Rico's Adventure.

Rico was a normal boy in our world, he had parents, friends and a lovely car named Freja. One day, after school, Rico was about to get home, until something strange happened. He blacked out and when he awoke, he was turned into a Pony and found himself in Ponyville.


4. Christmas with the Ponies.

Rico’s ear flicked a little, it was the second time he had fainted and heard voices around him.


“It was a pure luck, that Discord let go at him, I think my DeLorean would had hit him with all 88 miles! Great Scott! If i had drove him over or worst!”


“Doc, I believe you need to have a seat, this time period really messed with our bodies and all.”


“I am fine, Marty! I am worried i might killed someone!”


“That someone got a name, Doctor Brown.” Applejack interrupted him.


“Of course he does, but it was also just a statement!”

“Guys!” Pinkie Pie called out. “He is waking up.” She told them, as she made a nod toward Rico, who starred a little. He lifted his head and shook his head lightly.


He still felt that weird feeling around his neck, like Discord might still have his grab around his throat.


“Are you alright, Rico?”  Applejack asked with a concerned voice, while she looked at Rico with her green eyes.


Rico stared at her for a moment, he slowly got on his hooves again, but like last time. Applejack went on his side to support him, so he wouldn’t fall on his bum again. “I think I am, maybe just a little tired….” Rico replied to her.


“I told you he do survive, doc.”


“I was afraid he would not, but great scott it’s good he is alive!”


Rico knew those voices, he had heard them a lot of times before. He looked over, to where the voices came from. Alike him, he could see who they were.


“D-Doc Brown? Marty Mcfly?”


“He know our names?” Doc asked shocked, as he got near Rico. “How come you know my name?! Are you some sort of spy?!”  He demanded answer.


“Ya need to calm down, Doctor Brown. He ain’t no spy, he’s our friend.” Applejack told him. “Can ya stand on ya own, Rico?”  Applejack asked him.


“Of course I can, thanks Applejack.” Rico told her, as he looked back at Doc and Marty.


“How come you two be here?” He asked them. “Well, Doc forgot he had his DeLorean in this universe, so we went to the future to get this machine there could get us to this place once more.” Marty explained.


“I have searched for years for the DeLorean, but seeing it was put underneath a waterfall, I fear the worst.” Doc said with a shake of his head, as he seem a little upset over it.


“You mean, that DeLorean we got up from the waterfall, which I have repaired and almost are done with?” Rico asked with a huge smile.


“You what?”  Doc asked.


“I repaired it.” Rico explained, when he looked at Doc and Marty, before he glanced over at Applejack along with the rest of the ponies.


“You repaired my DeLorean?” Doc asked him with a low voice.


Rico made a nod at him, when he made a nod to get along with him. “I can show you.” he told him.


“But are you alright, Rico?” Applejack asked once more, knowing how it possible could affect a person to be strangled.


“I am fine, Applejack! Don’t worry about me.” Rico called over his shoulder, as he showed Doc and Marty to the DeLorean.




After knowing what Doc and Marty was doing in this universe, Rico soon enough also got answers for his questions, that he wouldn’t have gotten answered on before.


It seemed, that Discord had been after Doc and Marty too, but to hide away the one thing, Discord wanted the most, it was difficult.


Also, Rico first understood what Discord meant, after he almost left him for death. When he had wanted to show Marty and Doc the DeLorean he had worked on, it had been stolen.  That day, Rico’s heart split in two.


He had used such a long time to repair it, only to then get it stolen away from him and disappoint a lot of ponies around him.


The one who was most disappointed, was Rico himself. He was a fool to get with Applejack and the rest to the Carnival back then, he was a fool to leave the DeLorean alone.


He was just a fool.


His mood soon lifted, as the christmas times had returned once more to Ponyvilly.  


Everything was settled for Christmas in Ponyvilly, the ponies had decorated the town, even inside the houses was decorated in Christmas decoration.


This, this right now was Rico’s favorite things.

Rico were humming a christmas song, back from his own world where he always would do that while working. What he worked with? well it was decorating Twilight’s home with a few more christmas decorations.


He just felt this was going to be a great time, he felt that nothing could go wrong. What could he wish for right now?


“Hey Rico!”


Rico jumped, he collapsed on the floor, as he had been standing on a couple of books to reach some higher places that he could hang up the Christmas Decorations.


“What Pinkie?! Seriously you keep scaring me with your kindness of greetings.” Rico comment, as he stood on shook his body so a book would come off him.


“Sorry, I guess I might be a little too loud, but you see! I got something I wanna ask and I seriously hope that you do wanna listen, since no one really wanted to hear me out and all an-”


“Breath! Got dang it Pinkie!” Rico cursed a little, he watched Pinkie Pie taking a deep breath, before she exhaled it again. “Again, thanks.” Pinkie said with a smile.


“So? what is it that you wanna talk about?” Rico asked her.


“Well, you see…” Pinkie said, as she got over and helped Rico to get some decorations up. “You know the Christmas ball, right? At the castle and all. I asked everyone if they got a partner to go with and so far, everyone does.” Pinkie said, she seem a little nervous right after, something unusual with her.


“So?” Rico asked, he had looked at Pinkie for  a time, what was it she wanted to hear? OR maybe even ask? Oh god, don’t let it be her asking him to that Christmas party!


