kill Max, yes, that would please him. Then, I would open the gates of my city and welcome him. He had been waiting for so long. I would prepare a feast for him, make him feel welcome in my country. He would come, and he would rule.


The fact that I would see him again made me giddy. I rushed around my room, dressing in my finest blood red dress. The sleeves fell off my shoulders, and the neckline was almost indecently low. It was one of my tightest, form fitting dresses; hugging every curve of my body in the most flattering way. I curled my hair, framing my face and dabbed red lipstick on.


I felt like I needed to do more to prepare for him; to organise something spectacular to tell him I was finally ready. Bouncing around my room, I tried to think before finally deciding. One of my maids entered the room, an odd look plastered on her face. The way she looked at me, like she knew something I didn’t angered me, and I was tempted to kill her in that moment.


“Yes, Majesty?” She asked, curtseying.


Easily I entered her mind, listening to her thoughts and finding that she was a weak and vulnerable woman. She had no husband, or children. She was worthless in society, and after she had finished organising the welcoming party she would die.


“Please ready a major feast. Invite the whole city! Something special is going to happen today” I smiled at her, shooing her out of the room, knowing she would do what I asked.


As she exited, Max showed up at my door, he looked me over curiously before dropping into a bow. I enjoyed seeing him bent over, and I imagined seeing the look on his face when I ran my knife through his chest. It would be bloody and gory. A perfect welcome for him.


“Something special?” Max asked, raising an eyebrow.


Something told me that if I tried to access his mind right now, I could do it. I desperately wanted to try, to see how far my power could go. How twisted I could make his mind before he died? Would I be able to send him completely insane? Put him in a coma like my mother? Convince him to kill himself? The possibilities were endless; and when I was ready, I would test my abilities on anyone I wished.


“A surprise,” I smiled up at him, sauntering across the room until I stood practically toe to toe.


“Will you tell me what it is?” He asked as I placed my hand on his chest. His heart beats were so limited, and he wasn’t even aware of it.


“You’ll have to wait and see” I replied, planting a featherlight kiss on his cheek. It would be the last gentle touch he would receive from me.


Linking my arm through his I dragged Max from the room, afraid that he would look up at any moment and see the spider dangling from the ceiling. It had been there all morning, growing in size until it was the size of a dinner plate. It was a memento from him; a reminder that he would be with me soon.


I shut the door behind me, and started steering Max towards the meeting room. The same where he had first arrived. It would be the same room he would see upon entering. I glanced over the room; it didn’t look spectacular enough. It needed to be brighter and better - he deserved the very best.


“It needs more…” I murmured to myself, and I saw Max shake his head from the corner of my eye.


I called one of the planners over, discussing the things I wanted at a rapid pace. The room had to be perfect for today. I needed him to acknowledge all the work I had put in, I want him to be happy with all the effort. When he came through that door and dozens of people died, I wanted him to look upon the feast, and me, and smile.


“So how much longer until I find out what’s going on?” Max asked, his thumb running over my hand. The gesture irritated me to the point where I wanted to break his hand - he no longer had the right to touch me. I was no longer his.


“A few hours at most.” I shrugged, my voice sounding strained and stressed.


“Then I have an idea.” Max smiled, leading me in the opposite direction we had come from; leading towards where his room was originally.


I hated that he was leading me like I was cattle. Incapable of finding my way there by myself. The more time I spent with him the more every gesture and emotion irritated me further. It was another gift from him, while he freed my powers he also freed my emotion finally allowing me to realise how much of an annoyance Max had been in my life.


“I brought something over from the South for you, but I kinda forgot about it until today.” Max explained sheepishly, a blush creeping up his cheeks.


Max pulled his room key out of his pocket before slowly opening the door. The room was less of a mess than what I would have expected of a boy. Everything had a place. His bed was only a double, and a book lay on the bed side table with a ribbon through the middle to mark his place. His suitcase was closed on the floor, and I wondered briefly if he had even moved his clothes into the wardrobe provided.


“Take a seat, just let me find it.” Max said as he started exploring his wardrobe.


Carefully I sat down, he had the same wicker chair that was in my room, but it didn’t seem as comfortable. I could hear him rummaging through the drawers in the wardrobe. I rubbed my hands together nervously, only now noticing the black band that had appeared around my right wrist. It looked like the tattoo of a bracelet - two strings constantly weaving in and out.


“Found it” Max shouted from the wardrobe, emerging victorious, holding a small red velvet box.


I raised an eyebrow, jewellry was a little cliche considering I had a whole set of drawers designated for it. Seeing my look Max balked, suddenly going a bit shy. He slowed his pace, taking far too long before finally sitting opposite me, sliding the box across the bed silently.


“We have very strong mines in the South, when I was visiting I was able to excavate this stone. I had it made into a necklace, knowing it would be perfect for you.” Max rubbed the back of his neck.


I opened the box, staring at the glowing red stone. It was almost alive in the way it glowed and pulsated like a heartbeat. It was beyond beautiful. Quietly I slid the chain over my head, the pendant resting between my breasts. It was lighter than I imagined, and calming in some way. It was almost as though Max had imbued some of his magic inside.   


“What’s in this?” I questioned, my voice soft for the first time since this morning.


“I put some healing into it. I have to keep you safe after all.” Max smiled sweetly.


There was something nagging at the back of my mind. Something that I felt I needed to tell him. I furrowed my eyebrows, what message would I need to tell the man I would kill in less than an hour? Even though the thought came to me I still felt the need to say something, as though there was a distinct part of me that refused to acknowledge Max was a dead man walking.  


“Run.” I stated simply, not understanding how the words came out of my mouth.


Before he could respond I felt a tingling up my spine. He was coming, he was close, probably within the city limits. Even if I had warned Max, it was probably far too late now. He would be the gift I gave to my husband - or at least, his head would be the gift.


I stood, my heart was racing with the prospect of coming face to face with him again. Just as I was turning away Max grabbed my arm, a strange look on his face.


“What’s happening Mia?” He asked, fear and something else dancing in his eyes.


“He’s here.” I supplied easily, devoid of all emotion.


“He who?” Max asked as I pulled away, but he continued to follow me.


Part of me wished he would just stay in his room, away from all the chaos, but the rest of me was glad; he would be there to see everything. He would welcome his death.  


“Daniel.” I replied.

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