“I have the power to control people’s thoughts and actions...What am I, if not a Goddess?”
In a world where all those in power have power the Princess must play a dangerous game with a dangerous man.
Who will win? What will the consequences be?


8. Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight


The council room was quieter than I expected. The old mens eyes flittered from myself to Max who stood at attention behind me. While he said nothing, his presence was enough to unsettle everyone in the room, including me. I shifted in my chair, shuffling the papers in front of me before calling the meeting to order


“As per our normal routine, we shall go around the table. Mr Daniels, if you please.” I nodded at the man to my left.


Mr Daniels was around fifty years old, and was probably one of the council members I liked the most. Though he had known my father very well, he had always been fond of me. I prefered to believe that his kindness was due to the fact I was the same age as his daughter - though any look into the man’s mind would prove otherwise.


“The schools, both primary and high require more funding. With it I hope to include more school age children from lower-socioeconomic families.” Daniel’s spoke slowly enunciating every word.


Mr. Daniels was one person I knew actually cared for the public. The money he wanted would actually go towards helping poorer families get their children into school. I nodded at him smiling, expecting someone to disagree. After a minute when no-one spoke I placed my signature at the bottom of the parchment. I placed the paper to the side, my eyes turning on Alexander, who had a sneaky smile lingering on his lips.


“Do you have anything new today Alexander?” I asked politely, trying to hide the disdain I held for the man.


Due to his memory ability, after my father’s death he was instrumental in persuading the public of my mother’s guilt and my own innocence. He twisted everyone’s memory of that night, including mine for time until I was able to see the cracks in the foundation of the memory spell. When I finally broke through I was confronted with the truth, and Alexander had been using it to his advantage ever since.


“The church has asked me for some extra coin to publicize the Sunday Mass.” Alexander stated coolly, examining me slowly.


I considered the possibility that Alexander was lying to me, the Church had become less popular in the last few months, but would they ever go as far as to ask for money? The Church was a proud institution, and they would hardly consider asking me for money. I delved into Alexander’s mind, watching as his face twitched as he realised the intrusion. His mind shut down and all I could hear was him chanting about giving money to the church.


“Are you hiding something Alexander?” I asked, straining hard to force my way past the thoughts to see his true intention.


There was something more there, just behind the curtain that I couldn’t quite see. It was dark and shadowy. I knew I needed to see it. The question I posed distracted him and the thoughts shifted allowing me the briefest moment to see past the curtain. I wished I hadn’t looked. The old man kept images deep in his mind, these images were never meant to see the light of day. The mangled body of my father after he died, the tears streaming down my face, the first time he saw the dragon on my back. The worst part of it was that not all the pictures were of me. There were other girls, too young to be in such provocative positions, but they were there nonetheless.


Alexander was talking to me, but for some reason I couldn’t back out of his mind. I could see his smile, as he worried for my health. I should not stress myself, especially with my impending nuptials was what he was saying. A young girl such as me should perhaps take a break, focus on the things I had to learn before my wedding, such as sewing. The implications angered me, but I just couldn’t leave. Ever so slowly Alexander scrolled through the pictures. Young girls, with make-up on and tears streaming down their face as they were assaulted. There were even photos of boys. All of them were too young for this.


A hand touched my shoulder and everything went away. The photos continued to swim in front of my eyes, bringing tears to the surface. I would out him, if i had any other proof than that of my power. Even though I was a Princess to charge him with such a heinous crime, I had to have more proof. I stabilized my breathing, my eyes coming to rest on Alexander.


“I am sorry, I was rather caught up in the intricacies of your mind. Such an interesting thought process.” I said, forcing out the words.


Alexander nodded his head respectfully, as though the words were a compliment. Now he knew that I knew about his little hobby. It was my new weapon against him. I only had to find one of the children, then I would have the honour of killing him.


“Perhaps we need a break, Highness?” Alexander asked, mock concern in his voice.


I spread my power throughout the room, automatically ignoring Max and Alexander. The men’s eyes closed before their heads hit the table. Their hearts still beat, unfortunately none of them were dead.


“Your Majesty, what are you doing?” Alexander asked, raising his eyebrow.


“I wanted to talk. Just us.” I stated, laying my hands on the table all the while keeping my mind firmly attuned to the men around the table.


“What about?” Alexander said.


Max squeezed my shoulder, my power dimmed a little in response. For the first time since he came here my power didn’t vanish with his touch. Was I too strong now? The longer Max held my shoulder the less I could feel my power. I had to act quickly otherwise I would lose my only chance.


I focused my remaining power on Alexander. His eyes widened as I completely ignored the curtain and the pictures hiding in his head. I went straight to his core, I was so tempted to pull the little plug. Just to simply and quickly end his existence, but it would be far too suspicious to do that now. For the moment I would just simply change him. I crossed some of the wires, changed his basic thought process - he would agree with me that I no longer needed a King to rule. He would admit to the abuse of the children in front of a crowd.


At the last moment before I exited the man’s mind I jiggled the core plug just a little bit. Enough to bring him pain every day for the rest of his life.

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