It's Complicated

When Charlie moves from England to Australia, she develops feelings for her back door neighbor, Luke. Will he feel the same way, or will he stay trapped in an unhappy relationship with the gorgeous, "queen- bee" of their school.
What happens when sabotage and lies causes Charlie to shut Luke out, in hopes of protecting herself from heart break?
Follow this story, through the perspective of Charlie Myers and Luke Hemmings, as it leads up to answer the question on everyone's mind, will they make it?


12. Friendzoned

Charlie's POV:

What happened at the party wasn't just a violation of my body, it affected me emotionally and mentally, too. I feel as if I am looking in on it, trying to make sense of what had happened. The shock is as if I am in a daze. 


Luke's POV:

Charlie sat in the passenger seat next to me, hugging her knees close to her chest. 

Neither of us said a word until, as if she was afraid to break the silence, whispered:

"Luke, I can't go home like this. My parents will ask questions, and I-"

"Fair enough, stay the night at my house." I concluded.

"No. That's not a good idea." She said as she shook her head.

"What do you mean?" I asked, even though I knew she was referring to the sexual tension between us.

"Well.." She stuttered, "You're with Amber."

"I...." Taken aback by her response,"Its only for one night."

She looked at me with beautiful greyish blue eyes, and knew exactly what she was thinking. I could see how hurt she was by my response to stay with Amber after what she did to her at the party.

"I think it's best if I go home now." She whispered, lowering her head.

"Oh come on, what's the harm in having a friend come and stay the night?" I asked. "It wouldn't be any different than Calum or Ashton."

Of course it would be different, I'm not insanely attracted to Calum or Ashton.

"Right." Was all she said before turning to look out the passenger window. 


Charlie's POV:

Despite telling myself to accept Luke's rejection, the way he wrote me off as just a friend, stung. 

I didn't realize how hard it would be to watch the person I love, love someone else. 

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