Old friends meet again.

The twins Annabelle and Isabella Porter have been friends with Harry Potter since they were five, but what happens when the girls leave for Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, when they were eleven?
Ever since they left Harry hasn't seen them since...
But what happens when the Triwizard Tournament happens at Hogwarts? Will Harry see them again? Will Isabella still have feelings for Harry?
Read and find out. (This takes place in The Goblet of fire.)


1. Interview on Annabelle and Isabella Porter.

(This is like a interview kind of thing)

Me: Okay, *looks at Annabelle* Isa-Anna? Which one are you?

Anna: I'm Annabelle. *smiles*

Me: Okay, sorry, So, Tell everyone what you look like.

Anna: Okay, well, I'm a blonde, with bright blue eyes, and on the back of my neck I have a birthmark that looks like a star.

Me: Cool! Okay, Isabella! You're next!

Isabella: Please, You can call me Bella, or Izzy, Anyways, I look like Anna, but I have a birthmark that looks like a heart on my shoulder.

Me: Okay, personality?

Anna: I'm more of the careful and calm one.

Bella: I'm more reckless, and fun, but when our Headmistress comes around I'm calm kind, and careful.

Both: And we love animals!

Me: Okay, special abilities?

Anna:....I can talk to animals.

Bella: I can do wandless(?) magic,say spells in my head, and they work, also, I can talk to animals as well.

Me: Okay, who do you have a crush on?

Both: ?

Me: Sorry, Who do you fancy?

Both: Oh!

Anna: Umm *blushes* Neville....

Me: Awww!!! you would look so cute together!!

Bella: That's what I told her!

Me: Your turn Izzy!

Bella: *wide eyes, and blushes* Uh, Um.....H-Harry.......

Me: *squeals like the fangirl I am* I totally ship you with him!!!

Bella: *blushes even more*

Me: Eeeek! You're kids would look so cute! *starts babbling*

Bella: *face is as red as a tomato*

Anna: *laughing at Bella* XD!!!

Me: Hehe, you guys would make a  great couple! Anyways that's all for today! See you girls after they pick the champions! BYE!

Anna and Bella: Bye! *waves* 

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