Rico's Adventure.

Rico was a normal boy in our world, he had parents, friends and a lovely car named Freja. One day, after school, Rico was about to get home, until something strange happened. He blacked out and when he awoke, he was turned into a Pony and found himself in Ponyville.


2. The truth of the rusty car.

~A couple of months later~


Pinkie jumped a little around in the city, as she hummed a happy song. She wanted to visit Twilight Sparkle and her new bestie!


Since the episode of a random Pony there appeared out of the blue, Pinkie has done her very best to befriend that Pony. His name was Rico, nice name, she thought, as she still jumped a little around, so she could reach Twilight Sparkle’s home.


Celestia told Twilight, that Rico would be living in her home, until they figured out, how to get Rico back again to his own time and dimension.


“Twiliiiiight~ Ricooo~!” Pinkie sing sang a little, as she reached the front door to Twilight’s home. Pinkie waited a few seconds, before she saw Spike opened the door for her. She gave him a joyful smile. “Thank you Spiky!”


“You should maybe be quiet, Rico and Twilight worked hard yesterday.” Spike told her, he closed the door when Pinkie walked inside.


“Tired? What sort of work has they done?” She asked him.


“I believe they tried to figure out a way, to get Rico back to his own Dimension again.” Spike told her, he wiggled his tail a little back and forth, as he walked up to all the books there laid around the floor. He picked them up one by one, getting them back.


“Well, why don’t Rico become a part of our world? It isn’t that hard, is it?” Pinkie asked, she looked at the books that Spike picked up.


“I believe he might miss his own family, his own friends and world. However, he kept talking about his favorite movie show. I don’t have heart to tell him what it is here.” Spike mumbled, he tried to reach up on the upper shelf with a book, but it was to different for him to actually set it in.


“Oh Spiky, here let me help you!” Pinkie said with a smile, as she got over behind Spike. She leaned her head down and manage to get Spike on her head, lifting him up so he could set the book on it’s right place.


“Thanks Pinkie.” Spike was grateful over she helped him.


“Oh, hey Pinkie.” Rico said with a yawn, as he got out from the spare room.


Pinky had turned her head so fast, that Spike fell off and landed on his bum. He rubbed his lower back, as he glanced over at Rico, then at Pinkie. Why did this always happen to him?


“Rico! Just the Pony i was searching for!” Pinkie said, as she ran up to him.


Rico looked a little confused at Pinkie. “You were...searching for me? But you know, that I’m here, right?” Rico asked, he walked a bit past her, as he went toward the little kitchen area.


He could need something for his stomach, something there just said ‘fatty food’ at first place!


“I know! But then i  thought about you might was outside, so i searched outside first and then thought you would be at Rainbow Dash’s cloud, but then i thought you couldn’t fly and-”


“And you need to breath.” Rico comment, which he saw that Pinkie Pie took a deep, if not a bit too dramatic breath in She smiled a bit at him, as she said “thanks. I might forget it at times when I talk.” She admitted.


“Anyway, did you and Twilight figure out something?” Pinkie asked, she went up beside him, seeing he tried to make something to eat.


“Not really.” Rico replied with a sigh, his ears turned a little downward. “Twilight and I have searched in every book we possible could find, well about dimension traveling, but none of the things we found, match to what happened with me. Neither did we find a way for me, to actually get back.” Rico explained.


“Oh I wish that Doc could appear with his wonderful, beautiful Delorean.” Rico said a little dreamly.


“Delorean?” Pinkie asked, before she started to laugh a little. “Sounds like the rusty car at the river fall.” She mumbled.


“T-The what?!” Rico asked, his eyes snapped over to Pinkie.


“I thought, that I mention not to actually tell him!” Spike called out, he had another few books in his arms, that he tried to get up on the upper shelves.


“Spike?! You knew there was a DELOREAN?!” Rico asked a little upset.

“To my defensive, I don’t know what that rusty thing is, only that a guy who called himself ‘Doc’ or something, said he needed it to be here for some time, until he returned to get it.” Spike explained, he had tried to settle the thick books like a staircase up to the upper selves.


He put one book away, but as he was going to put the next one in, the books collapsed, as Rico had taken one book away from his little building of staircases.


Spike once again sat on his bum, really hating this always happened to him. “What did you do that fo-”


“Show me.” Rico said, his eyes showed nothing more but excitement, but hope too.


“I can’t really do that, the rusty car is in a forbidden river no one is allowed to go-”

“JUST SHOW ME, SPIKE!” Rico hardly shouted.


“B-But Celestia….”


