Across The World || Dan Howell

Dan and Phil move into a bigger apartment because they decided to take in an exchange student. Meanwhile, Avery is on her way to London to meet her host family, who happens to be Dan and Phil. What happens when she gets there is more than she expected.


20. We Need To Leave

Chapter 17

"We Need To Leave"

Avery's POV

She looked me dead in the eye and said, "Ruth. My name is Ruth".

I felt like I just got the wind knocked out of me.

"I'll right back", I said.

I went to the staff bathroom and locked the door. How did she find me? How did she know which Starbucks I worked at? Maybe it was just a coincidence that her name was Ruth. No, that couldn't be. It had to be the same Ruth. I could tell by the way she looked me in the eye.

I then immediately called Dan.

"Hello?", Dan answered.

"D-d-dan...", I said weakly.

"Ave, what's wrong? Are you alright?", he asked.

"Ruth...", I said quietly.

"What about Ruth?", Dan asked.

"She's here", I said.

"Wait what? How?", Dan asked surprised.

"I...I don't know", I said.

"I think you should come home", Dan said.

"Dan, I can't just leave", I said, shaking my head.

"Well, just be careful. If she starts acting suspicious, leave", Dan said.

"Okay I will", I said, "I need to get back to work".

"Okay. Remember to be careful", Dan said.

"I will. I love you", I said.

"I love you too", Dan said.

"Bye", I said.

"Bye", Dan said. Then I hung up.

Before I left the staff bathroom, I took a quick look in the mirror. I adjusted my hair and walked back out.

"Are you alright? You were in there for quite awhile", Charlotte said.

"Yeah, I'm...I'm alright", I said, "Where's Ruth?"

"Oh she's talking to my mum in her office", Charlotte said.

"Oh. What about?", I asked.

"I think she was talking about getting her friend a job here", she said.

"What's her sister's name?", I asked.

"I don't know. I tried asking her, but she wouldn't tell me", Charlotte said.

Just then, Johannah and Ruth came out of the office.

"Are you sure an hour and a half is enough time?", Johannah asked Ruth.

"Of course. She doesn't take a long time to get ready", Ruth said.

"Mum, what's going on?", Charlotte asked.

"Ruth's friend is trying to get a job and she's got an interview here in an hour and a half", Johannah said.

"What's her name?", I asked Johannah.

"I have been sworn to secrecy", she said, shaking her head, "Now I've got some errands to run. Can I trust you all to mind the store while I'm gone?"

"Of course mum", Charlotte said.

"Alright. I'll be back later", Johannah said. Then she left.

Right after Johannah left, the 'lunch rush' began. All throughout the day, Ruth kept glaring at me. I'd always see her out of the corner of my eye. But as soon as I looked at her, she'd look away. 

"Hi ladies I'm back. Just in time for your friend's interview, Ruth", Johannah said.

"She should be here soon", Ruth said as she looked at her watch.

Right then, a girl with long and curly black hair dressed in a black pencil skirt and a white blouse walked in the door. 

"Hello, I'm here for my interview?", she said.

"Oh you must be Ruth's friend. Come with me to my office", Johannah said.

As they disappeared into the office, I asked, "So Ruth, what's your friend's name?"

I was expecting her to answer me, but she didn't. She just looked at me and gave me an evil smile. Then she continued to clean one of the tables.

I walked behind the counter so Ruth wouldn't be able to hear me. Then I whisper-yelled, "Charlotte, come here".

She looked at me then at Ruth. Then back at me. Then she joined me behind the counter.

"What is it?", she whispered.

"I've got a bad feeling about Ruth and her sister", I said.

"Why is that?", Charlotte asked.

"Because I know her face and I know her name. And did you see the way she looked at me?", I said.

"Avery, I'm sure you're just overreacting", Charlotte said.

I could see that Ruth was looking at us out of the corner of my eye. But she only looked at us for a few seconds. Then she continued cleaning.

"Keep you're voice down, Charlotte", I whispered.

"Why?", she asked.

"Ruth. She was looking at us", I said.

"Was she?", Charlotte said as she started to turn her head in Ruth's direction.

"No no no. Don't look", I said, causing Charlotte to snap her head back in my direction, "Pretend like we're talking about something else".

"Who is she?", Charlotte asked.

"She's the friend of-", I began.

Just then, Johannah and Ruth's friend came out of the office.

"Ladies, I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our staff. This is Angelica", Johannah said.

I felt like I was going to throw up right then and there.

"Avery, are you alright? You look quite pale", Charlotte said.

"Yeah I just...I...I need to sit down", I said as I practically fell onto the chair.

"Darling, you don't look well. I think you need to go home. Charlotte, please go with her to make sure she's alright", Johannah said.

"Alright. Come on, Avery. Let's get you home", Charlotte said as she helped me up.

Charlotte helped me into a taxi and gave the driver directions to Dan and Phil's apartment. The drive seemed to drag on forever.

When we got back to the apartment, the driver stopped the taxi and Charlotte said, "Do you want me to walk with you or do you think you'll be okay?"

"'ll be fine", I said quietly.

"You sure?", Charlotte asked.

"Yeah, I'm okay. Thanks", I said, attempting to smile.

"Alright. I'll see you later. And I'll tell my mum to not expect you at work tomorrow", she said.

"Okay. Thank you Charlotte. Goodbye", I said.

"Bye", she said as I got out of the taxi.

Dan's POV

Phil and I were sitting in the lounge watching Master Chef. Neither of us had done anything productive all day. Unless you count aimlessly browsing the internet for hours productive.

At about 3:00, I heard the door open. Avery must have gotten home early.

"Hi Avery you're home early. How was work?", I said as I went to give her a hug. But she didn't even look at me. She just walked right past me and went into the lounge.

"Avery?", I said as I followed her into the lounge.

"Oh hi Avery. How was work?", Phil asked her. But she didn't say anything. She just sat on the couch and stared at her shaking hands.

"Avery, what's wrong?", I asked as I sat next to her. Phil sat on the other side of her.

" got two new girls at work today", she said, still not looking at either of us.

"What's so bad about that?", I asked.

"It's not bad. Well, it wouldn't be if it was someone else", she said.

"Why? Who are they?", Phil asked.

"One of them is Ruth...", she began.

"Yeah, and the other one?", I asked.

Avery took a long pause before answering. Then she finally said, "Angelica. It's Angelica".

"Both of them?", Phil asked, surprised.

"Y-y-yes. I...I don't know how they found me", Avery said shakily.

"It's my fault. It's all my fault", I said, feeling like I was going too throw up.

"No no, Dan It's not your fault", Avery said.

"Well, what should we do now? I know what they're both capable of. We can't stay here", I said.

"We need to leave", Avery said.

"The city?", Phil asked.

"The country", Avery answered.

~ End Of Chapter 17 ~

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