One Final Kill

Vladimir Carson, also known as Jigsaw, is one of the most infamous and deadly man on the entire plant. At a early age of 18 he is hired by a mob boss to become one things anyone fears: A assassin. The world will trembled in fear of the name: Jigsaw. All is going well until he meets someone he thought was dead.


3. First Killings

Vladimir stood upon a roof of a tall chemicals building and he had a clear view of his first person to kill. 37 year old named Chuck Stricter. Nicknamed Metal Mouth, because of the fact he had his teeth replaced with metal sharp teeth and is known for biting people. He was a rival crime boss to Bull and needed to be taken care of immediately. Chuck was standing around smoking a cigar, waiting for his "informant" to arrive. The informant was one of Bull's scouts sent to give the signal to Vlad when it was time to kill Metal Mouth. Vlad had a earpiece to hear the whole conversation between the two.

"What have you brought me today, Barry" questioned Chuck

"I have a lot of good Intel to give, but it's gonna cost you more" grinned Barry

"How much more?" asked Chuck as he raised a eyebrow

"$5,000" said Barry

"WHAT!?, I give you $2,000 every time you give me info and now you want more!" Chuck bared his metal teeth in anger

Barry sensed he was getting mad and began to speak in fast tone, "Whoa, whoa, no need to get anger, this information is much more important to Bull and it nearly cost me my life"

Chuck growled but said, "Fine, fine, what's the information"

Barry smiled at made sure Vlad heard this, "Vlad says hello"

"What? who the hell is-" Metal Mouth's question was never complete as a bullet entered his head, killing him instantly. Barry flicked a thumbs up at Vlad, who smiled at his handiwork.

Climbing down the pipes on the side of the building, he walked over to Barry and Chuck's body. Vlad pulled out his butterfly knife, flipping it open, grabbing Metal Mouth's arm and craved a puzzle piece into his skin, the flesh around the cut fell away, leaving a bloody puzzle piece shaped cut. This is how Vlad got the nickname: Jigsaw. 

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