Kelsie is just a ordinary 16 year old girl.. But her life changes when she goes on a trip with her friends Caroline, Paxton, and Sydney.


2. The talk

 I run into AP science which was my favorite class because we actually never did anything but talk and he didn't even care. My friends walk in and I sign them to come over to where I was sitting. I told them about my plan on meeting One Directing and stuff and they were totally down for it. "I'll get the concert tickets as soon as get home guys" Emily said happily. Pat sat there just sat there that's all. "Whats wrong pat?" Caroline asked. Oh nothing I guess this is just kind of a big deal you know like come on now do you really think that their even gonna pay any attention to us there are gonna be thousands of girls there she said looking sad. I kind of agreed with her but I turned to her and said "Don't think like that" with a smile. Yeah okay she says rolling her eyes. 

 So what do you guys wanna do before we go to the concert? Emily asked. I had no clue my main thing to do was to meet Niall Horan. "Well I don't know maybe just lay around and eat until then" Caroline says while laughing. It was actually a good idea so I said "Okay I'm down for it". Pat just sat there and laughed she just kept laughing and even fell out her sit. "What is wrong with you?" I said laughing with her. I don't even know. I stopped laughing and just shook my head. She was the crazy one of us. 

 "So where are we gonna stay?" Caroline asked looking directly at me. I said " Well I'll go online and see if we can get a hotel or something. "Sounds like a deal!" Emily smiled showing all of her teeth. "I am so ready the day needs to be over already" I said rolling my eyes. I think I was more in a hurry to leave than them because they paid me no attention every time I mentioned it. "HELLO!" I yelled standing up the whole class just looked at me like I was stupid or something. I sat down quickly and rolled my eyes. 

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