Across The World || Dan Howell

Dan and Phil move into a bigger apartment because they decided to take in an exchange student. Meanwhile, Avery is on her way to London to meet her host family, who happens to be Dan and Phil. What happens when she gets there is more than she expected.


34. Meet The Parents

Chapter 31

"Meet The Parents"

Dan's POV

This had to be the longest cab ride of my entire life.

Today, we were going to visit Avery's family. The four of us left our hotel in two separate cabs and made our way to Avery's parents house.

"How much farther is it?", I asked nervously.

"Dan, relax", Avery smiled, "It's just about 5 more blocks".

I pulled out my phone to find that I had a text from Phil.

Taking Rachel somewhere.

See you back at the hotel :p


"No", I groaned as I shoved my phone back in my pocket.

"Everything alright?", Avery asked.

"Phil and Rachel aren't coming", I said.

"Oh. Okay", Avery shrugged, "It's just up here".

The driver then pulled up in front of a rather large White House. It was a very nice house. The door was a pitch black color and there were red roses planted along the walkway. There were two stories and the window panes were also black.

"Man it's been a long time since I've been here", Avery said as we walked up to the house.

"My parents will love you. They love it when people compliment the house", Avery giggled.

The the door began to open slowly. Now standing in front of us was who I assumed to be Avery's mom. She was only about two inches taller than Avery. She had jet black hair that was about shoulder length and ocean blue eyes.

"Avery, it's been so long", she smiled.

"I've missed you, mom", Avery smiled back

Avery's POV

"I've missed you, mom", I smiled.

"Well, both of you come in", she said as she stepped aside and held the door open wider.

Dan and I walked in the front door and went and sat down on the sofa.

"You must be Dan", my mom said as she sat down on the leather recliner to the right of the sofa.

"Y-yes ma'am. That's me. It's n-nice to meet you", Dan said nervously.

"It's nice to meet you, too", my mom replied before noticing the ring on my left hand, "When did this happen?"

"A few months ago. But we've been dating for over a year. I haven't had time to tell you because...well...things have been crazy", I said.

"Yes and I'm absolutely sure that I want to marry your daughter. I can provide for her and I'll be a good husband to her. I promise", Dan said.

"I fully believe that you'll be a good husband to my daughter", my mom smiled, "She made a good choice with you. You'll just have to talk to her father".

"Talk to me about what?", my dad said as he walked into the room, "Oh, Avery. Where have you been? I missed you sweetheart".

"Missed you too, dad", I said as I gave my dad a hug.

I went to sit back down next to Dan on the sofa. He was just looking at my dad with the most terrified look on his face. It was rather cute, actually.

"And who might you be, son?", my dad said to Dan.

"I' name is Dan Howell. I'm Avery's fiancé", Dan said.

"Fiancé? Wow Avery you're gone for two years, you miss multiple holidays, and now you're getting married", my dad chuckled.

"I apologize for not coming home. We had so much going on", I said.

"Avery, Victoria, would you please give us a minute? I need to have a word with my future son-in-law", my dad said, putting a hand on Dan's shoulder.

My mom and I exited the lounge and went to the kitchen, leaving my dad and Dan alone. Dan was probably terrified out of his mind.

"Dan's probably so scared. I hope dad's not too hard on him", I said as my mom and I sat at our breakfast bar.

"I'm sure he'll be fine", my mom said, "Now, tell me what's been going on".

I proceeded to tell my mom the story of Angelica. I told her about how we were chased from England to Ireland and then to France. I explained how we had too much going on to even think about visiting.

"Wow. Now I understand why you haven't been home in nearly two years. I'm sure everything will work out out, Avery. Dan seems like a great guy", my mom said as she patted my back.

"Yeah. He really is", I smiled.

I was really glad that my mom was understanding. I was afraid that she'd flip out and not want me to marry Dan. I was glad she was being supportive. I just hope my dad would be the same.

"Well, let's go see how your dad and Dan are doing", my mom said.

My mom and I re-entered the lounge and found my dad and Dan sitting on the sofa. My dad was saying something to Dan with a serious look on his face and Dan was just nodding with scared look in his eyes.

"Hello ladies. I've just been getting to know my future son-in-law", my dad said.

"Well, it's getting kind of late. We've got to get going", I said.

"Make sure you visit us again before you all head back to England", my mom said.

"We'll try our best, mom", I smiled.

"It was good to see you after so long, Avery. And it was nice to meet you, Dan", my dad said.

"N-nice to meet you too, sir", Dan said as he shook my dad's hand. I could tell that he was still a bit nervous.

"We'll see you guys later hopefully", my mom said.

"Yeah. Bye, mom. Bye, dad", I said.

"Bye, honey. Bye, Dan", my mom said.

"Goodbye, sweetheart. Bye, son", my dad said as we walked out the door.

Dan and I hopped in a cab and made our way back to our hotel. Dan seemed like he had calmed down. Now that he knew that my parents, especially my dad, approved of him.

"I thought that Phil and Rachel would've been back by now. I wonder where they are", Dan said as we opened the door to our hotel room.

"I think I have a pretty good idea", I smiled as I sat down on the bed.

Dan went to the bathroom to change into more comfortable clothes. I flicked on the TV and tried to find a good movie to watch until Phil and Rachel got back.

I had just untied my shoes when there was a knock on our door.

"Phil! Rachel!", I said as I moved aside to let them in.

"Where have you guys been?", Dan asked.

"Well...", Phil said as he looked at Rachel, "Do you want to tell them?"

Rachel just looked at Phil and smiled. She said nothing and simply held up her left hand.

"Wait, when did this happen?", I asked in surprise.

"When you and Dan were visiting your parents", Phil smiled.

"Congratulations to you both", Dan nodded.

"Thanks, mate. Dan, you know that you'll be my best man right", Phil said.

"Of course, Phil", Dan smiled, "And you will be my best man, obviously".

"Absolutely", Phil said.

Author's Note (please read):

Aggghhh Phil and Rachel are getting married!!!! I can't believe this story is at this point. A massive thank you to everyone who has set aside their time to read what I write. I appreciate all of you so very much. But I feel like this story may be nearing the end. Should I write a sequel? Let me know by giving this story a thumbs up! Can we get to 10 likes? :D

I'd love for you to follow my Twitter @ravinghowlter !

Thank you for reading this I love you all!!!! <3 :D

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