It's Complicated

When Charlie moves from England to Australia, she develops feelings for her back door neighbor, Luke. Will he feel the same way, or will he stay trapped in an unhappy relationship with the gorgeous, "queen- bee" of their school.
What happens when sabotage and lies causes Charlie to shut Luke out, in hopes of protecting herself from heart break?
Follow this story, through the perspective of Charlie Myers and Luke Hemmings, as it leads up to answer the question on everyone's mind, will they make it?


17. Chance Meeting

Charlie's POV:

I've been in London for almost a week and its done nothing but rain. My family and I are staying with my aunt and cousin, Emmy, in the Kensington area of London, near where I grew up. 

Until my family relocated, Emmy and I were inseparable, more of sisters than cousins. The miles between London and Sydney did little to keep us apart, however. She was the person who I called to comfort me when Amber had it out for me, and when she finally won Luke over.


Noticing my facial expression, of deep contemplation, Emmy threw a pillow at me from across her bedroom.

"You're not as much fun as I remembered you were." She teased.

"Heartbreak does that to a person." I sighed dramatically. 

"I know just how to mend your broken heart," She shouted, just as dramatically. "Get dressed and meet me outside in an hour." 

"Oh, and wear something hot." She added before leaving the room.




"Care to tell me what were doing at the London O2 Arena?" I questioned suspiciously, as Emmy handed a security personnel our tickets.

"The kickoff concert of the One Direction Take Me Home tour!" She exclaimed eagerly.

I should have known, she's been their biggest fan since she saw them perform on the "X-Factor."

Walking through the tiers of seats, I followed Emmy to the front row.

Watching her sit down, I asked with disbelief, "How on Earth did you manage to get us front row seats to the opening show of their tour?" 

"My mom's boyfriend is on the management team for the band." She clarified.

Accepting her explanation, I sat down beside her as I watched the empty seats around me fill into a sea of screaming fans. The anticipation buzzed through the arena as the countdown got closer and closer to when the opening act was supposed to come on stage.

As the lights in the stadium dimmed, a 5 Seconds of Summer band logo illuminated the stage. Instantly I thought of Luke and the boys' band back in Australia. It couldn't be them, that's impossible, right? These thoughts swirled through my head as I watched dark figures enter the stage, their identities blinded by the bright lights behind them. 

The impossible was made possible as I heard Ashton's voice introduce the band. 

Music began playing as the stage lit, revealing Luke singing at the center microphone, his lyrics penetrating through the arena.

I looked at Luke as he stared back at me. I remembered that he used to be mine, all of the memories we shared together and all of the times we laughed came rushing back to me. I remembered the times when he would hold me, and we wouldn't speak, we'd just look into each other's eyes. I remembered the way he used to make me smile. I remembered how he used to mean the world to me. 


"Charlie I had no idea they were the opening act. We can leave if its too hard, I'd understand." Emmy suggested with concern. 

"Don't be silly Em. I just need some air." I reassured with a small smile as I turned to find an exit. 


The smell of musty concrete filled my nose as I stumbled into a dimly lit stairwell. My mind was spinning out of control as I collapsed on the cold, hard steps.

This is why I've avoided confronting Luke, I knew I couldn't handle it. By not seeing him, I didn't have to deal with the full effects of how much he hurt me. 


After what seemed like a century, I decided that One Direction had to be performing by now. I wiped my eyes and made my way toward the emergency exit I came out of. As I reached for the handle, the door swung open and smacked into my forehead, causing me to lose my balance and fall backward. 




Luke's POV:

As the boys and I took our positions on stage, the nerves blocked out the thousands of screams circulating the arena. Hearing Ashton introduce the band, I scanned the rows of fans, trying to ignore the anxiety building inside me. Suddenly, my mind hiccuped as I recognized Charlie standing awkwardly in the front row. From her facial expression, I could tell she knows its me. 

My thoughts were interrupted as the stage lit and I heard Ashton's cue: "1-2-3-4-"

Our music rang through out the stadium, my eyes glued to Charlie's. 

The contact was broken when Charlie suddenly turned and began pushing past the rows of people and through the closest exit door.

My first instinct was to run after her, but with the thousands of fans hanging on every lyric, I focused my attention back to the music. 



As we played the ending notes to our last song, the boys and I introduced the stage to One Direction and made our way to the dressing rooms.


"I saw Charlie." I flatly said as I plopped onto the nearest couch. 

"No way!" Michael doubted.

"It was her, I'm positive." I confirmed, nodding my head to convince myself. 

"She read your letter, and came to get back together!" Ashton exclaimed optimistically. 

"That's what I thought too, at first. But not even halfway through the first song she ran out of the stadium." I replied, disappointment shaking my voice.

Before anyone could answer, I added:

"I need to clear my head."

Rising from the couch, I quickly left the dressing room and opened a door that appeared to be an exit. The swing of the door was interrupted by a loud thump as I heard someone fall to the ground.

Walking into a stuffy stairwell, my apologies were interrupted as I noticed Charlie was lying on the ground in front of me.


"Charlie?" I exclaimed in complete shock. 

She looked in my direction as her red, puffy eyes grew wide when she recognized who I was. 

Extending my hand to help her up, she shook her head and grabbed the railing next to her for support, instead. 

"Did you get my letter?" I blurted out, before she could turn to leave.

"No." She responded while rubbing her head. "I've been in England for the past week."

"Let me find some ice for that." I offered as I took a step closer and tilted her head toward the light so I could examine the egg-sized bump already forming. 

"I'm fine." She breathed with irritation, pulling her head back.

"Look Charlie, since you didn't get my letter, please let me explain what happened." I reasoned.

"Actually, I need to get back. The person I came with is probably worried about me." She countered nervously, looking down at her hands.

"Please." I begged, the desperation building in my voice, ignoring my curiosity as to who she came with. 

"You have thirty seconds." She mumbled after a moment of hesitation.

After explaining what happened the night Amber forced herself on me, I watched as Charlie nodded her head slowly. 

"You have to believe me." I conveyed, breathlessly. 

"Okay." Was all she said before motioning toward the emergency exit behind me.

"So, what does that mean for us?" I asked as I moved in front of the door. 

"It means I have a lot to think about." She casually responded, shrugging her shoulders.

"Charlie, I love you. Its as simple as that." I whispered as I stepped closer to her.

"I don't know if I'm ready to be with you, Luke. You put me through so much." She murmured softly, looking up at me. 

"Trust me, I know how it feels. I know exactly how it feels to cry in the shower so no one can hear you and waiting for everyone to fall asleep so you can fall apart, for everything to hurt so bad you just want it all to end. I know exactly how it feels, Charlie. You weren't the only one who got hurt." I ranted with anger building up inside me.

"Luke, I had no idea-" She started, taken aback by the harshness of my words. 

"Of course you didn't. You never gave me a chance to explain or tell you how I feel. Instead, you completely cut me off." I erupted

"I didn't know how to deal with the thought of you and Amber together." She spat back through tears.

"You gave me up so easily." I whispered quietly.

Defeated, I collapsed on one of the cement steps. 

A silence filled the stairwell with things we wanted each other to know, but couldn't form the words to say. The cement walls echoed the regrets that led us both to this moment. 


"We used to be so perfect." She breathed as she sat down next to me, breaking the painful silence.

"I miss you so much Charlie, it hurts." I murmured faintly, turning towards her.

"Me too." She sighed with a weak smile as she laid her head on my shoulder.

Without thinking, I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her closer. After several minutes, she lifted her head and looked up at me. Kissing her forehead, I heard her mumble:

"I love you, Luke" 

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