Secret's I'll Never Tell

"I know what your doing." Draco said, smirking at me.

"And what is that?" I answered, holding back a smirk.

"Admit it Nora. You want me." Draco said.

"Too bad that you might be right."


6. Chapter 5-Diagon Alley

  Harry and I walked side by side through Diagon Alley, with our necks turning everywhere, and our eyes wandering everywhere in every crack. We were smililing so wide, if we smiled more, our jaws would break, and our lips would crack. We started giggling like little girls, and Hagrid had to calm us down. 
  "Alright now. Calm down. How 'bout we head over to Gringotts?" Hagrid said, with a tone that said that said we had to no matter what we wanted to do. I scrunched up my nose.
  "What's Gringotts?" I asked Hagrid. He pointed in front of us at a big, tall white with a big dragon on top.
  "That's Gringotts. The wizard bank. T' Ain't no place safer, c'ept perhaps Hogwarts." Hagrid answered. We walked inside the bank, walked down the shiny aisle, passing tiny creatures.
  "Uh, Hagrid? What exactly are those things?" Harry asked Hagrid.
  "They're goblins, Harry. Clever as they come, but not the most friendliest creatures. Best stick close to me. Both of ya." Hagrid answered, pulling us in a bit.
  We walked down the hallway to the end, where a very old looking goblin sat, looking down, reading papers I presume. Hagrid leans back and forth on the balls of his feet. He clears his throat.
  "Mr.Harry Potter wishes to make a withdrawal." Hagrid announced to the man, making the goblin look up, and a couple of goblins around us do the same as well.
  "And does Mr.Harry Potter have his key?" The goblin asked. Hagrid raised his eyebrows.
  "Oh. Wait a minute. Got it in here somewhere. Hah. Here's the little devil. Oh, and there's something else as well. Professor Dumbledore gave me this. It's about you-know-what in vault you-know-which." Hagrid told him. The goblin looked down at them. 
  "Very well. And what about the girl?" The goblin asked, sneering down at me. I looked back at him, making him glare at me. 
  "I dunno if I have a key or not." I told the goblin, making him roll his eyes. 
  "Name?" He asked.
  "Nora Sarah Harries." I answered nonchalantly. The goblin looked at me weirdly, before saying,
  "May I see your neck, please?" He asked my, motioning me to climb up the stairs next to the counter. I nodded and walked up. I turned around, while he stood on top of a chair, moving my hair of my neck. I don't no way, but there has been a heart shaped birthmark on my neck for years. It's fairly small though, so I don't worry about it. He made a weird noise, then turned me back around. 
  "Alright, I'll get Griphook, and you all go." The goblin said, and pushed us toward a door where yet another goblin stood, holding a lamp. We followed him onto a weird train car thingy, and got in. We rode in it for a couple minutes, before stopping in front of multiple big doors. Griphook stood up, and got out of the train car thingy(I'm gonna call it that now), and stepped onto the platform next to us, and looked at the big door with the numbers: 687 on it.
  "Vault 687. Lamp, please."Griphook said, while Hagrid handed him the lamp. "Key, please." Griphook said, putting his hand out to grab it. Hagrid, Harry, and I stepped out of the train car thingy, onto the platform, and handed Griphook the key. He put the key in the key hole, then a bunch of pieces started to move. The door opened, to reveal millions of little gold coins everywhere. Harry stared wide eyed at all of it. 
  "Harry," I said.
  "Yeah Nora?" He answered, still staring at the riches.
  "I think your parents were pretty rich." I told him. He just nodded, still in shock. 
  "Alright! We aven't got all day! Let's get goin' 'Arry! Hagrid said, nudging Harry. Harry woke up, blinked a couple times, grabbed lots, and I mean A LOT of the coins. "Didn't think your mum and dad would leave you with nothin', didja?" Hagrid asked him. Harry looked back at the both of us and smiled. I returned the smile, and looked at Hagrid, who was smiling at Harry. We all turned and walked back into the cart thingy ma bob. We rode to place that looked exactly like where Harry's vault. This time, Griphook got the lamp, and stepped onto the platform with all three of us following behind. 
  "Vault 470." Griphook said, and motioned me closer to him. He grabbed my wrist roughly, making me wince in pain because of the cuts on my arm. No one noticed though, thank god. He took my hand, and made a heart shaped around the door. The door moved, and made some weird sounds, before opening up to reveal even more treasures then I have ever seen! More than Harry's! I walked in, and looked around. The vault was bigger too. 
  "Oh my god...." I mumbled, as I looked around. I walked over to the pile of galleons, and grabbed about twenty handfuls, and putting them in a small wallet, then putting it in my front pocket. We left after a minute to go to one last vault for Hagrid. We rode longer this time, to smaller but fancier looking vaults. we stopping at a vault with the numbers '173' on it. Griphook took the lamp, and crawled onto the platform. 
  "Vault 173." Griphook said, nonchalantly. He swiped his hand over the door, making the lock slowly undo itself, before opening slowly. Inside, there was nothing but a small sack tied up with a white little string. Hagrid stepped inside, and walked over to the stool where the bag was placed on. 
  "Best not to mention this to anyone." Hagrid said gruffly, looking at Harry and I.
  "Whats in there, Hagrid?" I asked looking at the small back he was tucking into a pocket. 
  "Can't tell you, Nora. It's Hogwarts business. Very secret." He answered. Harry looked at me with a glint in his eye. 
"Best not to mention this to anyone." Hagrid said, then stepped into the cart. 

