One Final Kill

Vladimir Carson, also known as Jigsaw, is one of the most infamous and deadly man on the entire plant. At a early age of 18 he is hired by a mob boss to become one things anyone fears: A assassin. The world will trembled in fear of the name: Jigsaw. All is going well until he meets someone he thought was dead.


6. Conversation With The Boss

Vladimir came back to the pizzeria completely soaked in blood and broken. He walked straight through the parlor into the back where Bull's office was. When Bull saw him, he looked utterly shocked at the state his new young friend and best assassin was in.

"Good lord, what the hell happened to you, Vlad" said Bull, with wide eyes

"I killed them all" whispered Vladimir, who was staring at the ground, eyes closed

"Who'd you kill?" asked Bull

Vladimir's head rose and he opened his eyes, looking straight at the man who was his boss and only true friend, "All of Metal Mouth's goons, they tortured and killed Barry, I snapped and gutted them like the pigs they were"

Bull's heart sank as he heard about the death of Barry. Barry was one of Bull most loyal and trusted scouts. He was angered at the fact he was murdered, but happy because Vladimir avenged his death,

"I'm sad to see Barry is no longer with us, but glad that you kill the sons of bitches who killed him in the first place". Bull swiveled his chair about and stared out into the big window that overlook the city. Vladimir turned to leave, but was stopped once more by Bull, "Hey, Vlad-, I mean Jigsaw?"

Vladimir faced his boss, little did he know for the last time, and asked, "Yeah, Damien?"

"You did good, it wasn't your fault, and here" Bull threw the assassin a skull gas mask. It was black and made to cover the lower jaw, mouth, and nose. Vladimir looked confused, so Bull shrugged and grinned, "Something to make your look more threatening to your enemies and it'll help against poisonous gases too". Vladimir smiled and put the mask on, taking a breath through his new mask. He felt alive, he felt like the killer he truly was.

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