Rico's Adventure.

Rico was a normal boy in our world, he had parents, friends and a lovely car named Freja. One day, after school, Rico was about to get home, until something strange happened. He blacked out and when he awoke, he was turned into a Pony and found himself in Ponyville.


8. Discord was good?

The ponies stood together, the elements of Harmony being on each pony, as they looked for the place Discord could be hiding.  Twilight had had enough,  she wanted Discord gone, he had stepped over the lines.


None of the ponies had thought, that Discord would had gone over the line,  taking a pony’s life and for what? The fun sake?


“Guys! over here!”


Twilight looked over at Spike, who pointed toward the everfree forest. “I saw him get in there a moment ago.” Spike told them.


“Thanks Spike.” Twilight said, as she walked past him with the others. “Oh spike, do me a favor, keep everypony  away from the forest. We won’t risk, that Discord is going to strike another pony.” Twilight told him, as she saw Spike made a nod in agreement.


Spike watch them leave into the forest, seeing the last pony disappeared. He let a sigh escape him, as he turned toward Twilight’s home, he didn’t manage to see, who ran by, but what he saw was a familiar blue color.




It had been stormy within the forest, trees were torn up, lightning strike down and sat a fire off in the trees. It was all chaotic, but none of it had been because of Discord.


The ponies had ran after Discord, seeing he slide through the tree branches and down to the ground, they just needed to get him in plane sight.


A lightning strike hit a tree branch, it cracked off and hit Discord, it cursed him to get down on the ground, a leg twisted and instant pain came to him.


“Now we got him….” Twilight said, when they all surrounded Discord.


“May the elements of Harmony set you in stone again and let you rot in there for another 2000 years!” Twilight closed her eyes, the Elements started to work.


When she opened her eyes, they were white and glowing. Discord looked at them, for the first time showing fear. “No! Please! It wasn’t me! Just List-”


“He begged for his life too! But ya killed him!” Applejack sneered angrily.


“Time to be stoned…” Rainbow Dash said.


Discord closed his eyes, covering his head.




The ponies blinked, The Elements of Harmony stopped working, when they saw….


“R-Rico….” The girls gasped in echo for one and another.


The blue pony with curly dark brown hair stood in front at Discord, the girls couldn’t believe it, how could he be alive?


“Don’t stone him….” Rico told them, he turned away from them, as he let his head get down to the branch. He pushed it away and looked over Discord. “You hurt?” Rico asked him, seeing Discord curled a little together.


“Rico...what’s going on? Why are ya protecting him?” Applejack asked, she clearly demanded answers, they all wanted it.


“Well….” Rico said, as he turned to them.


“I will explain everything when we get back, but right now we need to get out from here and get Discord’s leg healed up. Clear?” Rico asked them.


“Not before you explain why….” Twilight told him.


“Do it seems like we got time?!”  Rico asked rather harsh, he made a nod up in heaven, where the thundering and lightning strikes appeared.


“We need to get out, now!”  Rico ordered, as he let his head get under Discord’s neck. Applejack could see that Rico meant it, so she went over to help him get Discord up.


Rico had looked at her, smiling a little as they manage to get Discord up. They walked together to get back again to Ponyville, while helping Discord.


“What is all this about, Rico?”  Applejack asked, when they went toward the exit of the forest.  “I will explain it all when we-”


A loud thunder came, the lightning from the dark clouds hit another tree branch, one of the big ones. It was in flames, it burnt the branch and leaves. “You two look out!” Discord warned them, he had pushed Rico and applejack away, letting them get to safety where the burning branch collapsed over him.




Rico walked fast up from the ground, as he went to help him, but he was hold back. “The flames will damage you, don’t be stupid now!” Twilight warned him.


“We can’t let him burn! Are you just gonna-”


“We can’t help him anymore, Rico! Listen to us!” Twilight told him, before she pushed him along, they all ran the last bit to exit the forest, the clouds didn’t get over ponyville.


They were safe, they watched most of the forest burn, before the rain from the storm started to wash over it.


Rico stood near the entrance, looking toward the place they just left Discord. “He wasn’t evil…..”


“What?” Everypony asked, when they got around Rico and looked at him, then into the forest.


“He wasn’t himself, something took over his mind, something changed him. It wasn’t...Discord who tried to kill me, but another evil thing, who took control over him.” Rico told them, as he looked at the ponies.


“He was...the only chance for me else, to get home. He had the powers, now...he’s gone.” He said, as he looked toward the forest.


“I should have chose to get back….” he whispered, as he lowered his head a little.


Rico looked at Azazel, as he then looked at the screen again. “I choose to get back to them, but..what do I do with Discord? It’s not like I can fight him.” Rico told him.


“Discord has never been the problem, Rico. It’s what there took over him, who wanted you to die in that world.  Discord was innocent, and if you had studied more, you would had discovered it.” Azazel told him, before he turned away from him.


“Go to the light and you will return, but know this, Discord has and always will be your last ticket home. So help him, show him friendship. Because you know what all this is about, don’t you?” He asked, when he looked back at Rico.


Rico seem to smile a bit, before he made a nod. He turned toward the light and walked right into it, his voice echoed as it faded while he went back to life “Friendship is Magic.”


Rico opened his eyes once more, looking at the ponies sitting around him.


“So that’s what it was all about?” Twilight asked him, while seeing Rico nodded.


“He wasn’t himself, and if Azazel is right, he was the last thing to get me home.” He told them.


“I’m sorry, Rico. I really am.” Applejack said, as she stood and walked over to him.


“It’s fine, I guess it’s not bad living here….Beside…” he said, as he smiled at them all. “I made friends here, something I never thought I would in the start.” He told them.


“Like you always are saying, Friendship is magic.” He said, when he closed his eyes and let his head hang a little downward.


“That’s it!” Twilight said loudly, as she looked at Rico.


“What’s it?” Rico asked, he looked up at her, his head cocked to the side in a confused question matter.


“Magic, Friendship is Magic. Of course!” she said, as she went over to the different bookshelves.


“I am not following…..” Rico said, when he stood and looked after Twilight. “We need to contact Doctor Brown, oh where did i place my book with contact magic?” She muttered.


“Spike!” She called out.


“Right here, Twilight.”  Spike said, as he took a book out from the shelf.


“Thanks spike.”

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