Back out of Gringotts...

"We both still need... A wand." I said, looking over Harry's list, and my list, checking off things we've already bought. 
  "A wand? Well, you'll want Ollivanders. No better place. Run along there, but wait. I just got one more thing to do. Wont be long." Hagri said, then scurried away. Harry and I slowly entered the small shop, and looked around. There were small thin boxes everywhere lined up. We heard some noises coming from the back, and walked closer to the counter. All of a sudden, an old man with white hair pops his head out from out of nowhere, and smiles widening his eyes. 
  "Harry Potter..." He muttered, then looking over to me. His eyes widened even wider if that was even possible, and said"Nora Harries..." I was confused on why he. Already knew my name and Harry's name. 
  "I remember when your parents first came in here to buy their first wands." The man who I am guessing is Ollivandsr said, and stepped down from the ladder he had been standing on. 
"Now what can I do for you two." He asked, looking at both of us.   
  "We need a wand." I said, motioning my head towards the wands. He just nodded, and walked over to one of the shelves in the back, and picked out a box. He opened the box as the box as he walked back over to the counter, and looked at me, signaling that this one was for me. I picked it up out of its case, and held it in my hand. I flicked it, and suddenly, Mr.Ollivanders hair started to turn green. Harry laughed while Mr.Ollivander glared at him. I winced and shrugged my shoulder mouthing sorry. He grabbed the wand roughly out of my hand and murmured some things to himself before walking back to put that wand away, and take out a new one. The new one he brought over was a twelve inch wand with beautiful designs carved into it and a strand of unicorn hair in the core. The wand was beautiful. I flicked it and all at once I was magically changed from my casual outfit to a stunning red dress. Harry looked me up and down, and smiled. Mr.Ollivander smiled sweetly at me, then took the wand  from my hand, and using his own to reverse the spell.  I knew that was my wand. Harry then tried many times to find the right wand, breaking many things along the way, until he found wand that fit him perfectly. Harry and I payed, and just as we were about to go out the door, we turned around and there stood Hagrid watching us holding a snowy owl in wand hand, and a beautiful white cat. I smiled so wide that if I smiled any wider, my mouth would break. I ran outside with Harry trailing behind me. 
"Nora, I got to you the white cat." He said, gently setting him in my hands. 
"And I got Harry a snowy owl." Hagrid said, handing Harry the cage. Harry started to ask questions to Hagrid, while I looked behind HAgrid to spot the one and only Draco Malfoy. I sighed and interrupted Harry's conversation with Hagrid.
  "Guys I'm hungry. Let's go get something to eat!" I said. They both nodded and Hagrid patted him stomach. 

    We walked for a couple minutes, going back into the Leaky Cauldron. Harry and Hagrid ordered some soup, while I just ordered a sandwich. It felt so good to eat after so long because I'm not exactly the person who would want to go shopping. Unless it's for food. Anything for food. I looked next to me, and noticed that Harry wasn't eating, just playing with his food. He sensed me looking at him, and looked at me with a questioning expression. I sighed.   "Are you alright, Harry?" I asked him. He shook is head and looked back down at his soup, then back up but this time he looked at Hagrid.    "He killed my parents, didn't he? The one who gave me this. You know, Hagrid. I know you do." Harry said to Hagrid. Hagrid looked down guilty with pity in his eyes. He slowly pushes his bowl away from himself, and looked at Harry.   "First, understand this Harry, 'cause it's very important. Not all wizards are good. Some of them go bad. A few years ago there was one who went as bad as one can go. His name was Vo-....Vol-" Hagrid said stuttering at the end of the sentence, scared to say name. I rolled my eyes at him.    "Come on, Hagrid. It's okay to say it out loud." I said looking at him.   "Maybe if you wrote it down," Harry suggested.   "No, I can't spell it. All right. His name was Voldemort." Hagrid said reluctantly.    "Voldemort?" Harry and I said simultaneously, looking at each other, than back at Hagrid. Hagrid's eyes opened wide.   "SHHHH!!!" Hagrid said shushing us. Harry blanked out like he just remembered something, before coming back to reality. Hagrid looked back at Harry about to say something, before someone came bursting through the door. I looked behind me at Fred and George. They saw me and looked mad.    "NORA?! We told you to stay here until we came back! And then we'd take you out with us!" George scolded at me, grabbing my wrist and pulling me up. I tried my best not to show any kind of pain because he was hurting my arm where all my cuts were.  I roughly pulled my arm out of George's tight grip. I turned around and faced Hagrid and Harry.    "Sorry. I have to go. Bye Harry! See you on the train!" I said smiling, before turning around and glaring at the twins. I crossed my arms, and they pointed at the stairs. I knew what they meant, so I groaned and rolled my eyes. I leaned down to grab my bag that had all I needed for Hogwarts, and walked up the stairs to the room. I put my stuff down in a corner next to my bed, and plopped down onto my bed. I checked the time on the clock on the wall, I saw it was 13:37(1:37PM), and I was exhausted. I put the covers on top of me, before slowly drifting off. The last thing I heard was the chatter of two people who came into the room, slamming the door behind them, before I fell into a deep sleep. 


A/N: Finally! I finished the chapter! Sorry for the weird size change of the words! AND THANK YOU FOR ALL  THE READS AND HEARTS!!!! And the sweet comments! You guys are awesome! Enjoy the update! I will try to update more often! Sorry! Hope you guys enjoy! Love you guys! Comment, heart, follow! -Lenora

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