It's Complicated

When Charlie moves from England to Australia, she develops feelings for her back door neighbor, Luke. Will he feel the same way, or will he stay trapped in an unhappy relationship with the gorgeous, "queen- bee" of their school.
What happens when sabotage and lies causes Charlie to shut Luke out, in hopes of protecting herself from heart break?
Follow this story, through the perspective of Charlie Myers and Luke Hemmings, as it leads up to answer the question on everyone's mind, will they make it?


15. Ambush

Charlie's POV:

*6 months later (Its summertime at this point)*


I was over at Ashton's house with Calum and Michael trying to come up with a gift for Luke to celebrate our six month anniversary. I decided to surprise Luke tonight with tickets to a Green Day concert. That way we can enjoy it together. 


After I finished the final touches on my make up, I headed downstairs and out the patio door leading to my backyard.

In the stillness of the night, the sound of water hitting the side of the pool echoed beautifully, only disturbed by the sound of voices coming from Luke's side of the fence. 

Reaching the fence, I realized the voices belonged to Luke.. and Amber.


Luke's POV:

I couldn't wait to see the look on Charlie's face when she opened the present I bought for our anniversary. These past six months have been amazing. 


As I was sitting on my back patio, I thought about how being with Charlie is the most natural feeling in the world. 

She fits into every part of my life perfectly. She is the best thing that's ever happened to me. 

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of someone approaching, thinking it was one of the boys, I stood to meet them.  
To my surprise, Amber appeared from around the corner. 

"Amber, what the hell are you doing here?" I asked, stunned. 

I haven't seen or heard from her since the night we broke up.

"I'm here to claim what's rightfully mine." She explained as she pushed me into the chair I was previously sitting in and climbed on my lap.

"Amber, stop. You know I'm with Charlie. You need to leave." I panicked. 

Ignoring my request, she continued by pressing her lips against mine. 

Unable to speak or move, I was forced to comply with Amber. 


Charlie's POV:

My heart sunk as I saw Amber sitting on Luke's lap, kissing him. 

Why wasn't he stopping her? 

Unable to watch anymore, I slipped the Green Day tickets through a crack in the fence, and left. 


Its been two weeks since the night I saw Luke with Amber. I haven't seen or talked to him since.

The only person who knows, is Ashton. I confided in him because he gives the best advice out of all the boys.


Ashton's POV:

I invited Charlie over for a movie night to take her mind off of her situation with Luke.

He's one of my best mates, but I never pictured him to be unfaithful. Especially considering how happy he is with Charlie. It didn't make sense. Even with Amber, and how miserable she made him, he never stepped out of the relationship. 

My train of thought was derailed when I heard the doorbell ring. 

Expecting Charlie, I was surprised to see Luke standing on my front porch. 

"Have you heard anything from Charlie?" He asked upfront. 

"You can talk to her yourself." I responded as I gestured toward Charlie, who was walking up the front path. 


Charlie's POV: 

Approaching Ashton's house, I noticed he had company. Luke.

Shit. I can't see Luke right now, its too soon.

I tried to slip away without being noticed but Ashton saw me over Luke's shoulder and pointed in my direction. Following Ashton's gaze, Luke turned his head to face me.


"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to intrude." I whispered as I inclined to leave.

"Charlie, wait." Luke called after me. "Where have you been the past two weeks? I was worried."

"That's funny." I flared.

"What?" He asked, clearly taken aback.

I snapped.

"Did you figure you could toy with me until someone better came along?" I yelled, thinking back to Amber's words from the campfire, the night we all went to the beach. 

He stood dumbfounded, struggling to find a sufficient answer to my question, so I continued:

"You know what really sucks about falling for a guy you're not right for? You fall anyway because you think he might turn out to be different." 

"Charlie-" He started before I cut him off. 

"People like you don't belong with people like me anyway." I stated coldly before turning my back to him and walking away.


Luke's POV:

I stood stunned as I watched Charlie walk away from me. 

It didn't click until I heard Ashton call from behind me:

"She saw you with Amber." 

With that, he slammed his front door.

I found myself alone. 

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