Across The World || Dan Howell

Dan and Phil move into a bigger apartment because they decided to take in an exchange student. Meanwhile, Avery is on her way to London to meet her host family, who happens to be Dan and Phil. What happens when she gets there is more than she expected.


9. Redo date

Chapter 7

"Redo Date"

Avery's POV

They next day, we went to the hospital at 10:30 to pick up Rachel. When we arrived, she was waiting for us at the front desk.

"Rachel!", I said as I ran up to her and gave her a hug.

"Hi Avery!", she said.

"Um excuse me I need a hug too!", Phil whined.

"Oh yes. Phil I missed you", Rachel said as she gave him a hug.

"I'm glad you're doing well, Rachel", said Dan.

"Thanks, Dan", said Rachel.

"Well, let's get you home, Rachel", Phil said.

On the way home, Dan said, "Hey Rachel, we were thinking of going out and doing sort of a 'redo date' if you're up for it".

"There's a Sherlock special at the cinema", I said.

"Sherlock? Okay I'm in", Rachel said.

Not much was said the rest of the way to Rachel's place; except from Phil, who wouldn't stop talking to Rachel.

"Gosh, you'd think she'd been gone for a month", Dan said.

"Well, thanks for coming to get me guys", Rachel said once we reached her place.

"Of course", I said.

When Rachel got out of the car and was walking up to the house, Phil stopped her.

"Rachel wait!", he said. Then he got out of the car and jogged up to her.

"What do you think they're talking about?", I asked Dan.

"He's probably asking her if she has any house plants she doesn't want", Dan said.

When Phil came back to the car, he was wearing the biggest smile on his face.

"Oh what's the reason for that smile?", Dan asked suspiciously.

"That's a story for another time", Phil said.

"But Phil-", Dan began.

"Driver, back to our apartment, please", Phil said.

"Phil, what did you say to Rachel?", Dan asked.

"Just know that it wasn't about house plants", Phil said.

"You're sending me to dark and imaginative places", Dan said, after which we all started laughing.

When we got back to Dan and Phil's apartment, it was 11:30 am.

"What do you guys want to do until tonight?", Dan asked.

"Do you guys have Mortal Kombat X?", I asked.

"Do we have Mor - Of course we have Mortal Kombat X. But I have to warn you, I'm pretty good", Phil said over-dramatically.

"I'll take that challenge", I said.

"You're on. Dan plays winner", Phil said.

"Deal", I said.

Phil and I sat in spots that were probably too close to the TV and we picked our characters. He picked Scorpion and I picked Chen Lao.

"Sorry Avery, but no one can beat Scorpion", Phil said.

"We'll just see about that", I said.

~ Three Game Of Mortal Kombat X Later ~

"No. No no no no. How did you beat me? No one beats Scorpion! Mortal Kombat is my game!", Phil said.

"You may be good, but I'm better", I said.

"Alright, move aside, Phil. I'll beat her", Dan said.

"I highly doubt that Dan", I said.

Phil then moved to the couch and Dan sat next to me. He stayed with Scorpion and I stayed with Chen Lao.

~ Three More Game Of Mortal Kombat X Later ~

"I'm questioning my life as a gamer", Dan said.

"Why? Because I beat you?", I said.

"Shut up", Dan laughed.

"You can have a rematch later. Right now, I should get ready for tonight", I said.

"Mkay", said Dan.

It was 4:30 now and we were going out at 6:00. So I decided to straighten my hair again because I liked how it made my hair look extra long. I figured it was going to be cold, so I picked out a purple flannel, and black ripped jeans. Then I put on my face powder, dark eye shadow, mascara, and light blush.

As I was applying the last bit of makeup, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in, Rachel", I heard Phil say.

Once I had finished my makeup, I put on some black converse and left my room.

"Oh hi Avery", Rachel said.

"Hey Rachel", I said.

"Well, are you guys ready to go?", Dan asked.

"Yep", Rachel said.

"Let's go", I said.

We again chose to walk to the cinema because it was rather close to their apartment.

"Avery and I are going to get the popcorn", Rachel said after we got our tickets.

"Okay Dan and I will go save the seats", Phil said.

"Mkay", Rachel said.

When Dan and Phil had left, I asked, "Before anything happens, are you doing okay?"

"Hah yeah I'm fine. The doctor said it shouldn't be a regular thing. But to be safe, he gave me an extra inhaler and some pills", Rachel said.

"Okay, good. I don't want you dying on me", I said, causing Rachel to laugh.

"So, has he asked you yet?", Rachel asked.

"Has who asked me what?", I asked, confused.

"Oh um nevermind", Rachel said quickly.

"Rachel, tell me", I said.

"I'll let Dan tell you", Rachel said. I wasn't sure what she meant, but I dropped the subject.

We again got two large popcorns and soda. Then we went back to the theater that was playing 'Sherlock'.

"Hey guys", Rachel and I said.

"Oh I'll take that", Dan said as I handed him the popcorn.

"Thanks", I said as I sat down.

I spent the first few minutes of the movie worrying about Rachel, but after looking over at her a few times to make sure she was alright, I was able to enjoy the movie.

~ One 3 Hour Sherlock Special Later ~

We got out of the cinema at 9:00 and since it was dark we got a taxi home.

When we were back at the apartment, I said, "Dan? Phil?"

"Yeah?", Phil said.

"I think we need to introduce Rachel into the world of anime", I said.

"You don't watch anime?", Dan said to Rachel, his voice going higher than normal.

"Well, I've seen the movies like Totoro and Spirited Away", she said.

"Any of the TV shows?", Phil asked.

"No..", Rachel said.

"No. That simply will not do. We're showing you Black Butler", Dan said.

Phil and Rachel sat on one couch and Dan and I sat on the other and we began with the first episode of one of my favorite animes, Black Butler.


I wasn't sure how long we had been watching Black Butler, but I knew we were almost done with the first season. I looked at the clock and it read 2:07 am. Phil was fast asleep on the couch with his arm around a sleeping Rachel and Dan, being the one who stays on the internet until 5:00 am, showed no signs of being tired. I, however, was having trouble staying awake.

We were probably on the 16th episode of Black Butler  when I finally let my eyes close and I fell asleep, with the sound of the TV playing in the background.


I can't believe I have over 600 reads!! Anyways, I hope you liked this chapter :) Sorry it's a bit short :( Thank you all so much for reading this story :) Please  fan, comment, like, and favorite :)

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