Secret's I'll Never Tell

"I know what your doing." Draco said, smirking at me.

"And what is that?" I answered, holding back a smirk.

"Admit it Nora. You want me." Draco said.

"Too bad that you might be right."


18. Chapter 16-Thank you

   Blood poured down from the cuts on my head. She took my hair, and slammed my head multiple times against the wall. I would scream, or fight back, but I couldn't. I was in so much pain, I couldn't move, nor talk.

  "Worthless piece of shit!" She screamed, before kicking me in the ribs. I heard a crack, and wanted to scream out, but I was still frozen. Anna, a four year old orphan, watches from the top of the stairs as I get beaten to death. She doesn't move, or say anything. She watches me. Stares. Just then, the woman pulls out a knife, and scribes 'fat' on my arm. She takes the kinfe, and hovers over my chest. The woman moves her hand up, and- 

  I woke up, sweat trailing down my face. Thankfully, I hadn't screamed. I stood up, and walked over to the bay window, with a beautiful view of the black lake. I sat on the ledge, and let the breeze cool me down. I thought about George, and how we were slowly drifting apart. And about Draco, whom I am devolving strong feelings for. I thought about the razor, and it sounded so tempting. I stood up, and walked into the bathroom, being very quiet, being that it's 4 am. I took the razor our of my cosmetic bag, and placed it on the sink counter. I stared at it, a bit scared. 
  Think about Seamus, I thought. How disappointed he would be, and Scarlet. But the urge was too strong. I took a deep breath, and picked it up, my hand shaking. I took the cover off, and slowly pulled up my sleeve, revealing the deep cuts. I took the blade out of the razor, and set it on my skin, ready to do it. The cool blade slowly glided across my skin, blood pouring out. 

  One for being fat. One for being stupid. One for being worthless. One for liking Malfoy. One for betraying George. One for- 

I stopped. Hermione knocked on the door. 

  "Nora! I really have to go to the bathroom." She whined, knocking on the door. My eyes widened. 

  "Um...yeah gimme a sec." I said. I threw the razor and the blade in my cosmetics bag, and pretended to flush the toilet. I ran the water, and quickly cleaned up the blood. I grabbed some bandages and gauze, before opening the door, hoping that no blood would drop on the ground or onto my pajamas. I smiled a fake smile, and headed towards my bed. Hermione entered the bathroom, closing the door behind her. I grabbed my wand off my nightstand, and muttered 'lumos'. I pulled up my sleeves, and quickly started to cover up the scars. I wrapped the bandages around my arm, and pulled my sleeve down when I finished. I sighed, and sat down on my bed. I laid down, and pulled the covers over my body. I stared up at the white ceiling, my mind blank. I heard Hermione come back, and go back to bed, thinking I was sleeping. 

  When I heard her soft snores, I stood up and went to sit by the window, to see the sunrise. The sky was a miso f so many colors. Pink, orange, red, and so much more. It was breathtaking. I let everything go and just watched it peacefully. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, signaling that it was 6 am. I took the time to take a shower, and get ready. I put my hair in a ponytail, and applied some light mascara. I pulled up my sleeve, and unwrapped the bloody bandage. I rinsed it under the sink, and covered up the scars with some foundation and concealer. It was pretty much invisible now, unless you look really close. 

  I went out of the bathroom and plopped down on my bed, and played games on my phone. I had a guilty feeling in my stomach was Scarlet came to fetch me for breakfast. 

  "So, how'd you sleep?" Scarlet asked. I faked a smile and responded. 

  "Like a baby. How bout you?" I asked her. 

  "Really great." She said. "Crap, did we have potions homework?" Scarlet asked, nervous. Of course Snape was the only teacher that gave us homework on the first day. I just nodded, and watched her reaction. 

  "I gotta go. I'll see you later!" She said, running back to the common room. I shook my head, and kept walking to breakfast. I was about to enter, but I realized I wasn't really hungry. I turned around, and walked up a lot of stairs, to go to one of my favorite spots in the castle. I made a quick stop in my dorm to grab my school supplies, just in case, and headed up to where I wanted to go. 

