One Final Kill

Vladimir Carson, also known as Jigsaw, is one of the most infamous and deadly man on the entire plant. At a early age of 18 he is hired by a mob boss to become one things anyone fears: A assassin. The world will trembled in fear of the name: Jigsaw. All is going well until he meets someone he thought was dead.


5. Interrogation

Vladimir, without a black hood over his face, was taken to a building which appeared to be the old base of Metal Mouth. He only knew this because the goons who had captured him had metal teeth just like their late boss. One who appear to be in charge, sat Vlad down in a chair rather roughly across from him at a old rotting desk. The man smiled and bared his metal teeth at the assassin.

"You killed our boss and don't try and deny it, we got from him" The man pointed to a figure chained to the wall. Vladimir's eyes widen in shock as he realized who it was.

It was Bull's scout, Barry, who had helped him during Metal Mouth's assassination. His entire face was bruised and bloodied. He had a chuck taken out of his throat by what Vladimir could assume was the metal teeth of one of the goons. He was chained there, left to die slowing by the blood loss. He appeared to be alive and was trying to tell Vladimir something, Vlad got up and wasn't stopped as he came closer.

"I...I'm sorry, kid, I tried not to say anything, I really did, but they broke me, tell....tell Bull, I died fighting" Barry's head sunk as he breathed his final breath.

Vladimir teared up a bit and closed the scout's eyes for him so it was like he was just sleeping. Vladimir put his hands in his pocket, and pulled out the butterfly knife, flipping it open. He slipped it into his sleeve and it was hidden from view unless you looked close. He walked calmly over to the Goon Leader. He smiled at the man and in a move so swift to it took a moment for anyone to realize, the knife slashed the throat of the Goon Leader. The other goons never stood a chance as they were gutted by the shear brutality of the crazed assassin's revenge.

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