Secret's I'll Never Tell

"I know what your doing." Draco said, smirking at me.

"And what is that?" I answered, holding back a smirk.

"Admit it Nora. You want me." Draco said.

"Too bad that you might be right."


19. Chapter 17-Help

   20:37 I saw, looking at the clock on my phone. I did a charm to charge it, and hid it under my pillow. I double check my outfit before sneaking out of my dorm, and out of the common room. I ran to the nearest passage, and took out the map that Harry let me borrow. 

  "I solemnly swear I'm up to no good." I muttered, lightly setting my wand on the map, showing me the way to Hogsmade. I opened the wall with a spell, and walked in. The wall closed behind me as I walked forward. 

  "Lumos." I said, a light illuminating the underground cave. I used the map, and followed the route to Hogsmade. I ran along, being careful to not step on any rats or other things down there. I slowed down when I came to where I was heading. I walked through the wall of the pub, and the hole vanished behind me. I nodded my head towards the bartender, and ran out, avoiding all the drunk horny men. I ran towards the shrieking shack, where George stood, awaiting my arrival. I smiled at him, and he pulled me into a hug. 

  "You look stunning." He commented right by my ear. I blushed, and pulled away. 

  "You don't look too bad yourself." I say, intertwining our hands. But something was missing. There wasn't a...a...spark. It was gone.
  "So what's the surprise?" I asked, excited but nervous. George smirked. 

  "Follow me." George said, pulling me inside. We walked through the door, up the creaky old stairs, into a room. It was pitch black, making me scared. Not that I was scared of the dark, just what hides in it. Suddenly, the whole room was illuminated by candle light. 

  "Wow." I said, taking in the room. There was a beautiful, modern bed, covered in red rose petals. Across from it on the other side of the room was a fireplace, burning with the hot flames. All around the room were candles, making the room full of beautiful dim light. George walked up from behind me, and wrapped his arm around my waist. 

 "Happy anniversary, babe." He whispered in my ear. I smiled while turning to face him. I pulled him in for a kiss, which he gladly agreed to. Without parting lips, George took off my jacket, and his. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and pulled him closer, closing any gaps between us. We deepened the kiss, as he asked for entrance.  I decided to tease him, and not let him. His hands trailed down from my back, to my bum. He squeezed it, making me gasp, a perfect chance for George to stick his tongue in my mouth. George roamed my mouth, our tongues fighting for dominance. He picked me up, and threw me on the bed. I climbed backwards, father up on the bed. George crawled on top of me, and we started kissing again. He detached his lips, and moved them to my neck. He tried to find my sweet spot, which he succeeded in, making me moan. Wait- oh no. 

  "George." I said, trying to get him off. 

  "George, stop." I said, pushing him off of me. He looked at me confused. 
  "What? I thought this is what you wanted?" He said. I got angry, and glared at him. 

  "No! I'm leaving." I said, getting off the bed, before walking over to where my jacket was. But I was stopped by George pulling on my wrist. 

  "Oh no you don't." He growled, and pushed my against the wall, before forcing himself onto me. I struggled in his tight grasp.

  "STOP!!!" I screamed, scared. "STOP!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!! HELP!!" I'm so scared right now, someone please help me. Tears fell down my face, while sobbing loudly. I heard footsteps running up the stairs, before the door opened.

  Out of nowhere, George was on the ground holding his nose. I looked at the person who had done this, and was one hundred percent shocked. He grabbed my jacket, and grabbed my wrist, but not before I looked at George. 

  "Bastard." I said, before running along with the person. We ran out into the cold, and all the way back to Hogwarts. I did something I thought I would never do, and gave that person a hug. 

  "Thanks, Malfoy." 

A/N:OHHH PLOT TWIST!! I'll try to update soon!



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