Secret's I'll Never Tell

"I know what your doing." Draco said, smirking at me.

"And what is that?" I answered, holding back a smirk.

"Admit it Nora. You want me." Draco said.

"Too bad that you might be right."


21. Chapter 19-Tutor

  "Ouch!" He said, looking down at where I dropped my books on his foot. "Watch it, Harries." 

  "Oh cry a bridge and get over it, Malfoy." I snapped at him. He glared at me, after rolling his eyes. He pretended to cry as he backed away to go to our next class, which was potions, so it doesn't really matter if I really want to try to ignore him. I walked next to Scar down the stairs to get to potions. I hated it down here. The dark, moist, humid air made my lungs just want to go outside to breath fresh and dry-like air, even though it's freezing out there. And not to sound like I'm obsessed with myself, but this humid air messes up my hair. I really don't like it. It's dimly lit by torches as we walked down the steps, so, hopefully, we don't tumble down the stairs. 

  It was silent as we walked down the stairs, the only noise was our shoes clicking as we step farther down onto another step. Scar sat on the other side of the room, far from me, so we got in the room, and went our separate ways. I plopped down on my chair next to Malfoy. His eyes flickered from his book to me, but quickly went back to his book. I rolled my eyes and waited for class to begin. It was a normal class, and Malfoy and I had to work together to finish a worksheet. Yay! Note the sarcasm. Draco wrote his name on the top of the paper and the date before sitting back on his chair, relaxing. 

  "What do you think your doing?" I asked him. There's no way I'm doing all the work. Besides, I'm already failing this class. 

  "Watching you work. Now get busy." He said waving his hand, swishing me away. 

  "Fine." I said and set down my quill. We sat there for thirty seconds, before he groaned and sat up to actually work. 

  "Ok, fine. I'll do one question, you do the other, got it?" Malfoy ordered. I didn't respond, and just waited for him to finish scribbling down the answer. 

  "There. Happy?" He said relaxing back in his chair. I smiled a bittersweet smile. 

  "Very." I answered. 

  "Bitch." He muttered, thinking I didn't hear him. I kept writing, but still responded. 

  "Dick." I muttered back. He scoffed but that was the last that was said between us before class ended. I met up with Scarlet, but just as we were about to leave, Snape called me and Hermione to his desk. I looked over my shoulder to see Scar giving me a encouraging smile and a thumbs up, and walking out of the class room. 

  "Yes sir. What's the problem?" I asked, annoyed. Today's been a really long day for me and I'm not looking forward to this. He looked at me like he always does, and began to speak.

  "Short and sweet, Miss.Harries, your failing and you need a tutor." Snape said. Before I could muster something to come out of my mouth, Snape started before I could. 

 "I'm going to put you with Miss.Granger because she happens to be the top of the class." He ordered. Hermione nodded and smiled, probably happy at how good she's doing. Snape scowled at her, and sat up straighter in his chair. 

  "Now, I would suggest starting soon because your midterm is coming up in two months, and where your at, your going to need to do much better then where your at now." He suggested, or more like ordered, us to do, before shooing us out of his room. 

  Hermione and I walked up to our dorm together to put our stuff away. I plopped down on my bed, and pulled out homework from multiple classes. Hermione sat at the end of my bed expectantly. I smiled at her. 

  "Hey Mione, do you mind if I get the mostly easy homework out of the way so I can finish it before dinner, eat, then have more energy to study the more difficult and boring stuff?" I asked. She got up from my bed, understanding. 

  "Yes. I'll just be in the common room if you need me." I nodded at her as she went out the door. I sighed and decided I should do my homework and not put it off til later tonight. I turned on my phone and opened Music. I pushed play, and listened to One Direction's new album, Made In The AM. I really love 1D, a lot. I picked up my homework, and got through all of it but a the concluding paragraph on my Charms essay. Scarlet burst into my room and jumped on my bed, causing me to roll off onto the floor. 

  "C'mon! FOOD!" She yelled happily. 

