“I have the power to control people’s thoughts and actions...What am I, if not a Goddess?”
In a world where all those in power have power the Princess must play a dangerous game with a dangerous man.
Who will win? What will the consequences be?


14. Chaoter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen


“Welcome back, your Highness.” The masculine voice spoke from the shadows. I bowed my head respectfully.


He cackled, confidently stepping out of the darkness. I kept my eyes lowered on his brown leather shoes. A hand came out of the darkness, striking me across the face. The pain was sharp, stinging and I could feel blood running down my cheek. He had a small knife hidden in his palm, just like always. After a moment the pain disappeared, ever so slowly I raised my eyes to meet his.


The man before me had yellow eyes, like a snake. He stared me down, just as though I was a seven year old again. He smiled - at least that was what I assumed. The motion was definitely creepier than a smile - it was all teeth and no emotion. I felt like if I stared at his mouth too long I would be his next meal.


“It has been too long, Mia.” The voice vibrated around the room and inside my head. It was like he was everywhere at once; totally omnipotent.


My voice wouldn’t work, so I simply nodded. The feeling of sweat running down my spine made my back ache. It had been years since the man before me had haunted my waking hours, or my dreams. I wished this man was as kind as my father had been. But he was in an entirely different league.


“Have you finally decided to give in to me?” He asked, raising an eyebrow suggestively. I crossed my arms trying to protect myself from his stare.


The memory of the man’s proposition hung in the air, the last stroke of the dragon seal on my back. I had accessed some part of my mind and power, killing the King. For weeks after the incident I had dreams of the man before me, offering me immeasurable power, love, wealth, everything I could have asked for if I gave him full access to my power, and ultimately my body. After a few weeks I figured out how to lock him out. Until now.


“I will never.” I stated simply, taking a few steps away from him.


He considered the statement for a moment before laughing, a grin spreading across his features. Striding forward he gripped my arms with his hands, the hidden knives digging into my flesh. Pushing me against the wall the weapons went even further into my arms, and he pressed against me, almost crushing me.


Placing his lips against my forehead, he spoke slowly and quietly, mumbling so low I couldn’t even distinguish the words. The longer we stayed connected the more I could feel myself breaking down. He made me weak.


“Remember the girl, from the night you can’t remember?” He asked finally, and it took all my strength just to nod. My breathing was heavy and my heart was racing.


“She was my girl, a little puppet. Trained to kill she was my bait. Once you ended her life, you automatically took her place.”


He gripped my head, tilting it up before placing a feather light kiss on my lips. It was almost tender, almost caring.


“You’re mine, Princess.”


With the words everything came crashing down. Every barrier I had placed in my mind, even the law my father had carved into my back seemed to be ripped apart by the sheer brutality of his mental attack. He revealed my true power to me, basking us in its darkness, turning every light into shadow. With every thing that became shadows I felt stronger in some sick sense; this is exactly what I wanted. This had been the plan all along.


I tried to shake myself off the thoughts, but the harder I tried the more I felt like the thoughts in my head were no longer my own. The spiders returned, bigger and scarier, the room shrunk until it was only the two of us. And when I screamed, I screamed his name over and over again.

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