Rico's Adventure.

Rico was a normal boy in our world, he had parents, friends and a lovely car named Freja. One day, after school, Rico was about to get home, until something strange happened. He blacked out and when he awoke, he was turned into a Pony and found himself in Ponyville.


3. Good friends, but not with enemies.

Ever since they had manage to get the DeLorean out from the water, Rico had gone to work as soon he was able to do so. Celestia had given him permission to work on the car, even given him the right tools and materials to repair it.


He worked every day and every night, trying to fix the DeLorean up. The others was helpful toward him, Applejack made sure he got plenty of food, while Twilight and Spike certainly made him sleep when he needed it. However, it were only a couple of hours he would sleep, then back up to work again.


Rainbow Dash flies after new materials whenever Rico asked for it.


7 weeks, 7 hours and 7 minutes. Odd numbers for how long Rico had worked on the DeLorean, but it was done!


Rico stepped back a moment, big black bags underneath his eyes as he admired the DeLorean. He almost felt tears in his eyes, the sight itself was wonderful. The DeLorean was build up from scratch, it looked perfect, like it never had been used or touched.


“Hey Rico!”


Rico turned a little, looking at Applejack getting inside, she smiled kindly at him.


“Hey Applejack, look! I’m done!”  Rico said, as he made a nod toward the DeLorean.


“ Ehh….what’s that thing again, Rico? Ya never really explained, what that thing did and was.” Applejack said, as she got near the car.


“Don’t touch it!” Rico warned her, which made applejack jump a bit, as she took a step back. “I mean...I am not sure if I really am done yet, in case I am not, it could…..Well..” Rico said, his cheeks flushed a bit, before he shook his head and looked back again at Applejack.


“What did you come for again, Applejack?” Rico asked him


“Well, I thought ya wanted to have a little break, there’s a carnival in town.” Applejack said with a kind smile.


Rico looked at the DeLorean for a moment, he just needed the last few things, but how could he possible get a hold on that?


“Uhm, Rico?”


Rico returned his attention again to Applejack, before he smiled a bit. “I think I do need a break, eh?” He asked,  he haven’t noticed how Applejack had come closer toward him.


“And some sleep…” She point out. “How many hours, did ya sleep again, Rico?” She asked, she looked concerned for him.


“A couple...maybe...three hours?” Rico said a little slow.


“Yup, you are going to nap first, then Carnival right after.” Applejack said, as she pushed Rico toward the door there leaded inside the main house where Rico could catch some sleep.


Without protesting,  Rico went to a bed, exhausted for all the work on DeLorean, sleep claimed him faster than apple would fall from a tree.




A couple of hours past, Rico really needed the sleep, but he soon woke by a nudge to his head. “Rico…”


“Not now mum, five minutes more…” Rico mumbled, he turned on his back, tongue hung a little out from his mouth.


“Not what I expected….” Applejack mumbled, before she smiled a little evilly. She held her hooves to Rico’s side, before she pushed him down the bed.


That cursed Rico to wake up, jumping up and looking around “What happened?!” He asked in a panic mode, only hearing Applejack’s sweet laughter.


“Ya were sleeping heavily, Rico. Beside that, I ain’t ya Mamma.” She said, but still had the joyful smile at her mouth.


Rico rubbed a hoof down his face, getting most of the sleep out from his eyes. “I really slept good, did you have to wake me up?” He asked her.


“Only if ya wanted to go to the Carnival with me- I mean us!” Applejack corrected herself.


“HOOH! Of course!” Rico said with a grin.


Applejack looked a little weird at Rico, she cocked her head to the side. “What did ya just say?” She asked him.


Rico thought for a moment, wait of course. She didn’t…..


“Oh, sorry Applejack….sort of an inside joke with...my friends and I.” he explained, his ears turned downward a little, that feeling again came back to his chest. The heavy feeling.


He missed his own friends, his family. Everything he once knew and still loves.




Rico looked up at Applejack, seeing she was close to him once more, as she held a tissue to him. He frowned a bit, not understanding why she wanted to give him that. It was until he felt the wetness by his cheek.


Did he just cry?


Rico wipe the tears away, turning a little so Applejack wouldn’t see him.


