Rico's Adventure.

Rico was a normal boy in our world, he had parents, friends and a lovely car named Freja. One day, after school, Rico was about to get home, until something strange happened. He blacked out and when he awoke, he was turned into a Pony and found himself in Ponyville.


5. Broken Friendship?

The cold night came through harsh one a few ponies, especially on Rico, Doc and Marty, as they were  together in a garage to have a look at the DeLorean Doc and Marty came with.


Rico had kept the questions in, but now, it really was time he could ask.


“Doc? Can I ask you something?” Rico asked, seeing Doc was working underneath the DeLorean.


“You just did, Rico.” Doc replied. “Could you hand me the screwdriver?” He asked.


Rico rolled his eyes a little, he poked the screwdriver over to Doc, who got it and took it under the car.


“Just...There’s something I have wanted to ask for a long time now.” Rico explained. “The DeLorean can only come back and forth in time on the spot you are leaving, correct?” Rico asked. “How can you and Marty be in another dimension? “ He asked. “How did I end here? where do I come into this?” Rico had a lot of questions, he saw that Doc peaked out from underneath the DeLorean.


The shared look between Doc and Marty made Rico concerned, like they hide something from him that they shouldn’t be doing.


“What?” he asked them, glancing from Marty and over to Doc.


Doc came out from underneath the DeLorean, he got a cloth to his hooves so he could get the oil and grease off. “Rico...I guess it’s time for you to actually know what’s going on….” Doc said, as he looked at Marty, then back again to Rico.


“Let’s have a walk.”


Rico looked at Marty, seeing he made a nod at him to follow Doc, before he did so.




Rico sat alone on the bench outside, a little far from ponyville.


He finally know the truth, he finally know how he ended here and he knew what he had to do. It was really mind blowing, to think everything was like this, he had never expected it to be. He had never expected what he needed to do in the end.


He looked at the sky, the winter night made his breath like a little cold fog. This was going to be his last week here, it was going to be the last thing he would enjoy.


“Hey Rico, what cha doing here this late?”


Rico turned his attention, looking at Applejack who came running, she had warm clothing around her to keep the cold out so she wouldn’t be getting a cold.


“Oh I’m...I’m just looking at the sky and needed some air…” Rico explained, he didn’t noticed his voice cracked and had a hint of sadness in it.


Applejack looked concerned at Rico, as she came over to him on the bench. “Something is up, ya not telling me what’s really going on, Rico.”  She exclaimed.


Rico cleared his throat a little, as he looked away from Applejack. “I’m going to leave soon, Applejack. I’m just...taking my moments to have a last glance around this place.” He explained to her.


Applejack’s ears seem to hang a little down, hearing what Rico said. “Oh….” She said, before she turned a little away from Rico, like she wanted to walk on.


“I’m sorry, applejack. Don’t think, that I don’t like being here, but it’s soon time for me to get back to my own family and friends. “Rico told her, as he stood from the bench.


“I need to get back, my car, my parents, my friends...they are Important to me as well, and I miss them.”  Rico explained.


“Oh I know you do, Rico.” Applejack said, her voice sounded pretty down.


Rico frowned sadly at her, as he moved toward Applejack’s side. “Listen...Applejack….” he said, but saw that Applejack turned her head away from him, so he wouldn’t be looking at her face.


Rico closed his eyes for a moment, it hurt and he knew what he was about to say, would hurt even more. “Don’t you think I have noticed?” Rico asked, he opened his eyes and looked nothing alike himself.


“N-Noticed? What ya talk-”


“Oh don’t play dumb, Applejack, I know Pinkie Pie is the dumb one between you all. You act so kind toward me and that Christmas eve? You were going to kiss me, if they weren’t coming along, weren’t you?” He asked her.


It might had shocked Applejack, since she stepped back. It hurt in Rico’s heart, that he needed to do this. “I wouldn’t have done it.” He declared, oh yes he would, but she didn’t need to know.


“R-Rico why are-”


“Just stop think you can get easy to me, I’m a legend! nothing can get to me, not even you.”


Rico’s words only seem to hurt Applejack, so hurt, that she seem like she was close on crying. Her face turned to anger, before she got near Rico. “Just because ya a new pony in Ponyville, didn’t ya mean to wander in here and swoop somepony off their hooves!” Applejack turned fast, her tail hit Rico’s left cheek, before she ran off, obviously tears this time fell, as she called out. “I hate ya!”


Rico slowly sat down, as he watched Applejack running off. “It’s better that I hurt you, than loving you and make you feel pain when it’s over….” Rico muttered, as he looked up at the sky right after.


It was done.


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