It's Complicated

When Charlie moves from England to Australia, she develops feelings for her back door neighbor, Luke. Will he feel the same way, or will he stay trapped in an unhappy relationship with the gorgeous, "queen- bee" of their school.
What happens when sabotage and lies causes Charlie to shut Luke out, in hopes of protecting herself from heart break?
Follow this story, through the perspective of Charlie Myers and Luke Hemmings, as it leads up to answer the question on everyone's mind, will they make it?


4. Nothing Like Charlie

Luke's POV

I couldn't believe what Amber was saying about Charlie. Even for her, this hits a new level of rudeness.

Through the insults Amber was throwing at Charlie, I noticed Calum lean in and whisper something in her ear.

What did he say that made her blush? And why is he so close to her?

To be fair, Charlie is gorgeous, funny, and smart. Not to mention she sings AND plays guitar. Who am I kidding, I don't blame Calum for wanting to be close to her.

I mean, could she get anymore perfect? Apparently I spoke too soon. Just as I was in mid conversation with Amber, my eye caught Charlie removing her swim cover to reveal the most incredible body I've ever seen.

The boys thought so too, as I could see their eyes move up and down her body. Even more obvious, Calum slipped his arm around her waste as he ushered her toward the water.

Not gonna lie, I was a little jealous.

All I could hear was her beautiful laugh as she splashed right with the other boys. I looked from Amber, who was lying glued to her phone while fidgeting with her hair and make up, to Charlie who was having fun with the boys. Why couldn't Amber be like that?

Bored out of my mind I suggested to Amber that we go swim with everyone else. Reluctantly she agreed, which surprised me. Imitating the others, I gently splashed a little water towards Amber, who on impact let out a blood curdling shriek.

"Luke, what the hell? My hair!"

"It's just water" I mumbled as I watched her stomp angrily out of the water

Turning my attention back to Charlie, I watched as she wrapped her arms and legs around Calum, for a piggy back ride.

Amber was nothing like Charlie. And I liked that.


Charlie's POV

After a huge splash fight with Ashton, Michael, and Calum, we decided to go dry off.

I sat entranced by the sunset's beauty. Luke plopped down next to me in the warm sand.

"What did you think of today?" He cheerfully asked.

"I loved it." I replied with a smile. "The boys are so much fun."

Nodding his head in agreement, he added "listen, I'm sorry about Amber, she-"

"Lukey!" Amber shrieked from a little ways down the beach.

"I-" he started.

"Don't worry about it." I said as I got up, brushing the sand off. "I get it."

I turned and walked toward the other boys. I felt Luke's eyes on me as I helped Calum and Ashton pick out the perfect place for the bonfire.

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