Secret's I'll Never Tell

"I know what your doing." Draco said, smirking at me.

"And what is that?" I answered, holding back a smirk.

"Admit it Nora. You want me." Draco said.

"Too bad that you might be right."


26. Chapter 24-First Date

The books tumbled off the shelf onto the library floor, causing a huge thump to erupt from where I stood. 

  "Oops." I muttered, bending down and picking up the books I accidentally knocked onto the floor. Luckily, I was hidden behind numerous shelves, so no one saw me. I picked out the book I was looking for, and heading to a desk next to Cedric. It was silent for a second, before he looked at me, pity clear in his eyes. I avoided his gaze, and opened my book.

  "Look, I know you were just trying to help, and keep me safe, but I'll be okay. Hey," he said softly, putting his warm hand on my own. 

  "I'll be okay." He said. I looked up at him, and smiled.

  "You know I can't stay mad at me best friend for long?" I said, punching his shoulder. He chuckled and rolled his eyes. 

  "Yea, yea." He said. Something about Cedric and I, if you haven't already noticed, is that we make up really fast. We're like siblings. Nobody "ships" us together because they know that we are basically siblings and we are extremely close. 


  "Shush, I'm trying to study." I said jokingly, pushing my hand on his face. He rolled his eyes, a hint of a smile on his face. 

  "Alright then." He said, opening a potions book. I sat there for five minutes until I got extremely bored. 

  "Alrighty Ceddy, I got to go get ready for Hogsmade. I'll see you later." I said, pecking his cheek happily. 

  "Ok. Bye Nora." I walked out of the library, up to my dorm. 

  "Hey Mione!" I said cheerfully. She looked at me surprised. 

  "What's gotten you so happy?" She asked, surprise and curiosity clear in her tone. 

  "Nothing. Just excited for the trip." I said, half lying. I skipped over to my closet, and picked out a cute outfit to wear. I chose to wear a simple black t-shirt, a pair of jeans, a green jumper, and a white scarf. I finished and looked at Hermione for approval. She smiled sweetly and nodded. I slipped on a pair of black combat boots to finish the outfit. I jumped up on my bed and looked at her. 

  "Are you going to Hogsmade?" I asked, curious. She blushed and nodded her head. 

  "OooOOo." I said, wiggling my eyebrows. "Girl time!" I said, patting my bed. She giggled and rolled her eyes as she moved from her bed to mine. 

  "So who's the lucky man?" I asked, grinning. 

  "Krum." She muttered softly. I stood up on my bed and screamed. 

  "OH MA GOD MA BABY IS GONNA GO OUT WITH KRUM OH MA GOD!!" I yelled happily. She laughed loudly at my reaction to her words. 

  Scarlett ran in. "WHATS HAPPENING?!? WHOS DATING KRUM?!?" She exclaimed. I pointed at Hermione and she screamed. 

  "Sweetie, why aren't you ready? Come! Between Nora's fashion skills and my makeup skills, we are gonna make you look like a princess." Scar exclaimed. 

  "No, not a princess, a queen!" I say, making the two girls roll their eyes. We sat her down in Scar's room, in front of a giant mirror, and decided what to do with her. We decided on a natural look, and I gave her the outfit. It was a maroon jumper tucked into a black skirt and black tights, finished with black flats.

  "Wow." Scar and I said in unison when she was finished. She giggled and hugged both of us. 

  "Thanks you two for making me look like this!" She said, and we knew she meant it. We shook it off and smiled at her. I looked at Scar. 

  "Want do you want from Hogmade?" I asked her, because she had already informed me she wasn't going because her parents wanted her to catch up on her studies.

  "Some chocolate frogs, and anything chocolate." She said. I smiled and nodded. 

  "Let's go!" Hermione nodded, and we walked together to meet our dates. The only thing was, mine was missing. I saw Seamus and waved at him. He waved me over and I gave him a hug. 

  "Hey!" I said happily, squeezing him tightly. I love his hugs, they're just so warm and loving. 

  "Hello love!" He answered. 

  "Have you seen Malfoy?" I asked. 

  "No, can't say I have. Why? What has he done?" He asked, suddenly getting protective. 