“Right now, I don’t care about Celestia, I care about seeing that Delorean, because if that’s the only ticket for me to get home, then I got damn will take a chance to ‘rebuild’ it if i have to! I know that car inside and out!” Rico said with a determined voice.


Spike glanced over at Pinkie, who was watching a butterfly outside the window, almost as if she hadn't heard or seen what was going on behind her.


Spike sighed in the end, before he stood on his feet again. “If i can be on your back, I will tell you the way. I’m too tired to walk right now, especially all the way.” Spike told him.


Spike squealed a little, as he felt Rico’s head getting under him, he was suddenly thrown onto Rico’s back. “Spike, when you have shown me the car, I give you buckets of gems, that I will find myself!”


Spike didn’t even manage to say anything to Pinkie, before Rico already had run out from Twilight’s house.


A couple of hours later, Twilight had woken, but she really looked tired. “Spike, hand me the book of-”


“Spike?” Twilight glanced around, she yawned.


She couldn’t find Spike anywhere, nor even Rico, who she thought would be up by now and continue to read on.


“Oh hey Twilight!” Pinkie said, as she jumped over to Twilight.


“Pinkie? What are you doing here?” Twilight asked her.


“Oh, I was going to speak with you and Rico, also to ask how far you guys had gotten.” Pinkie said with a kind smile.


“So, where is Rico? And where is Spike?” Twilight asked her, she frowned a little as she noticed the few books around the floor, not being back at their shelves.


She knew that Spike normally would put them back, so-


“Oh, they went to Everfree Forest, going to that rusty old thing in the lake.” Pinkie said with a chuckle. Her focus was soon adjusted to something else, as she watched a butterfly in the window.


“They what?!” Twilight asked her.


“Pinkie! focus! Why would they go to-”

“Rico demanded Spike to show him that rusty thing, I don’t know why.” Pinkie told him. “Doc never really came back from that car, did he?” Pinkie asked her.


Twilight rolled her eyes, as she made a head motion toward the door. “Let’s just get after them, before they can get terribly hurt!” Twilight told her.


Pinkie made a nod, as she followed Twilight out from the home.




Spike glanced around the forest, seeing a couple of eyes being on him and Rico, as they passed a few bushes.


“Uhm, Rico. There’s a reason this forest is-”


“I still don’t care, Spike, I want to see that car, especially if it’s a DeLorean.” Rico interrupted him, he had kept on going, having spike on his back as they continued their little quest to find the DeLorean.


“But, Rico?”


“What Spike?!” Rico asked a little irritable.


“If I need to be honest, this random guy came to Celestia and told her, to keep the rusty thi-”


“It’s not a Rusty thing! call that a rusty thing one more time, then I will kick your butt!” Rico said a little mad, when he glanced back again at Spike.


Spike gulp, he certainly now know, that he was not to call that thing anything near rusty or any other words. How come Rico be so protective toward it? How did he even-


“T-There it is…” Spike said, as he pointed toward the waterfall. He felt Rico stop, so Spike himself could slide off of Rico’s back.


“Where?” Rico asked, he couldn’t really make out where the car should be.


Spike made a hand for him to go along with him, they got near the edge for the water and they could just make out, by the end of the waterfall was the back of a DeLorean.


“I-It’s that…” Rico said low, as he went around the lake to get near the waterfalls end. “We need to get it up, how do we get it up?” Rico asked, he spoke mostly to himself, since Spike kept standing where he stood.


“Uhm, Rico…”


“Not know, i’m trying to figure out, how  we can get the car out.” Rico said back, his eyes only fixed on the DeLorean in the water. He let out a whimpering noise, seeing rust! It was not possible, unless….


“Spike how long has the- oh…” Rico’s ears turned a little down, as he saw Spike was held hostage.


“I see the little plan has worked, getting a human to this world.” Spike cleared his throat, as a sharp claw was against his neck, it was Discord, who was holding Spike as a Hostage.


“Discord...you...wait what? You were the one who brought me here?” Rico asked confused, as he tried to step closer.


“One step closer, Spikey here will show what color blood he really got.” Discord threat, he made sure the claw was right at Spike’s vein, making a little hole, so Spike’s blood almost would appear.


“Easy now! I’m backing off!” Rico exclaimed, he took a few steps back and stayed where he was. Just because he was new here, didn’t it mean he could set Spike’s life in any danger at all.


“What do you want, Discord?” Rico was brave enough to asked, he could see that Discord wouldn’t take any chance with him nor Spike.


