Rico's Adventure.

Rico was a normal boy in our world, he had parents, friends and a lovely car named Freja. One day, after school, Rico was about to get home, until something strange happened. He blacked out and when he awoke, he was turned into a Pony and found himself in Ponyville.


6. Sacrifice.

Rico and Applejack had not been talking ever since that evening, even when they saw each other, no words came to them or was between them. Rico had been sad over what he had done, but it was better that way, right?


Rico stood in a distant to Twilight’s home, he was watching everyone inside the home, seeing that the party Pinkie Pie had been shaken up to make, went well. Rico had told them, that he would go after ice, but he knew something the others didn’t.


Rico turned away from the sight, making sure everypony was happy in Twilight’s home. He walked away from Ponyville, he got closer to Everfree forest, where he looked inside the dark forest. His ears turned a little down, his eyes closed while he took the first step inside the forest.


A memory appeared in his mind, as he stepped farther in the forest.


Rico walked with Doc, right after Doc had asked him to walk with him. He still looked confused, but he wanted to listen what it was Doc had to say.


“I don’t know how I can explain this, Rico, but I guess you need it straight out, than shield up to keep yourself safe.” Doc explained, when they walked around the house in the cold evening.


Rico stopped a moment, as he got in front at Doc. “Listen, Doc. Whatever it is, I can take it, alright?” Rico asked him, his face showed some serious expressions, there exposed a lot of his feelings too. He was hurt that Doc and Marty hide something from him, he was glad that Doc wanted to tell it to him, but he was afraid of the news as well.


Doc sighed softly, his face expression soften a little.


“There’s something you need to do, Rico. Something that isn’t pleasant, but it’s the only option you got.”  The look on Doc’s face was sad.


Rico opened his eyes again, he had been shocked by a squirrel there ran down from a tree and in front at him. Rico sighed again, as he looked ahead of him, while he continued his walk.


He looked up at the sky, the bit he could see. Seeing the stars and the half moon, which shone brightly in the cold evening. He buck under a broken tree, which had fallen long time ago against another.


Rico closed his eyes a moment, trying to think what the others would do, when they got the news.


“Stop, who’s there?”


Rico stopped right the way, hearing a female voice speaking out. He knew that voice from somewhere, but where?


“Uhm, Rico?”  Rico answered out, he glanced around to try and find the figure.


He looked over at a figure, there stepped out between the bushes, cloak over her and Rico knew who it was…




Zecora got the hood of her head, as she looked at Rico. “Heard of you, I have. Rico the brave.”  Zecora spoke, as she got near Rico.


“What does Rico the brave do within Everfree forest?” she questioned him, which made Rico’s ears hang a little down.


“I’m doing what I should have done from the start, nothing can stop me, nothing will stop me.” Rico replied.


Zecora glanced at Rico with a certain stare, she wasn’t sure rather or not to believe what he was telling.


“Saving your friends you must, but what in the end, will it cost?”  Zecora asked, when she walked around Rico, almost like a lion there was going to attack it’s prey.


Rico gulped, he looked at her, while she was walking around him. “It is none of your concern.” Rico replied, he stepped out from her circling walk, while he walked deeper in the forest.


“I must warn you little one, go farther in the forest and you will be gone.” Zecora called out for him.


Rico didn’t listen, he just wanted to move as fast as he could, no one should have seen him going there, no one should know he was here.


Rico had walked for hours, before he finally came to a stop near a river there ran calmly.


He looked around him for a moment, before he closed his eyes.


Rico glanced at Doc, tears being in his eyes. “So you are saying….” He started.


Doc made a weak nod, as he moved over to Rico and placed his hoof on his shoulder. “It is a thug thing to do, but if you need to get home….it’s the only chance you got. Go in the forest, search for him and you know what will happen.”


Rico took a shaky breath, as he made a nod at Doc. “A-and the others?” he asked.


“They won’t know….”


Rico opened his eyes again, as he took a deep breath. “Disco-”


He didn’t manage to speak the name out fully, before he was kicked hard on the side. He flyed through the air and hit a tree, cursing him to fall down against it with a groan. Damn that hurt…


“you really must be stupid for going out here, Rico.” Discord said with a sneer of Rico’s name, as he got closer. “Where’s your little….friends? Are they hiding? trying to get me with their Harmony stones?” He mocked talked, while he watched Rico get on his hooves again, he looked up at Discord, no words escaped him, but his look was determined


Discord raised an eyebrow, Rico didn’t talk back?  That was something new…


“Cat got your tongue? Or are you just not in the mood for speaking like a idiot?” Discord asked, he smirked a little, as he got near the little hero.


“You wanted to be alone with me, well now you got your wish….” Rico spoke weakly, he felt like his ribs had been broken several times by the knock against the tree he had.


“Well, i wouldn’t say that was a date thing, but you know...getting alone with you weren’t that easy~”  Discord sing sang a little, before his face suddenly went serious and hateful.


Rico gulp, he took one step back, but Discord’s tail wrapped around his waist and throat, lifting him up so he hardly could do anything, almost not even breathing.


“Tell me, Rico….Why are you alone here?” Discord asked, he could see Rico had a little struggle within him, but not very much.


“B-Because I’m S-Sick a-and tired...of hiding.” Rico manage to speak, he gasped, trying to suck as much air down into his lungs, even when Discord tight his hold around Rico’s throat.


Discord made a little chuckle, as he leaned closer to Rico’s face.


“Shame….we could had gotten so much fun….” He purred near Rico’s ear.


Rico closed his eyes tightly, the grip around his throat tighten so he couldn’t breath.


Memories flashed by, his time in Ponyville, meeting the others, seeing Doc and Marty along with the DeLorean.


A tear slipped from his right cheek, his struggled started to get weak as he gasped for air. His lungs burnt, they tried to get some sort of oxygen to them, but they couldn’t.


Rico looked up at Doc again, as he took a deep breath. “So I shall die in his mercy?”  Rico asked Doc, while he looked up at the sky.


“I’m afraid that’s the thing….I’m sorry, Rico.”


Rico’s body got limp in Discord’s grip, his eyes was closed and soon looked peaceful at his face.


Discord let go at Rico’s body, the limp form dropped to the ground.


No breathing, no moving, nothing came from the blue little pony.


Discord won….

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