Secret's I'll Never Tell

"I know what your doing." Draco said, smirking at me.

"And what is that?" I answered, holding back a smirk.

"Admit it Nora. You want me." Draco said.

"Too bad that you might be right."


30. Chapter 28-Simple

  I walked cautiously, hearing the crunch of snow and frozen grass under my feet. Draco had ran away once he had thrown the snowball, leaving his footprints behind. I smiled as I walked past a thick, bulky tree. I heard heavy panting, surely belonging to Draco. I tried my best not to giggle as I bent over and used my hands to form a snowball.

  I looked down for one second, and once I had looked back up, Draco was smirking as he leaned against the tree. 

  “What are you doing there, love?” He asked, playing innocent. 

  “Oh, nothing much. Just preparing something for a special someone.” 

  “Well, who is this ‘special someone’?” 

  I copied his smirk that still lingered on his face. “Guess they're about to find out.” 

  I pulled my hand back and chucked the snow ball at Draco, hitting him smack dab on the nose. Draco’s facial expression changed into a surprised look, and laughter erupted from my lips. He wiped the snow off his face before bending over, and reaching for snow. Still laughing, I back away.

  “No. No. No!” I managed to get between giggles. But all of my cries went to waste as he ran towards me with the snowball in his hands. I attempted to run away, but with no luck, I slipped on a piece of ice and fell on my butt.

  Draco stopped just as he was about to throw the snowball, and joined me in laughter. He sat down next to me, both of us laughing our heads off for a good five minutes. My stomach ached and my jaw hurt from keeping my mouth in the same position for so long. 

  We decided it would be best to return to the castle. We were the only ones left, and I'm quite sure we were going to get in trouble, but neither of us cared.

  We had managed to make it back to the castle in a short period of time, telling stories along the way. As we walked through the halls of Hogwarts, I thought about not wanting to go back to my dorm. I just wanted to stay up all night talking with Draco, but that seemed like a bad idea. 

  Just as I thought that, and door appeared out of nowhere on the wall. 

  “The Room of Requirement.” Draco whispered as he turned his head to look at the new door in the wall. I had no response, and we walked through the door into a large room. 

  The large room had dozens of seemingly smaller rooms that had not been blocked of with walls within it. Draco and I looked around in awe at everything in there. A kitchen, a bed, a living room, etc. It was like a mini apartment. 

  “How did this get here?” I asked, curious. 

  Draco looked at me. “The Room of Requirement produces a room perfect for what a person wants or needs. You must've thought of something to trigger this.” 

  I blushed a bit. “I thought of us staying up all night together.” Draco raised an eyebrow, making me punch his shoulder. “Not like that, you pervert. I meant it like us staying up talking and things like that.” He chuckled at me. I rolled my eyes and walked further into the room.

  I went over to the kitchen first, obviously, and opened the fridge. Inside was packed with a variety of foods that made my mouth water. The cupboards were full of spices and pots of pans perfect for cooking. Draco walked up behind me and slipped his arms around my waist. 

  “Ya know….”

  “Mm?” I hummed, still busy looking around the kitchen. 

  “We could live here. I mean, it'd be better than the dorms. And we could…” I raised my eyebrows.

  “I'm not having sex with you right now Draco.” I stated firmly.


  I turned around to face him, and looked at him menacingly. “No.” I repeated. 

  He chuckled softly and set his chin on my shoulder. “I know. I was just messing with you.” 

  “You better have been.” I mumbled under my breath, moving his arms off my waist so I could further explore the room. As I strolled over to the “bedroom”, I noticed a TV on the wall.

  “No way…” My jaw dropped in awe. I thought Hogwarts didn't have these types of things! 

  I picked up the remote, and the bright red ‘NETFLIX’ logo appeared. 

I love magic. 

  I plopped down on the bed, which was way more comfortable than the bed in my dorm. 

  “What..W..” Draco looked back and forth between the remote and TV. “What? How? Did you conjure this? Is this dangerous? You know, I don't think this is a good idea. My father should—” Draco was cut off by my great burst of laughter. 

  He looked over at me, and took a step closer. “You think this is funny?” I only nodded because I couldn't speak.

  “Draco, honey, this is a muggle device. It's called a television, TV for short. We watch shows on it.” I tried to explain. He looked a bit more relieved, but I could still tell he was a bit worried.

  “Is it dangerous?” 

  “No, it's not. And before you ask, Netflix is something we can watch shows off of.” His face looked much more relaxed after I explained these things to him, which was a good thing. “Come here.” I spoke as I patted next to me on the bed. 

  I moved up higher onto the bed, so my back was now resting against the headboard. Draco followed my actions, and I rested my head on his shoulder. I clicked on ‘Switched At Birth’, a show I had watched a bit of before. 

  Draco twirled my hair around his fingers as I watched the show. 

  “You know we could actually move in here…” Draco suggested. I smiled a bit, thinking about how it would be to live with him, and get to constantly be around him, but there were a lot of things to think about too. For example, the professors would somehow find out, or the fact that we’re 14 and 15 year olds who don't have their lives together could cause some problems.

  “Maybe.” I said, just as a yawn creeped out of my mouth.

  We both fell asleep like that, lying next to each other, Draco playing with my hair, and ‘Switched At Birth’ playing softly in the background. 

  And honestly, that was the best sleep I've ever had.




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