It's Complicated

When Charlie moves from England to Australia, she develops feelings for her back door neighbor, Luke. Will he feel the same way, or will he stay trapped in an unhappy relationship with the gorgeous, "queen- bee" of their school.
What happens when sabotage and lies causes Charlie to shut Luke out, in hopes of protecting herself from heart break?
Follow this story, through the perspective of Charlie Myers and Luke Hemmings, as it leads up to answer the question on everyone's mind, will they make it?


13. The Final Straw

Charlie's POV:

Pulling into Luke's driveway, I slowly lifted myself out of the car. Following him through the front door, I was sure to keep an appropriate distance, one that a friend would maintain. 

As soon as I walked in, I heard the voices of Ashton, Michael, and Calum echo from the kitchen.

"This was a bad idea." I whispered.

As I was turning to leave, Luke grabbed my arm and spun me around, pulling me in close.

"I had no idea they were here. I'll talk to them. Please don't go anywhere." He spoke softly.

I nodded my head as he released me from his grasp and ran in the kitchen to join the other boys.


Luke's POV:

"There you are!" The boys exclaimed in unison. "You're just in time, we were about to start a movie."

"Hey, did you see Charlie get punched?" Ashton asked with empathy in his voice.

"Yeah," I responded. "And I'm the reason."

"She was just starting to fit in, too." Calum said with pity.

"Speaking of Charlie, she's in the other room." I added. 

"Really!?" The boys asked with excitement as they ran to invite Charlie to watch the movie with us. 

"No... Guys.." I shouted after them.


Charlie's POV:

I was awkwardly waiting for Luke to retrieve me when Ashton, Calum, and Michael ran up and engulfed me in a giant group hug.

"It's been a-" Ashton started before he noticed the bruises streaking my face, neck, and arms.

"What the hell happened to you?" Calum asked as the concern rose in his voice.

"Its... Its a long story." I mumbled.

"How about we start that movie you guys were talking about." Luke chimed in, luckily changing the subject.


About five minutes into the movie, Amber barged through Luke's front door.

"Oh, I forgot to mention that I invited Amber to watch the movie with us." Luke announced.

"Even after tonight?" Ashton asked, surprised by Luke's insensitivity. 

"No kidding." Michael laughed heavily. "What a joke."

"After everything she put Charlie through tonight, you'd think he'd have some empathy." Calum added, as if Luke wasn't in the room.

"That's my cue to leave." I muttered while standing.

"No. Her presence is a lot more bearable with you, Charlie. Stay with me." Calum whispered with sincerity. 

"If you insist." I replied jokingly.

Luke's POV:

"Is Calum trying to kill me?" I thought to myself as I watched him pull Charlie back onto the couch and wrap his arms around her. 


Charlie's POV:

Amber strutted over to where Luke was sitting and plopped herself on his lap. 

"Lukey, I've missed you." She pouted as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her face into his. 

Directing her attention to where I sat, she said mockingly:

"Oh, Charlie. I knew it smelled fruity in here. Did the stains come out okay?" 

I bit my tongue as I felt Calum tighten his arms around me. 

I looked over to Luke, who met my gaze, and shrugged. 


Luke's POV:

Its so hard treating Charlie this way, but I'm doing it to protect her.  

After the party, I realized that its safer for her if I stay with Amber and pretend like I don't care. 

But the more I hide my feelings, the more I fall for her.


Charlie's POV:

 I decide to brush off Luke's change in attitude towards me. Instead, I want to enjoy the time I have with the rest of the boys. 

Amber on the other hand, is insufferable. 


"Charlie, your video is going viral. Your hookup with Zayn is a hit." She teased.

"What the hell are you talking about?" I asked confused.

"Oh, Luke didn't tell you? Carley walked in on your hookup with Zayn and filmed it." She answered.

"It wasn't a hookup." I  whispered, feeling the tears build-up behind my eyes.

"No need to get angry, now Luke knows the real you, a pathetic, slut." She laughed.

"I was raped." I said as I felt everyone's eyes turn in my direction. 

"Even better." She snapped. "You had it coming."

Unable to hold back the tears anymore, I stood up and sprinted out the front door. Knowing that I couldn't go home, and my only friends were in Luke's house, watching a movie with Amber, I had no where and no one to run to. 

I collapsed on the curb underneath a street lamp and cried. For the first time in all this mess, I cried. 


Luke's POV:

No one moved as we watched Charlie run in tears out the front door.

"Amber, I really don't understand how someone can be so unhappy and unsatisfied in their own life that they have to create drama, like at the party, just to be noticed." Ashton said as he rose to his feet.

"Where are you going, mate?" I asked.

"Luke, I'm out of here. I can't be in the same room with someone as cruel as Amber. Or with someone as weak like you." He responded.

"I second that." Calum agreed.

"You've changed, man. And I'm not going to sit and watch a movie with the person you've become." Michael decided. 

"Let's find Charlie." Calum suggested.


The boys are right. I feel like absolute shit. 

"Amber, the boys are right." I admitted.

"Luke don't listen to them. We're happy together and that's all that matters." She reassured.

"No, I can't do this anymore, I'm miserable. I hate who I am with you and who I'm becoming." I explained. 

"You're breaking up with me?!?!" She shouted.

"I'm sorry." Was all I said as she slapped me across the face.

"This is the biggest mistake of your life." She screamed, "Don't you dare come crying to me when Charlie disappoints you." 

I sat rubbing my face as I watched her slam the front door on her way out. 

Finally, I'm free.

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