Kelsie is just a ordinary 16 year old girl.. But her life changes when she goes on a trip with her friends Caroline, Paxton, and Sydney.


3. Leaving early

  My stomach growls gosh I'm tired and hungry. But I don't care I just ignore it and think about Niall and One Direction. While I'm in that gaze my phone vibrates it was my mom telling me that she was going to pick me up early from school. I have no idea why but I was kinda happy because I really didn't want to stay for the whole day anyways. I wanted Emily, Pat, and Caroline to come as well so we could leave early and pack. So I asked my mom could she pick all of us up and I told her my plans for the break. She agreed so I went over to tell them. Emily was pretty much the only one excited.

In the next hour she shows up. I was wondering why it took her so long but I didn't bring it up didn't want her to get mad or anything. She signed us out and we got in the car. "So... you girls gonna hang out with that popular boy band huh?" My mom asked smiling. "Well we aren't- I cut Pat off by saying "Yes we are I am so hyped." Of course she just rolled her eyes like always. I honestly think all of us have a problem with doing that.  30-45 minutes later I was at home the girls went home to pack. I ran up to my room and looked in the closet. I have a lot of One Direction stuff so I just threw everything in the luggage that had something to do with One Direction. I was done in less than a hour. I called the girls and asked were they done. Emily and Pat were ready Caroline always take forever to do things. 

 2 hours later the girls came over. Emily said she already got the tickets and I got the hotel. We all put our money together and we had $2,000. We weren't rich but we saved up pretty well especially Emily she never really went out and she always used her dad's credit card. My mom wasn't home so I figured I'll just call her when we get there. London wasn't that far maybe like hours away but it was worth it. Emily said " Well here goes nothing One Direction here we come." Pat mumbled "yeah right" I think I was the only one who had heard her and I think you know what I did. Yep, you guessed it rolled my eyes. Caroline said she was gonna drive we got and the truck and left.                                                                                                                                                                                                

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