Secret's I'll Never Tell

"I know what your doing." Draco said, smirking at me.

"And what is that?" I answered, holding back a smirk.

"Admit it Nora. You want me." Draco said.

"Too bad that you might be right."


11. Chapter 10-First Day-Part One

"NORA WAKE UP!" I moaned and rolled over. 

"Leave me alone Mione..."I mumbled, half awake. 

"Ugh...." She groaned. I heard her walk away and I smiled, happy that I won. A minute later, I felt a cold liquid splashed down my face, and I shot up. 

"What the heck, Hermione!" I yelled, astonished. She just giggled and walked out of our dorm. I groaned and got up, lazily walking to my closet. I grabbed my robe, and quickly put it on, before going into the bathroom to clean myself up. My hair, as always, was a mess, so I decided to throw it up in a messy bun. I brushed my teeth, cleaned my face, and washed my hands before walking out of the dorm. I quickly ran downstairs and saw no one in there, so I ran out that door, all the way to the great hall, where people were already sitting. I quickly spotted Hermione's bushy hair, and fast-walked over to her. I swiftly sat down next to her, and filled my plate with a waffle, a pancake, and  an apple. I looked up at the Sytherin table and saw Malfoy looking at me with a disgusted look on his face. He had a big purple bruise on his left cheek where I punched him. I smirked, and he narrowed his eyes at me. I rolled my eyes and looked at Hermione, who had her face in a book. George sat across from me and was chowing down on a ton of food. Just like his brother, he was a pig when eating. He looked up and caught my gaze.

"What?"He asked wiping his face with a napkin. I shook my head and looked down.

"Nothing." I said, raising my eyebrows. 

"Alright then." He said. "So..."

"So...." I said. He looked like he was about to say something, before McGonagall came and handed both of us our timetables. Hermione peered over my shoulder, comparing them. She smiled.

"We have everything together!" She said happily, looking at me. I smiled, and looked down at my plate. Nothing left. Hmm...what to do....

"Wanna go back to our dorm to grab our stuff, then head to our first class?" I asked Hermione, thinking of nothing else to say. 

"Sure."She said, shrugging her shoulders. We got up, and walked back to our dormitory. Hermione had a ton of books, while I, on the other hand, only had the required books. I put them in my bag and waited for Hermione to get organized. I looked at my timetable again.

First hour-Potions

Second hour-Charms

Third hour-Transfiguration 

Study Hall

Fourth hour-Flying 

Fifth hour-Herbology 

Sixth hour-Defense against the dark arts 

Not bad. But Fred and George told be the Potions teacher, Snape, sucks. Well, I'll find out in a couple minutes, won't I?

"I'm ready!" Hermione finally said while she swung her bag over her shoulder. 

"K." I said, as I swung mine over my shoulder and headed out the door, following Hermione. 

"Wait up!"I heard Ron yell from behind us. I turned around to see Ron and Harry running towards us.

"Hello." Harry greeted.

"Mornin'" I said. It's so weird still having an American accent after living here for about a year. I'm originally from Minnesota, but I moved here when my aunt died. I still don't know why I didn't stay in Minnesota, but I like Hogwarts much better than normal public school.

"How'd you sleep?"I asked Harry. 

"Good." He answered. We walked in an awkward silence on our way to class.

"So Fred and George said Professor Snape sucks." Ron said, trying to start conversation. Harry just shrugged his shoulders. 

"I've probably had worse."Hermione said, joining in on the conversation. I don't like to judge people without meeting them first. Once we got to potions, I could barely see anything because of how dark the room was. 

"Names?" He grave voice said. 

"Harry Potter."

"Hermione Granger."

"Nora Harries." 

  I squinted to see the face in the dark and saw a middle aged man dressed in all black, with a what looks like a permanent frown on his face. 

"Potter and Granger, over there by Brown and Weasley."The man said, pointing to a table in the front.

"And you, Harries, by Malfoy." He said, pointing to a table in the back, with only the Malfoy sitting there. I groaned and Snape looked at me with one eyebrow raised.

"Is there a problem, Miss Harries?" Snape said with a stern voice. 

"No." I said sighing, and walked over to the table. Malfoy took one glance at me, before groaning. I rolled my eyes, and plopped down on the seat next to him. Snape stepped up to the front of the classroom, and looked at all of us. He started talking but I just blocked him out and took out my sketch book and drawing pencil. I know. A pencil, not a quill. But it honestly sucks to draw with a quill, so I brought along my pencil. Well, pencils. I flipped to the drawing I was working on, which was the skyline of New York City when I went there in third grade. I had a picture of  it so use for refrence when drawing. I started sketching it and Malfoy watched my for a second before turning back to listen to Snape. 

"...Mr.Potter and Miss.Harries, our new celebrities. Tell me, what would I get if I added powdered root to of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?"He asked the both of us. Harry and I exchanged a look, before I raised my hand. Snape looked at me unpleased.

"Mr.Potter, let's try again. Where, Mr.Potter, would you look if I asked you to find me a bezoar?" He asks again, my hand still up. That's right, I study. Harry looks puzzled.

"I don't know sir." Harry says, looking at Snape expectantly.

"And what is the difference between Monkshood and Wolfbane?"Snape asks, again. 

"I don't know, sir." Harry answers again. Snap looks at him with a very interesting expression.

"Pity. Clearly, fame isn't everything, is it, Mr.Potter?" Snape said sarcastically. Draco snorted next to me. I looked at him and rolled my eyes. Dingus, I thought.

  Later, in the great hall, we were all studying and doing homework. 

"Done!"Hermione said happily, looking down at her completed homework. Ron and Harry looked up at her with her mouth wide open. I just smiled and shook my head and worked on my potions essay, which I was almost done with. I finished the last sentence and smiled. 

"Same."I said, smiling and Hermione. Ron and Harry looked up and rolled their eyes before going back to working on their homework. I heard someone talking and using weird words, so I looked over my shoulder and saw Seamus Finnigan using a spell on a cup, before the cup suddenly blew up. 

  Sounds of flapping wings were coming from the rafters at the top of the hall. 

"Mail!"Ron said excitedly. I sighed, and took out my phone and looked at the time. 12:07. Great. Twenty three minutes until my next class. I tucked my phone back in my bag and looked at Neville, who was unwrapping a sphere shaped thing.

"What is that?" I asked, looking at Neville expectantly. Before he could answer, Seamus answered my question unknowingly.

"Hey, look! Neville's got  a Remembrall!" He yelled, getting everyone's attention. Even Malfoy's. 

"I've read about those. When the smoke turns red, it means you've forgotten something." Hermione said, just as the smoke started to turn red.

"The only problem is, I don't know what I've forgotten." Neville said confused. Harry quickly changed the subject to something he was reading in the paper. 

Ron, somebody broke into Gringotts. Listen, Believed to be the work of dark witches or wizards unknown, Gringotts goblins, while acknowledging the breach, insist that nothing was taken. The vault in question, number 713, had in fact been emptied earlier that same day. That's odd. That's the vault Hagrid, Nora, and I went to."Harry said, looking up at me. We all stayed silent, trying to figure out what had happened and how that's possible. 

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