Meaningless Losses


1. Meaningless Losses

This planet

Was too full

So someone had to take one

For the team.


There is no deeper meaning

No special reason

Why this tragedy must occur

Other than that is how

This messed up concept of life works.


They weren't needed

By God

To be a warrior in his angel army.

They weren't rescued

From this cruel reality

To cause something grand.

Their timeline came to an end,

Simple as that


The daunting timer

That hangs over all our heads

Eventually has to go off.

Don't even dare fill me


With false hope

Saying this happened for a reason.

It didn't.

You can choose to believe

What you'd like,

But I'd rather not wear a blinder

To shield myself

From the all too painful truth.


Truth hurts like a knife to the heart

But the torture of six hundred

Can't compare to the pain of a lie.

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