  "Nothing. I just need to have a word with him about potions, that's all." I walked with Seamus out to Hogsmade, hoping that Draco was already there, waiting. I walked into Honeydukes, and there he was. He was wearing a black suit and looking at chocolate frogs. I snuck in front of him and grabbed a couple for my best girl friend. Draco put a hand on my waist, and I could feel his warm breath on my neck. My breath stopped as he whispered in my ear. 

  "Go to the back of the store." He said. I followed his directions and went into the back, not being stopped by any employees. I felt someone cover my eyes and close the door behind us. He uncovered his hands and I saw what has been set up.

  A table sat in the middle of the small room, covered in a white cloth the room was candle lit, roses sat in a vase on the table. 

  "Wow." I said, turning around to see Draco. "This is spectacular." I said, speechless. 

  "I hoped you'd like it." He said nervously. I nodded and smiled. He pulled out my chair and I sat down. He sat in his own chair, and told me to uncover the cloth covering my plate. I laughed and saw boxes of candy sitting on my plate. 



  "This is kinda awkward." I said truthfully. "You've always been so mean and suddenly your...not" I finished. He bowed his head shamefully.
  "I know, I'm sorry about that. You look absolutely stunning by the way." I blushed and he put his finger under my chin, making me look up at him. 

  "It's cute when you blush," he said. "Don't hide it." This only made it worse for me, for now my face was a very dark red. I opened up my box of chocolate frogs, and smirked. 

  "What?" He asked, confused. I giggled and I threw the frog in his face. He gasped and started laughing. He grabbed some of his jelly beans and chucked them at me. We were having a full on food war. I laughed and used a spell to melt all of my chocolate, which was a lot, into a bowl. I lifted it up and threatened to use it on Draco. He laughed and put his hands up.

  "I surrender! I-" he was cut off my the dark brown substance being poured all over him. I laughed so hard I felt tears start trickling down my cheeks. Draco put his arms out like he wanted a hug and I shook my head. 

  "Oh no! Please!" I said through laughs. I tried to run away but I was out of breath from laughing so much. The cool liquid dripped and was smothered all over my clothes. Draco and I were laughing and laughing. We fell onto the floor, rolling around and laughing. We eventually stop and turned towards each other. I looked into his grey blue eyes and down at his lips. We leaned in and our lips touched.

  This time, his lips tasted of chocolate, and purely chocolate, instead of a mix of mint and green apples. It felt the same as last time, only much better. I pulled away and laughed. 

  "Yum." I said. He chuckled and rolled his eyes. I stood up and looked down at him, offering him a hand. He took it and stood up. 

  "Shouldn't I have been the one helping you stand up?" He asked. I rolled my eyes and smirked. 

  "Guess not." I said. Draco pulled out his watch and I saw worry flash in his eyes. 

  "Uh oh," he said. I scrunch my brows together. 

  "We better get going." He said. "We're an hour late." I ran with him back to the castle, both of us not bothering to clean ourselves up. We sighed in relief when we saw none of the teachers outside. Draco leaned in and pecked my cheek. 

  "You missed." I said cheekily. He looked confused before he caught on. I pecked him quickly on the lips, and we were about to head our separate ways until we heard a very familiar drone. 

  "Mr.Malfoy and Miss.Harries," he said disapprovingly. "Both of you, detention in an hour. I hope you don't need me to explain why you are going to be attending." He said and strolled off. I groaned and looked at Draco. 

  "See you later." I said. 

  "Goodbye, love." My heart fluttered when he said that. People have said that to me before, but the way he said it made my heart flutter. It rolled off his tongue perfectly. I cleaned myself up and sat in bed. I had half an hour to kill before detention, which I used to write lyrics to a song. I wrote compositions for the piano and made sure it corresponded with my heartfelt lyrics. 

  I headed down to detention. Sadly, Snape separated Draco and I because he didn't want us, and I quote, to "suck our faces off". I went to Professor Flitwick's classroom instead and dusted off the entire room. I felt lucky to only be doing this. I can't even imagine Draco's punishment. 

  I went to my dorm once I was done with detention and laid down on my bed, not bothering to change, letting sleep take me away. 

  Or, for at least a couple hours, for I'm going to greet Draco later to study. I can't get enough of that boy.

  A/N: hi guys! Here's a update that's wayyyy overdue! Enjoy! -Lenora







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