The astronomy tower. 

  I went up the small flight of stairs, and instantly was blown away by the magnificent view. There was a slight breeze, and the weather was just right. I sat on the edge, and stared. I was interrupted by a certain someone. 

  "What are you doing up here, Harries?" Malfoy asked, making turn to look at him. I scoffed. 

  "Why do you care?" I answered, reverting my gaze back to the view.

  "Professor Flitwick sent me to get you," he said, looking at me.  "Your late." 

  I took my phone out of my pocket, and noticed the time. I stood up, and shoved my phone in my pocket.

  "Crap." I muttered. I threw my book bag strap over my shoulder, and headed down the stairs. I heard Malfoy walking behind me. I fast-walked to class, not wanting to get in trouble for running by Filch right now. I saw Fred and George, two people I really didn't want to see right now. I tried avoiding them, but that failed. 

  "Hey babe. Wait up." George said, running over and wrapping an arm around me. 

  "Hey." I said. "Look, I-" I started, but he interrupted me. 

  "Wait, love. I have something planned for tonight. Come to the shrieking shack at 21 o'clock, k?" He said, looking at me. I smiled and nodded. 

  "K. See ya!" I said, waving to him over my shoulder. 

  "Bye love!" George said, going to prank Filch with Fred. I ran into the Charms room, and apologized to Flitwick. 

  "That's alright. But it better not happen again, or detention." He warned. I nodded in relief, and was thankful this wasn't potions. 

  "Thank you, Draco. Ten points Slytherin." Professor Flitwick rewarded him, making all the Slytherin cheer, and the Gryffindors groan. I had almost forgotten about Draco. Class was a bore, but Scarlet kept me company. By lunch, I had tons of homework. God teachers, be consider it! I ate a small sandwich for lunch, and pestering George for info on the date later. 

  "Please!" I begged for the thousandth time. He just shook his head and smiled. I groaned and decided I better get going. All the classes were boring, as usual. Potions came around, and always, sucked. Malfoy and I were the only group of people who weren't talking while making our potion. That is, until, Malfoy decided to be a prat.

  "You never did say thank you." He said, putting something in the cauldron. 

  "What do you mean?" I asked, not sure what he was talking about. 

  "I mean when you were late to Charms and I came to get you." Malfoy says in a cocky tone. I rolled my eyes and glared at him. 

  "Professor Flitwick sent you to get me." I responded, returning my gaze to my potions book, before putting some snail in the potion. 

  "Yes, but I could've not come and gotten you, and-" He started, but I cut him off. 

  "Ok, fine. Thank you." I said, annoyed. "Happy?" I asked, looking at the blonde boy. 

  "Well, you didn't sound like you meant it." He said, smirking. God, his smirk was hot- WTF NORA WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?REMEMBER GEORGE?!? Your boyfriend with whom you have a date with tonight? Yeah him, SO STOP IT! 

  I looked at him. "I am not repeating it." I say, and put the last thing in our potion, which was a potion to make somebody very, very ugly. Malfoy was about to respond, but Snape beat him to it.

  "Harries and Malfoy, stop your bickering." Snape says in his low monotone voice. He pointed towards the front of the room, meaning that he wanted us to try out our potion. I took a vile, and filled it up with the potion. I gave it to Malfoy and smirked. He tried to convince Snape for me to do it, but for once, Snape was on my side. 

  Malfoy looked at the potion, disgusted at the green-yellow barf color. I smirked, and put my hands on my hips, watching him chug it down. A few seconds later, Malfoy shook his head, and many warts and moles had popped up on his face. The class laughed, and laughed even louder when a unibrow grew. Snape handed me the antidote. I waved it in front of Malfoy's face, teasing him. He reached for it, but I pulled it back. 

  "What do you say?" I teased,  smirking. He rolled his eyes, but still complied. 

  "Please!" He begged, reaching for it. I smiled and gave it to him. The blonde boy turned back to his normal not-so-ugly self. We were dismissed moments after, and we headed back to our table. 

  "You know," I started, looking at Malfoy. 

"You never said thank you."



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