Kelsie is just a ordinary 16 year old girl.. But her life changes when she goes on a trip with her friends Caroline, Paxton, and Sydney.


5. Oh louis..

 *1 hour later* The girls finally show up and tell us to come on before were late for the concert. So I run yes run outside and into the car. Pat was jumping up and down like a little kid you could easily tell Caroline and Emily were annoyed so I joined her. "We're gonna meet One Direction, We're gonna meet one Direction, We're gonna meet One Direction, We're gonna meet One Direction " We kept shouting and I yelled it in Emily's ear. "Would you little brats shut the hell up!" Caroline yelled. Pat stopped but I kept going until we finally reached the building. I was so happy there weren't much people here. So I hurried and got out the car and ran in line before any girls had came. 

 "Tickets please?" I gave him 4 tickets and he let us in. I couldn't believe my eyes we were front row in a One Direction concert this is just unbelievable. I really didn't have the patience but as long as I see them I'll wait however long they wanted me to. A few minutes went by the girls were taking pictures while I was just staring at the stage waiting for someone to appear but no one came all I heard and say was a bunch on girls like me. Pat did have a point what if they didn't notice us I looked down at that thought. 

 The lights went off and then "Hello beautiful ladies!" Harry shouted walking onto the stage. Pat started yelling jumping mostly everything and I could have sworn he winked at her. Then the rest of the boys came out all of us just started screaming almost crying. They haven't even started singing yet and it was the best day of my life. They finally started singing and everyone got silent. Louis was bouncing around he kicked the light and it came straight to my face I pasted out.

 *Pat's P.O.V* 

We were just having fun dancing and singing along with One Direction then all of a sudden Lou kicked the light that stands on the stage at Caroline's face she fell down we tried waking here but it didn't work. Niall picked up like you know the way you hold a new born baby. He ran out to his car and laid her in the back seat and we got inside. Im kinda glad this happened harry was so freaking close to me I literally almost died he asked me what my name was and I said "Paxton but call me Pat" He shook his head and said age? I said "17". I honestly didn't feel like talking to anyone I was so worried about Caroline

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