The Jungle Stallion

Zoe is just an average 14 year old girl, except she got news that her family was moving to South America for their jobs as biologists. She never wanted to leave her hometown in California, but she had no choice. Once they moved, she had no friends except the trees. Until one day, that all changes.


1. Prolouge

It was a warm night here in Brazil. I had just fed all of the horses there food and made sure that the stables were locked. I wanted to gaze at the stars all night, because here, you can see the Milky Way. I was glad that I choose to move here, and start a stable where tourists could see the jungle on horseback. I felt like something was wrong, so I stood up and walked back over to the stables. I heard a bunch of neighs and whinnies, which is unusual at night. I walked faster to try and see all the ruckus. Just then, a blur of white a gray flashed passed me. I fell down and hit my head. I slowly got back up again and ran for my jeep. I had to catch that horse. I turned the key and pushed on the gas pedal. I had my jeep in full power, but it still wasn't enough to catch the horse. I stopped the jeep and turned back around. I headed back to get some food and water because I knew this was going to be a long night.


And that, my friends, is how our story begins...

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