Kelsie is just a ordinary 16 year old girl.. But her life changes when she goes on a trip with her friends Caroline, Paxton, and Sydney.


1. First Period

Kelsie your gonna be late for school if you don't wake your lazy behind up right now! My sister shouted. Sometimes I just want to punch her in the face I mean maybe I didn't wanna go to school. She came up to my room and shook me "I'm up gosh!" I yell. Well someone is a bit in a bad mood she says walking out. I get up and whisper "bit"? I walk to the bathroom and brush my teeth and put my hair up in a messy bun. I walk back up to my room and look at my closet "Thank god its Friday" I say rolling my eyes. I just threw on a One Direction hoodie  sweats and my fur boots. I grab my phone, charger, and bag then head down stairs. Well I see that my sister left I don't know why she worries about me being late we live down the street from the school.. literally. 

   I walk inside school of course I'm late its 8:30. I walk into my first period class my teacher says "Well well well Ms Rodriguez you're late once again". I just roll my eyes and walk to my seat. I really hated this class I had no friends here at all. I got out my notebook and copied the notes down from the board. After I got done I just sat there not knowing what to do we weren't allowed to have our phone's out so I was now completely bored. I stared in space thinking about Niall Horan the thought of him just made me smile. I have always wanted to meet him and now that we have a extra week off of school I finally have the chance.

I started to think about it more the thoughts stuck in my head. I was completely in daze now I didn't even hear the bell ring until this boy tapped me on the shoulder leaving me to jump. I cant be late my next class I say grabbing my bag running out the class. 


A/N I know this chapter is a little short didn't have any ideas because of the chapter name.. I promise the next one will be longer :)

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