  "Yay!" I yelled weakly. "Gosh my butt hurts now." I said. She just laughed and we skipped down to the common room to meet with Seamus. 

  "Hello!" I said and jumped on his back. He chuckled under me. 

  "Hello there." Seamus replied. I looked over at Scar who hadn't greeted him yet like the talkative person she is. She was staring at Fred, her mouth hanging open. 

  "Hey Scar." She looked at me. "Close your mouth, your drooling." She blushed a scarlet color (haha see what I did there :)) and looked down at her hands. All three of us stood there for a moment, but I was getting hungry, considering I didn't eat much for breakfast or lunch. 

  "LETS GO HORSIE!" I commanded, pointing towards the door. I laughed as Seamus jumped up and down, galloping. Scarlet ran next to us as Seamus would start running and walking at random points when I was on his back. The whole time I was laughing, except for when we passed Malfoy, and I saw a glimpse of hurt in his eyes. But I just shrugged it off. Dinner was pleasant and really fun. 

                                 Until I had to go study with Hermione. 


  "NO NO NO YOUR DOING IT ALL WRONG!" Hermione scolded quite loud. I sighed and ran my hand through my hair. 

  "Ok then how do you do this?" I said calmly, really close to losing it. 

  "Well first you..." I zoned out because she was using words I didn't quite understand and was really confusing me even more. 

  "NORA YOU NEED TO LISTEN! YOU KEEP ZONING OUT!" She screamed at me. I shut my book loudly and put it in my bag. I had already finished my homework, so I was good to go. 

  "No offense Mione, but this isn't helping AT ALL." I say, putting an emphasis on at all. 

  "Well, it's not my fault-" "Yes. Yes it is. I need a new tutor." I said. She looked shocked at this. 

  "Fine. If that's how it's going to be." She said, going into the bathroom. 

  "Yep. Night!" I yelled night over the loud slam of the bathroom door. I was too lazy to do much so I just took a oil cleaning cloth and wiped my face and changed into my pj's. I laid on my bed, thinking about who else could tutor me. I mean, Seamus could, but...nah. And Scarlet? Um..nope. Oh, yeah! How about Cedric? He's smart but he's too busy and not Fred or George, especially not George. 

  I sighed and turned over on my bed. I could ask Mal- Nope not asking him no matter how smart he may be. Well, there's only one thing I could do. 

I have to sneak into Snape's office.


"Harry wake up!" I whisper yelled as I shook him. Harry jumped up and glared at me. He grabbed his glasses from the nightstand and put them on. 

  "What do you want, Nora?" He asked rudely. 

  "Can I borrow your cloak?" I asked cautiously. I gave him a innocent smile and waited for an answer. He sighed and pointed to his trunk. 

  "It's in the white cardboard box in my trunk. Just keep it until morning and give it back to me in the morning." Harry replied putting his glasses back and laying back down. I did my happy dance in my head and quietly grabbed it from his trunk, trying not to wake any other guys up. I was walking out of Harry's dorm, when I heard George's familiar light snores coming from his dorm. I smirked at slipped the cloak on,  slipping quietly into his room, which he shared with Fred, of course. I walked over to George and looked through his nightstand drawer and found what I needed. I uncapped the Sharpie and tried not to giggle as I drew on his face. I knew he was a deep sleeper, so I didn't have anything to worry about. I drew a French mustache, a mole on his right cheek, a unibrow, making sure to draw on his actual eyebrows because Sharpie does not come off hair easily. I finished up with a goatee, and left the room to actually do what I wanted to do. 

  I fast walked to the stairs to the dungeon, before taking a big breath and running down the stairs. I got to the door of the room, which had been locked. I pulled my wand out of my boot and muttered 'alo hamora'. The doors unlocked instantly, letting me into the room. I ran over to Snape's desk and pulled off the cloak. I rummaged threw some drawers until I found what I needed. I pulled the list out, and didn't really like what I saw. First was Hermione, second was

                                                        Draco Malfoy.




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