“Ya know, it’s fine to cry, Rico.” Applejack spoke softly. “Missing ya family, friends and all. It’s been a few months since you arrived here, it’s normal to miss someone.” She explained.


“I didn’t meant to-”

“Hey guys! You all ready for the Carnival?!” Rico glanced over at the door, seeing Pinkie stood with a wide joyful smile, as she waited for them.


“We’ll be there, Pinkie Pie, go right ahead!” Applejack smiled back again at her, as she made a nod for her to go along.


“We should follow…” Rico agreed, when he walked toward Pinkie, not mention more about what happened before. Together, they  all went toward the Carnival, where something unexpected would happen.




Everypony where at the Carnival, you didn’t find one pony, who wouldn’t be there, since it was a new sort of thing they were trying out. Rico was with the others, having a nice chat with them all, while he enjoyed the Carnival, his mind thought, was on the DeLorean, he needed to find something it could run on, something Mr. Fusion could make to gas.


Rico looked up, as he felt a cupcake being smeared against his face. Pinkie and the others laughed a little. “I told heads up, Rico! Why are you not fast?” Pinkie asked him, as Rico licked the icing of his face from the cupcake.


“Sorry, I were thinking a moment an-”


Rico stopped a moment, behind Pinkie pie, he thought he saw someone familiar. Rico took in action and ran past the others, hearing them call out for him.


He used all his might to speed up, so he could get to the familiar figure, maybe his mind was playing a game with him?


Rico ran far, away from the Carnival, away from everyone without they had a chance to follow him. He ended out in the forest.


A little river was nearby him, he glanced around, trying to catch his breath back, as he tried to search for the familiar figure.


“Well, well, who do we got here, Rico. Long time no seen.” A smooth voice chuckled, the voice echoed through the forest. However, Rico found it to familiar, maybe he shouldn’t have gone out here all alone.


“All by yourself. You are a hard pony to get alone with, you know that, Rico?”


From the bushes nearby, Rico saw Discord getting out from his  hiding, of course it was him, and he was alone with him, Why?!


Rico narrowed his eyes, his teeth clung together, why did he get in a trap like this?


“What do you want Discord?! Was drowning me not enough last time?!” Rico growled, he seriously wanted to be as far from the river as possible.



Discord laughed a little, as he looked at Rico moving away from the river, the fear of being drowned again, he could see it within Rico’s eyes.


“Being upset over someone call that thing a rusty car, you should know that I would be doing something, to show you it’s not alright to push someone in the water.” Discord explained.


Rico backed away, knowing Discord could have some sort of trick at him. “You threat to show what color blood Spike’s blood was, isn’t that to step over the line?” Rico asked him, he stopped, as he felt the river behind him. He cleared his throat, knowing he had done something wrong by backing away.


He glanced up at Discord, seeing he had this oddly smirk at his face. He was doomed now, wasn’t he?


“I think you should prepare to die, Rico.” Discord’s face turned from such a joyful moment, into a pure killing mode.


Rico whimpered, why did he go alone?! He closed his eyes, as he bowed down a bit, preparing whatever Discord could do against him.


“It was such ashame you didn’t manage to get out on the first ride in that car, now i have taken it and you will never, ever know what I’m going to use it for.”


Rico felt a tight grip around his throat, he gasped, as he was lifted from the ground. He struggled, fearing the worst, that Discord will put him underneath the water.


Oh why did he go alone!


The familiar feeling of no air in his lungs returned to him, stars appeared before his eyes, the world around him went dim.


Suddenly,  a sound of three Sonic booms appeared. Discord looked up, he just manage to let go at Rico and disappear, before a car would had hit him and Rico.


Discord narrowed his eyes, as he looked at the car. “Next time, you will be dead, Rico.” He promised, as he disappeared into the forest.


Rico laid on the ground, coughing, getting his air back down into his lungs once more. He looked up, trying to see what made Discord let go and disappear.


His vision was blurry for a moment, but he saw some kind of fog coming from a silhouette of a car.

A  whoose noise appeared, Rico thought he might was in heaven, but he soon fainted on the ground again. Darkness swallowed him.

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