“Tricking a human to come into this world, it was a simple experiment, Rico. “ Discord replied. “The last human who was here, left that useless, rusty and ugly car around here. What he did here or why he was here, no one really know.” Discord said. He hadn't noticed the rage in Rico’s eyes.


“No one…” Rico said, as he dared step closer. “Call that car, for a useless…” Rico took another step closer toward them. “Rusty….” Another step “And ugly! That makes Rico mad!”


With that said, Discord had no chance to do anything, before Rico had run with full speed against him. He had pushed him into the water, getting Spike away from the danger too. Both Discord and Rico ended in the water, where Rico could get a clear sight of the DeLorean.


Discord smirked, he wrapped his tail around Rico’s leg and dragged him farther down into the water. It wouldn’t be too long, before Rico needed air again.


Rico tried to struggle, he tried to get free from Discord’s grab, but as he did so, he was running out of air. Panic took over him, struggling more, but to no use.


He could feel his head getting dizzy, the struggled died a little from him and what he saw, was Discord’s smirk.


Seeing the good point, at least he saw the DeLorean, right before he would die.


Bubbles escaped his mouth, he was silence in the water, as Darkness took over him.


Rico knew, that at least he had some good time in this place, meeting all the Ponies had been a good experience for him.


He could go so far to tell, that he had died happy.


If he had died….


Voices were blur in their talk, he couldn’t make out what they were saying, he just felt pain all over him at the moment.


“Spike, I thought you knew better than taking him here!”


“H-He kept telling me to show him that thing, Twilight. He wouldn’t stop till he at least saw where it was and what it was.” Spike defended himself.


“But bringing him out there, alone? Are you out of your mind? You could had waited and asked us all to come, then he might not had been in that situation right now!”  Twilight scold, she sounded beyond pissed over what had happened.


“Hey there, Twilight. Don’t ya give Spike all the blame, ‘m sure that Rico is gonna be just  fine.”


The familiar voice of Applejack got Rico to stare a little, he breathed in heavily, like he never had breathed before.


When he opened his eyes, the world around him was still a little blur.




Rico blinked a couple of times, shaking his head and looked up at the green eyes there met his.


“Ya alright, Rico?” Applejack asked concerned.


“I think so…” Rico replied, he tried to get on his hooves, but slipped a bit, only to be supported by Applejack and Twilight.


“What happened?” Rico asked them, he were thankful over they supported him to stand for just a few seconds.


“Discord got ya, Rico. Almost drawing ya for a moment, good thing Twilight and Pinkie arrived.” Applejack explained, she took down a bag from her back, as she pushed it toward Rico.


An Apple Pie appeared out from the bag, which Rico eyed for a moment. “For me?” He asked her, which Applejack made a nod at him. “I thought ya do be hungry.” Applejack said with a soft smile.


“Oh how wonderful, it’s like you know me!”  Rico didn’t hold back, as he went right into the apple pie.


“Rico, that thing you were doing with Spike, I believe you felt and saw, that it is not a good idea to get out in that forest.” Twilight said, as she stood nearby Rico and still looked concerned at him.


“Promise us never to go there alone, please?” Twilight asked him.


“But…” Rico peaked his head up, as he swallowed the pie he had stuffed in his mouth. “I need that car out of the water, because if i can fix-”


“You don’t need to do this all alone, Rico. We are here to help, we always has been since you arrived here.” Twilight exclaimed.


“I know, but the car-”


“What is it about that damn car?!”  It was unexpected, that Twilight could go in such a snapping mode.


Rico cleared his throat, for a moment he wanted to back away, but he stood firm, also a little bit forward. “That car, Twilight…” He started. “Is my ticket home, that car, can bring me back, if you guys just will help me to get it out from the water, get it to ponyvill and help me remake it from scratch.”  Rico was determined to fix the car, so he could get back to his own world.


They all looked at Rico for a moment, thinking that he might be crazy. The first one to step forward, was Applejack, she stood beside Rico, looking at the others.


“I don’t know with ya’all,  but I’m gonna help Rico to get home.” She said with a nod, as she glanced at Rico with a soft smile.


Rico returned the smile, looking at the others, as he noticed Pinkie walked over beside him too. “We all wanna help, Rico. But next time, don’t go alone or only with Spike.” Twilight told him, as she made a nod toward the forest.


“Let’s get that car!” Pinkie said with a joyful laugh. They all agreed, and walked toward the waterfall, so they could get the car out from the water.

What none of them know, was that Discord had been watching them, a little throat laugh escaped him, as he vanished from the forest short time after.

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