Kelsie is just a ordinary 16 year old girl.. But her life changes when she goes on a trip with her friends Caroline, Paxton, and Sydney.


4. Mission almost complete

 We pulled up to the hotel "Oh my god it's beautiful" Pat said with her mouth wide open. I was thinking about saying oh close your mouth before a fly gets in there but I didn't say anything. We all got out the car and guys look like in their early twenties came and got our bags. We checked in and they followed us to our room. Caroline gave them a $5 tip and we went in our room. It was huge and snacks everywhere. Pat immediately ran to the cookies. She was the smallest one out of all of us but she ate a lot. It was 4:50 we have 4 hours before the One Direction concert so I decided to take a nap.

 *3 hours later* "Get up Kelsie! You need to get dressed this minute!" I hurry up and jumped out of bed and my mouth dropped. "Pat you look nice."  I said looking at her outfit. I could clearly see she was trying to dress like harry styles. She walked out smiling not even saying Thank you. I hopped in the shower for about 20 minutes and flat iron my hair. I really had no idea what to wear but eventually I got something together. My outfit : 

It had nothing to do with One Direction I know but I wanted to dress different from the rest of the girls. I went to see the other girls. They all looked at me confused "Something wrong?" I say Caroline asked why wasn't I wearing anything One Direction I just shook my head knowing I knew the answer. Like always she just rolled her eyes and so did Pat I think she wanted to change. "So what shall we do now ladies?" Emily asked. Pat looked at me and I looked at her. We both said "EAT!" at the same time then laughed. Caroline grabbed Emily by her arm and said "Lets go get some yogurt" Then they left. Pat was literally eating everything left to right while I sat on the couch eating grapes. She started singing best song ever we were all really good singer but she was the best one in my opinion. 


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