One Final Kill

Vladimir Carson, also known as Jigsaw, is one of the most infamous and deadly man on the entire plant. At a early age of 18 he is hired by a mob boss to become one things anyone fears: A assassin. The world will trembled in fear of the name: Jigsaw. All is going well until he meets someone he thought was dead.


7. Seeing The Dead

At the time Vladimir and Bull were talking, they unknowingly were being tracked and listened to. There was black SUV van in the alleyway next to the pizzeria. A tall man with sunglasses, trench coat and slicked back brown hair was listening to every word they said, and watched as Vladimir left the pizzeria, "We're ready, send in Victor".


Vladimir was back at his dorm room, flipping his butterfly knife back and forth with a bored expression. The skull gas mask was sitting on a desk nearby his laptop when the laptop made a bing! noise to indicated a email or message. Rising from his bed, he went over to his laptop and saw a message from what appeared to be Bull. Bull had asked for his email so he could email him if something were to come up. The email was short though and not a kill order.

"Jigsaw, get back to the pizzeria NOW. There are multiple armed hostiles here and they've killed everyone except me. I locked myself in my office and have enough weapons to hold them off, but not enough to kill them all. Their trying to break the door down as I'm typing this. HURRY!." -Damien

Vlad's eyes widen as he read through it, grabbing his mask and putting on, he ran out the door of his dorm and began to race to the pizzeria, hoping that he wasn't too late.


As the pizzeria came into view Vladimir saw an SUV parked next to it and heard gunfire coming from the run down place. He ran and saw what could only be described as a massacre. Customers who had no idea they were going to be gunned down by a rival gang to a another gang hiding here, were killed before they could rise from their seats. Bull's men, who were working as pizzeria employees, at least tried to put up a fight but were ultimately dead as soon as the men entered the shop. He ran to the kitchen where Bull's office was located and burst in. He gasped as three armed men were holding Bull at gun point. The one tallest appeared to be in charge. He had long black hair covering one of his pupiless eyes. He was pale and wore black tactical armor and carried a semi-automatic executioner pistol. 

"I thought you were dead" whispered Vladimir

The man in charge smiled, "We finally meet once".


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