Secret's I'll Never Tell

"I know what your doing." Draco said, smirking at me.

"And what is that?" I answered, holding back a smirk.

"Admit it Nora. You want me." Draco said.

"Too bad that you might be right."


27. Chapter 25-Respect

"So...then you add...octopus powder?" I asked, clearly confused.

"Yes." He said, helping me with potions. I dipped my quill in ink and toke down that note. "What does it do?"

  "Oh! I know! Um..." I thought, deep in thought, trying to remember the answer to this question. 

  "It...oh! Adds strength!"

  "Yea! Blimey, your improving!" He said, surprised. "Quite quickly, might I add." I smirked and looked up at him.

  "I learn from the best." I joked, pecking him on the cheek. He grinned and rolled his eyes. 

  "Thanks." Draco stated proudly. I pretended to be confused.

  "Oh. You thought I was talking about you? I was talking about Seamus." I said. I saw his eyes fill with jealousy, making me laugh. "I was only joking." I said, making him calm down. I yawned and picked up my quill, ready to work some more. But I was stopped my Draco's warm and gentle hands plucking the quill from in between my fingers. 

  I looked at him and glared. "Hey!" I said, trying to grab it back. But there was no point, being that I was far too tired to try and get it back. He looked at me, care in his eyes. 

  "You've been working hard for two hours, you need to rest." Draco said, bending over and picking up my bag, starting to pack up my bag. I didn't argue, and my eyes became heavy. 

  "Ok," I said. "What time is it?" I asked tiredly. 

  "One thirty." 


  I walked up the dungeon stairs lazily, Draco trailing behind. I heard muffling of footsteps and saw a very familiar face of an old friend.

  "Oh my god? Sadie, is that you?" I asked, excited. I saw her long brown hair in a slick ponytail, and in her old worn out sneakers in the dimly lit light. She looked towards me and smiled. 

  "Hi!!!" She squealed, excited to see me. I ran up to her and engulfed her in a tight hug, pulling out to ask her questions. 


  "Ugh." I was cut off by Draco's scoff. I looked at him, glaring. "Come on you stupid blood traitor, I'm turning you in." He said, dragging me away. I looked back at Sadie who had a confused expression written across her features. I struggled in his strong grasp until he pulled me into an old closet and shut the door.

  "What was that all about?!" I exclaimed. 

  "No one can know, remember." He said, trying to explain his actions. I rolled my eyes.

  "I've known Sadie since I lived in the-" I cut myself off before I told him about my past. 

  "Since when?" 

  "It doesn't matter. But what does is that you at least show a bit of respect when we're not alone." I said, growing more frustrated by the minute. He softened his features and looked at me, care clear in his beautiful misty eyes.


  "I'm going to bed." I interrupted, storming out of the little wooden closet. I ran through the dark abandon hallways into my dorm, where Hermione slept peacefully, her hair wildly curled around her head. The outfit she borrowed sat folded up on my bed, which I placed on the floor before falling carelessly onto my bed. 

  If he's going to treat me like that, I thought, then we might as well not be together. I mean, I know we agreed not to tell a soul, but he could at least show a tad of respect when we're around other people.

   I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep, the thought of Draco taking over my dreams.

   A/N: I know it's a crappy update, but it's something. I'm trying to update when I can! Thanks loves! -Lenora




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