Rico's Adventure.

Rico was a normal boy in our world, he had parents, friends and a lovely car named Freja. One day, after school, Rico was about to get home, until something strange happened. He blacked out and when he awoke, he was turned into a Pony and found himself in Ponyville.


1. The world of the Ponies.

It was another normal day, the school had been funny, yet very entertaining to be at, that friday afternoon. Rico chuckled slightly, waving at his friends, while he watched them walking toward a bus stop.


He wouldn’t have minded, to drive either of them home, but none of them wanted him to drive. Odd, he thought. Usual he could at least get one of them to drive with him.


Rico shrugged, he unlocked his yellow car, while he grabbed a packet of cigarettes from his pocket.


“Well, Freja. Time for us to get home.” Rico mumbled, as he had a cancer stick between his lips. He searched a bit around for a lighter, somehow, he didn’t seem like he could find one.


“Where is my lighter, i know i put it- AhA!” He grabbed the orange colored lighter from a seat behind him.


Rico turned back again to the driver seat, lit up his cancer stick and took a deep inhale. “Nothing, but a good cigarette after a lon-”


He barely manage to finish his sentence, before his car started to make a lot of noises. Rico frowned, Freja normally didn’t make noises, especially not, when the car key wasn’t even in.


“What is going on?”  Rico Wondered, he took the cancer stick out from between his lips, having it between his index and middle finger.


He tried to fiddle a bit with the steering wheel, the controls in the car too, but nothing seem to work.


The radio went crazy, zapping through different radio stations, trying to find something that might not even be there.


“Alright, this is very weir-”


He felt like something hard had knocked him at the back of his head, suddenly everything became dark around him.


“Do you think he’s alright?”


“I don’t know, he seems pretty much knocked out. What do you think, AppleJack?”


“If ya ask me, I would say, that he were run down, by a crowd of cows!”


Rico groaned, feeling his head pounding slightly. Whatever there hit him in the back of his head, really hit hard on him.


“What happened?” Rico mumbled, he tried to stand on his feet, but failed and collapsed on the ground once more.




Rico finally manage to get his vision clear, he blinked a couple of times, before looking up.


He saw a pink...creature standing almost above him. It looked worried at him.


“Are you alright?” The voice sounded feminine, so of course he could tell it must be a girl.


“W-Wait, I know you!” Rico spoke suddenly.


Again, Rico tried to stand, but failed miserably. He fell on his bum again, groaning a tad. Why couldn’t he get on his feet?


“Uhm, what is it you are trying to do? And, what’s your name?” The pink horse pony creature asked, having a kind smile on her face.


Rico just sat there, looking at her for a moment. This must be a dream, this couldn’t be true, or maybe he was seeing something weird as shit?


“Uhm….” Speechless, Rico then looked down at the ground, knowing he had his hands between his-


His eyes wide a little, he had no hands! What was going on!


“W-Wait what?! What happened to me?!” He outburst. He looked at his arms, wait, no. They weren't arms more.


“Are you sure you are alright, mister? What’s your name? I do like to know, who I am speaking with.” the pink pony said again.


“RICO! Alright? My name is Rico!” he didn’t know why he suddenly snapped at her, but who wouldn’t freak out in a moment like this?


“M-Mirror, I need a mirror!” He demanded, which soon appeared in front at him.


It took a few seconds for Rico, to see what really stared back at him through the mirror.


Light blue color, curly hair and….he looked like a pony.




He couldn’t handle, but scream out loud. What happened to him?




Rico looked up at the pink Pony again, he know who she was, so it...it really freaked him out, what there happened to him.


“I….I’m fine, really. I’m fine I just….” Rico wasn’t sure what to say for a moment.


“Rico, isn’t it? What a weird, but awesome name!” Another pony came closer to him, a light blue one, with rainbow colored mane.


“I’m Rainbow Dash, nice to meet you.” Rainbow Dash chuckled a bit, as she let her wings carry herself a bit above Rico.


“You aren’t a pony I have seen around before, where do you come from?”


“I think, he might came from another town, maybe he’s from Canterlot? Like Twilight!”  The pink one said with joy.


“Uhm…” Rico looked at them for a moment, seeing they really tried to figure out where he came from.


“T-To be honest, I’m not from...here.” Rico said, he looked at the back of his body, trying to get on his...well four legs.


He felt a push at his side, seeing Applejack helped him to stand.


“Thanks, Applejack.” Rico said with a little smile.


“It ain’t a problem, Rico.” Applejack smiled at him, still being there to support him a bit.


“But, Rico, where are you from? Uh Uh! let me guess!” Pinkie pie smiled, as she got in front at him. “You are from another part of Canterlot, am i right?!”


“You really are hyper on sugar in real, wait is this real life?” Rico asked, he glanced around the girl ponies for a moment.


“It is real for us, Rico. But, what again are you talking about?”


Rico sighed a bit, he tried to stand on his own legs, even trying to walk a bit. “Well, the place I’m from, I am not a pony, but a human.” He explained.


“Human?” They all seem to look weird at him, almost as if he spoke in tongue.


“Oh right….” Rico turned a bit, looking at them all.


“I’m from a world, that is not this one. Humans is….well…” If he had his own hands, he would rub a hand behind his head by now, but since that was a little impossible. What could he then do?


“It’s difficult to explain, you know. Uhm-”


“Maybe we should get him to Celestia, right girls?”  Rarity looked at Rico with a little worried face, she didn’t spoke before, since she would let the others do that.


“I think that might be a good idea, maybe she can help you, Rico.”


Rico looked between the girls, knowing they only want the right thing. “I don’t even know how I got here, I was in my car and suddely...it went black for me. Now i’m here.” Rico explained.


“W-Woah! Easy!” He squealed, Rainbow Dash had gotten under him, lifting him on her back, so it would be easier for them to get him to Celestia.


“Don’t you worry, I am an expect in flying!” Rainbow Dash said with a chuckle. “Hold on Tight, this will take 20 seconds!”


Rico didn’t even manage to ask for a seatbelt, before Rainbow Dash had flied forward in a fast motion.


As spoken, 20 seconds after. Rico was taken to the big Castle in Canterlot.


Rainbow Dash let him down, before she made a nod toward the doors. “She’s right ahead of those doors. I will wait for the others.” Rainbow Dash made a kind smile, before she turned her back to Rico.


“Uhm, alright….” Unsure, Rico tried to move on his legs, even thought it was difficult, he really started to get a little hold on the four legs he had now.


He pushed the door opened, using his snout and glanced inside. The whole room was dark, maybe a bit too dark for his liking.


“Uhm...Celestia?”  Rico called out.


As Rico entered the door, it slammed behind him, which made him yelp. He had glanced at the door, walking a few feet backward, before he stopped as he bumped into something.


Rico lifted his head upward, looking straight up, to see a hooded figure. Rico’s ears went downward, he stumbled a bit, so he could get up and away, but he failed as he fell on his stomach and let out a ‘ouch’ noise.


“WHO DARE ENTER THE CASTLE WITHOUT PERMISSION!?” The voice boomed, the hood slide off the pony, which Rico now could see was Nightmare Moon.


“L-Luna, right?” Rico stuttered, he bravely stood on his legs, having a better control on them now.


“Who th…”


“Rico, I’m Rico and not from this world, that’s sort of...why I need to speak with...Celestia.” Rico spoke quickly, but clear enough for Luna to know his choice of words.

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