Rico's Adventure.

Rico was a normal boy in our world, he had parents, friends and a lovely car named Freja. One day, after school, Rico was about to get home, until something strange happened. He blacked out and when he awoke, he was turned into a Pony and found himself in Ponyville.


7. The choice.

Rico never thought it felt so...good, dying that is. He never really thought, that dying meant pain free, floating, being light, that no worries would get to him.


Floating in the darkness, nothing to see but himself. Every thought, every worry he had before, it was just gone. But…


Why did he feel so empty? Like this wasn’t right, like he didn’t felt peace?


He saw a light ahead for him, it was like a screen, showing some sort of memory. He went toward it, looking at the big screen for a time. His days in ponyville, all the good moments, if not also the embarrassing and funny ones.


The Parties he had gone to with Pinkie Pie, the animals he tried to befriend with Fluttershy.


Even one day, Twilight give him wings, so he could fly with Rainbow Dash. And he even didn’t want to admit it, but making a coat to him with Rarity, that was pretty good memory too.


The one there stood out, was his time with Applejack at the farm, helping her with her duties, speaking, laughing, having a good time. Why was he seeing this?


“It’s wonderful, isn’t it?”  


Rico looked back for a moment, seeing pony shape getting near him, but the pony had a cloak and hood up, so it was impossible to tell who it could be.


“Who are you?” Rico asked, before he glanced back again at the screen. “And why do i see all this?” He asked quietly.


“For now, it doesn’t matter who I might be, Rico. What matters right now, is that you can have a choice.” The pony said, when he got up beside Rico and glanced up at the screen.


“Your time in Ponyville are soon over, you were killed by Discord, but of course you know why.” He exclaimed.


The screen changed a little, showing memories of his own world, his family, friends, even his time with his car Freja.  The screen split in two, the ponyville memories and his own real world memories was on each screen.


“Ponyville will be in chaos without your help, your friends will suffer a case worse than death. Discord won’t stop, until his chaos would be a normal everyday being.” The hooded pony explained. “But of course, in your world, it’s just a Tv-show, correct?”  He asked him.


“Of course it is….” Rico mumbled, but he watched the ponyville screen, seeing how their future could be. Chaos, death, enslavery for other species, it was horrible.


“Your own world awaits you, Rico. But like i said, it’s your voice. No matter what you choose, know, that you can never return to the other world ever again.”


Rico looked at the hooded pony, he wasn’t sure what he should choose.


He could A. Go back to Ponyville, safe the others and make sure they would be alive and happy. Or B. Return to his own world, knowing the ponies will be in danger and have a horrible life, but he would be back at his own home, family and friends.


“Can’t I know who you are?” Rico asked the other, when he stood and faced him.


“If you must know of my name….” The pony said, as he looked up at Rico. A pair of red eyes was seen underneath the hood. “Azazel.”


Rico stood shocked for a moment, as he took a step back, his ears went down, almost in fear. “D-Demon of war?”


“I choose the name there spread fear, but truly, I’m a horseman of Death himself.”  Azazel told him, as he lowered his head again.


“If it stood to Death, your soul would be collected and sent either to heaven or hell, however, your loyalty, your fate and destiny hasn’t been made yet, so you get a second chance and a choice.” Azazel explained to him.


“You need to choose, before the darkness around you will disappear.”


Rico looked at the screen’s once more, not sure what to choose. It was like a split road, he didn’t want the ponies to suffer under Chaos.


But he wanted to get home too.


Rico closed his eyes, he took a deep breath, before he looked at Azazel once more. “I choose….”




It was a sad day for them, it had been Fluttershy, who had found Rico’s body in everfree forest, as a few of her animal friends had been panic and called her out there.


She had manage to get Rico back to Twilight’s home, with the help from Rainbow Dash. They all seem so sad, while they looked at Rico’s corpse on the table. Especially Applejack, she was close to tears, but fought them back, so none of the others would watch her cry.


“With Rico gone, what are we gonna do with Discord?” Rainbow Dash asked, she looked at her friends, as she turned away from Rico’s corpse.


“We are going to fight him, we will use the Harmony once again on him, turning him to stone as he should be all the time.” Twilight told them. “Let’s go get them, before Discord will bring chaos to Ponyville once more.”


Twilight made a nod for everyone to follow her, most of them did, all but Applejack. “Can I...have a moment, please?”


Everypony looked at Applejack, before they all nodded and left, so Applejack had a moment with Rico’s corpse.


She looked at Rico’s face, seeing how peaceful he truly looked like. Maybe he just moved on to another place? Where he always would have peace?


Applejack walked near Rico,  he glanced over his corpse, the tears slowly rolled down at her cheeks and dripped on the floor from her chin.


“Um, hm. You...told me once, that you weren’t a Hero. Um. There were times that I didn’t even think you were...a true pony. But let me tell you this,, you were the best….man pony and the most pony…. pony being that I have ever known, and no one will ever convince me, that you told me a lie. And so...there. I was so alone and I owe you so much. Please, there’s just one more thing. One more thing, one Miracle, Rico, for me.” Applejack sniffed, as she lowered her head, her eyes tightly closed and body shaking from the sobs.


“Don’t….be…..Dead. Would you do that,  just...for me? Just stop it, stop this….” She finally sobbed, as she turned away from rico’s corpse.


She left the building, going after the other’s so she could stop Discord from his chaos.

She would never give up now, she would not let Discord win, not anymore.

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