Across The World || Dan Howell

Dan and Phil move into a bigger apartment because they decided to take in an exchange student. Meanwhile, Avery is on her way to London to meet her host family, who happens to be Dan and Phil. What happens when she gets there is more than she expected.


15. Talk To Him

Chapter 13

"Talk To Him"

Dan's POV

I sat by Phil's hospital bedside, not saying anything. I hadn't left his side since he was admitted. I couldn't. Phil just lay there, unconscious and unresponsive. He was perfectly still except for his chest rising and falling. Some people had come to see him like his mom, dad, his brother Martyn, aunts, uncles, and some other people I didn't know.

Then, interrupting my thoughts, there was a knock on the door.

"Can I come in?", Avery asked. I just nodded.

Avery walked over and sat in the chair next to me.

"How're you doing?", she asked.

"Okay I guess", I said. But that was a lie. I was truly dying inside.

"I'm not going to tell you I know how you feel because I don't. I can only imagine how you feel", Avery said.

"Thanks", I said quietly.

"Do you need anything?", Avery asked.

"No I'm good", I said.

"Mkay. I'm going to go see Rachel", Avery said.

"Okay", I said.

"You know, you should try talking to him", Avery said. Then she left.

It sounded stupid, but it was worth a shot.

"Hey there Phil. I hope you're doing okay. You've been in the hospital for two days now. The doctors say your condition is improving, but they don't know when you'll wake up. Your mum and dad came to see you. They said they love you and hope you wake up soon. They miss you. I miss you. We all miss you, Phil", I said.

Phil still showed no signs of waking up. I could hear the people on the other side of the curtain whispering "Why is he talking to someone who's in a coma?". But at the time, I didn't care. All I cared about was my best friend waking up.

"There's loads of new episodes of Attack On Titan, but I haven't seen them yet because I wanted to wait for you. All of our fans have asked how you are doing, but I haven't told them anything. The fans miss you too, Phil", I continued, but Phil remained unconscious.

"Please, Phil", I said as tears fell down my face, "Please don't die".

Avery's POV

"Knock knock", I said as I walked into Rachel's hospital room.

"Hey there", Rachel said from her hospital bed.

"How are you?", I asked as I walked over and sat by the side of her bed.

"I'm fine. The doctors said I can go home tomorrow", Rachel said.

"Oh that's good", I smiled.

"Yeah", Rachel said, "And's Phil?"

"They say his condition is improving, but he's not awake yet", I said.

"Mm. And Dan?", she asked.

"He won't leave Phil's side", I said.

"Hah figures", Rachel laughed.

"Yeah. Well I better go back and make sure he's okay", I said.

"Right. See you later", Rachel said.

"See you", I said.

Then I made my way back to Phil's room. When I opened the door, I heard Dan crying.

"Please, Phil. Please don't die", I heard him say.

I walked over to Dan, put my hand on his shoulder and said, "You really shouldn't think like that Dan".

"I...I tried talking to him. He still won't wake up", Dan choked out.

"Dan-", I began.

"I don't want him to die", Dan said while tears ran down his face.

"You've probably heard this a million times, but you've just got to give it time", I said. Dan just nodded.

"You look tired. Why don't we go home?", I said.

"Mkay", Dan said as he slowly stood up.

"Hey, we'll come back tomorrow", I said. Dan just nodded and we walked out of Phil's room.

We left the hospital and we made our way back to the apartment. Dan didn't say anything on the way home, which I fully expected. He had a lot on his mind.

When we got home, Dan sat down on the couch, but he didn't take his computer with him. He just sat there, emotionless.

"Dan?", I said.

"Hm? Yeah?", he said.

"Do you need anything?", I asked.

"Oh No thanks. I think I'll just...uhhh...I think I'll just go to bed", he said as he got up.

Dan opened his bedroom door, then turned to me and said, "Avery, I don't want him to die".

"I know. Me either", I said. Then Dan disappeared into his room.

Author's Note:

Chapter 13! I apologize for leaving you with a short chapter and I apologize for not updating another chapter last wek :( What do you think is going to happen to Phil? Let me know in the comments! :D Thank you so much for reading this story I'm so proud of it :) Please fan, comment, like, favorite, and share :)

Love you xx

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