“Well….” Pinkie said, she adjusted herself in front at Rico. “All got a partner, but one.” She explained.


“A-And that one is?” Rico asked, he looked away from Pinkie, please don’t…..he wish nothing more than celebrate Christmas, but-”


“Applejack.” Pinkie said. “No one asked her, even when the other ponies wanted to, they got partners themselves. Also, Applejack has rejected everyone who even asked her, that means three ponies.” Pinkie explained to him, as she sat on her bum and watched Rico decorating.


Rico’s face expressions turned from such a joyful and nervous moment, into a bit of sadness. “Why has she rejected those who asked?” Rico asked a little confused.


“Well….She wanted to work that evening, said they got a lot things doing on the farm.” Pinkie sighed while she said it, as she knew that it wasn’t entirely true what Applejack had told them.


“Wait, does that mean that she will be all alone?” Rico asked Pinkie in a shocking voice, maybe a tad of sadness prong into his chest and heart.


No one, and he meant it, no one should be alone Christmas eve.


“I was wondering, could you go ask her, Rico?” Pinkie finally pop the question, she looked hopefully at Rico, also smiling this  You can’t say no on him.


Seeing the bad side, he would hate to go with Applejack as a partner, because he know sooner or later that he would be leaving.


But the bright and good side, Applejack wouldn’t be alone.


Rico thought about it for a moment, he didn’t know what to do.


“So?” Pinkie asked.


Rico twisted his lips to the left side, thinking over it one more time, before he said.


“I will see what I can do.”  he made a nodding while telling so, as he turned a little away from Pinkie.


“GREAT!” Pinkie shouted out, which made Rico jump.


“Great yeah…..” Rico mumbled. “Can I finish this now?” He asked her, which she made a nod to him at.


“Of course! Thanks for doing it, Rico!” Pinkie said with a bright smile, before he gladly jumped out from Twilight’s living room.


Rico sighed a little, great, Applejack was going to be alone Christmas eve, at least he got a chance to try and get her out and to the Castle, right?



It started to be late at night, the ponies were all to the Christmas party at the Castle. All but Applejack.


She was doing her duty and looked after everything, since it was her turn to do so. She had that in thought, never really thinking twice over that Christmas party. Even though, she really wanted to go, but not just with any pony.


Applejack turned her attention toward the door, as someone had knocked on it. She saw Rico peek inside, smiling a little before he got inside.


“Rico? What are ya doing here?”


“I could tell many reasons why I’m here, but the whole point is, that I am here, right?” Rico asked, when he got over in front at Applejack. “I heard you were all alone here, thought you might needed  company.” He exclaimed.


“Oh no, I’m fine here, Rico. Ya should get to the Castle for the Christmas party.” Applejack told him.


Rico shook his head, he slowly adjusted himself on the floor and looked up at Applejack. “To be honest, I rather wanna be here than up there, no one should be alone today.” Rico told her. Applejack looked at Rico for that time being, she was finished with her work, so there wasn’t much else she really could do but watch over the farm.


Applejack sighed, before she joined Rico on the floor, they were able to look outside at the snow there gentle fall from the sky.


Rico was looking at the sky, seeing stars shined so brightly and the moon illuminated the landscapes around the farm. The moonlight hit him on a perfect spot, which Applejack clearly could see.


She blushed a little, before she looked away from him, as Rico looked at her.


“Are you cold?” Rico asked, he stood from the floor, before he went over to the hay and tugged some over to Applejack.


“Nah, I’m not cold, Rico I-”  Applejack silenced herself, when she felt the hay being tugged around her, before Rico placed himself right next to her once more, maybe just a tad closer.


Applejack moved a little into the hay, it did warm her a bit up, but it wasn’t like she did freeze before. She just let Rico do her a kind favor, of what he believed would be good.

“Thank you, Rico…” Applejack said softly, as she looked up upon the sky. This time, it was Rico’s turn to blush a little.


They both looked upon the sky, seeing a shooting star. “Quick! wish something!” Rico encourage with a bright smile.


Applejack looked at the star, before she closed her eyes and wished.


Rico did the same thing too, wishing something when the shooting star was gone.


“What did ya wish?” Applejack asked, when she looked at Rico.


“If i told, the wish might never come true.” Rico exclaimed with a little chuckle.


They both looked at each other for a moment, their face lit a little bit with a red color.


Applejack leaned a little closer to Rico, none of them spoke a word.  But as her face was an inch away, they could soon hear Christmas music, ponies singing a christmas song too.


It made them both look out, seeing that everypony from the Castle came down to the farm.


Twilight, Pinkie, Fluttershy, Rarity and Rainbow  Dash all came toward Applejack’s farm.


Applejack and Rico got up from the floor, Rico had a huge smile on his face, as he looked at Applejack. “Like i said, no one shall be alone in Christmas eve.” He made a nod for her to get out and join everypony, since they got everything with  them, their food, presents, the company, everything was there.


Applejack smiled kindly at him, before she leaned over and nuzzled his cheek with her nose. “Thank you….” she said, before she went outside, joining the rest of the ponies with a smile and a warm laughter.


Rico did smile at the scene in front at him, but within his mind and heart. He was broken himself.


“Merry Christmas mum and dad, even my friends at home.” Rico mumbled, when he looked upon the moon and stars.

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