Old friends meet again.

The twins Annabelle and Isabella Porter have been friends with Harry Potter since they were five, but what happens when the girls leave for Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, when they were eleven?
Ever since they left Harry hasn't seen them since...
But what happens when the Triwizard Tournament happens at Hogwarts? Will Harry see them again? Will Isabella still have feelings for Harry?
Read and find out. (This takes place in The Goblet of fire.)


3. Sorted.

Harry's POV:

Right now Isabella's sitting next to me because she refused to sit with the Ravenclaws like the rest of her school, so Annabelle was with us too, making sure her little sister didn't do anything wrong.

Dumbledore silenced everyone (Me: Troll in the dungeon![Other me:SIIILENCEEEE] ....).

"It has come to my attention, that two Beauxbatons would like to transfer to Hogwarts. Annabelle and Isabella Porter, please come forward." He called, Izzy and Anna stood up and walked in front of the sorting hat.

"Annabelle Porter." Dumbledore said, Anna sat on the stool, and he placed the hat on her head.

"Ah! An Beauxbaton come to Hogwarts? Very well. Let's see.....Intelligent, kind, loyal...Brave....Must be...Yes....GRYFFINDOR!" The hat yelled, Anna smiled and shook Dumbledore's hand, then walked back to us and sat down, not knowing that Ron was watching her the whole time.

"Isabella Porter." Dumbledore called once again, Izzy went up to the stool and sat down, she had that look that she always has when she's thinking of a song...Oh merlin....

"Isabella Porter! A Beauxbaton...Why are you thinking of La Da Dee by Cody Simson?" The hat asked once he was placed on her head, she shrugged.

"I really like that song. La da dee La da dee doo La da da me La da da you La da dee La da dee doo There's only me There's only you La da dee La da dee doo La da me La da da you La da dee La da dee doo When you were gone I think of you." She sang a little of the song, she's gotten better at singing.

"Okay.....Let's see, brave, loyal, cunning, Resourceful, clever...Could be Slytherin.." The hat said, I saw Malfoy staring at Izzy...I'll kill him, I sent a glair his way, but he only smirked, then went back to looking at Izzy. I swear if he touches her, I'll murder him.

"Well....Judging by the way that idiot is looking at me, I do NOT want to be in Slytherin. by the way. STOP LOOKING AT ME YOU CREEP!" Izzy yelled glairing at Malfoy, HA! EAT IT MALFOY! (Me: XD I couldn't help myself!)

"Well, you must be a.......GRYFFINDOR!" The hat yelled, Izzy jumped up, and shook Dumbledore's hand, then ran over here and sat next to me.

"That blonde boy is a creep." She whispered, glairing at him.

"Yes he is Izzy, don't trust him." I told her, she nodded....then stole my roll off my plate....I guess everything is back to normal.


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